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The Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab Mosque in Doha!

Innal hamdalillaah, I was so happy to read this and was also very pleased with the speech of our Ameer May Allaah preserve him and so glad to know that the great great grand son of our noble shaikh, the reviver Shaikhul Islaam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab raheehamahullaah was also present here, subhanallaah! thought I would share. I love this country and I sincerely hope and pray that Allaah makes this a land of Tawheed and bless the Ameer for his efforts. Aameen! When we happen to go here Insha Allaah will update you!

DOHA: The Emir H H Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani inaugurated the long awaited Qatar’s biggest mosque yesterday. The mosque which was popularly known as the state mosque has been named as “Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab” Mosque, after the great reformist, pioneer and Muslim theologian of the 18th century.
The ceremony was also attended by the Heir Apparent  H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, the Emir’s Special Advisor H H Sheikh Abdullah bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister HE Sheikh Hamad bin Jassem bin Jabor Al Thani, Speaker of the Advisory (Shura) Council H E Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khulaifi, a number of Their Excellencies Sheikhs, ministers and dignitaries.
Muhammad Ibn Abd Al Wahhab (1703–1792) was born in Najd, Saudi Arabia. He advocated purging Islam of what he considered to be impurities and innovations. His great movement, popularly known as “Wahhabism” is the dominant form of Islam in Saudi Arabia.
Wahhabism adheres strictly to the Islamic doctrine of Tawheed, the Uniqueness and Unity of Allah, shared by all Islamic sects. He was influenced by the writings of Ibn Taymiyya and questioned the classical interpretations of Islam, and preached the Muslims to rely on the Quran and the Hadith the true spirit of Islam.
The Emir said that this mosque in the land of Qatar will serve as a platform for reform and worship of God Almighty in the true spirit  of Islam away from fads and fancies.
“We named the mosque after the great reformer Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab in honour of the Muslim scholars, who still carry his thought and call for revival to serve Islam and Muslims,” the Emir said.
“His walk all through life in the path of light spread throughout the Arabian Peninsula, guides people to the right path according to the Holy Quran and Sunnah, removes confusion from the minds and deviations that confounded souls,” said the Emir.
“I am confident that this mosques which stems from the land of Qatar, as an eternal part of it, will serve as a platform for reform and sincere call to the Almighty Allah away from fads and fancies to serve the people on earth while coping with the spirit of the era and saving them in the hereafter in order to please Allah and his Messenger,” the Emir said.
The Emir reaffirmed commitment to spare no efforts to carry the message and spread the teachings of Islam in the whole world, noting that the Muslim nation is now in need of renewal and inspiration of the experience of Wahhabi’s da’wah (call) while keeping pace with the era and its developments.
The Emir said no occasion is as lofty as it and no event lives up to it, praying the Almighty Allah to provide us with His grace after “we raised the bases of one of Allah’s houses and completed its construction. Is there a greater and higher act of worship than the remembrance under the roof a new house of Allah’s houses?,” the Emir inquired.
“We named the mosque, which we have the honour to inaugurate today, after the renowned figure, great reformist and pioneer Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab,” the Emir said asking the Almighty Allah that He would be graced by the saying of Prophet Mohamed (PBUH): “God sends to this nation at the head of every one hundred years who he renews its religion”.
The Emir also said that our grandparent, the founder Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani (may Allah have mercy upon him) who was both knowledgeable in religion and a governor, was one of those who adopted the message of Sheikh Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab and spread it in our country and in the Muslim world as he worked hard to spread the Wahhabi thought books among other books and printed them in India in order to let people know more about Allah’s religion and the message of his Messenger.
The Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs H E Dr Ghaith Mubarak Ali Omran Al Kuwari delivered stressed on the great role undertaken by the mosques as an institution  throughout  the history of Muslims in preserving the Islamic identity and the spiritual and moral values, realising the spiritual security of the Muslim nation, reassurance and spread of the good among the faithful. After the inaugural ceremony, all the dignitaries, including the Emir, the Heir Apparent, the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, and Their Excellencies offered Friday prayer which was led by Dr Mohammed bin Hassan Al Khatib, the preacher and Islamic scholar at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs.
He also delivered the Friday sermon in which he confirmed the greatness of this religion that Allah saved from changing and alteration.
“Imam Muhammad Ibn Abdul  Al Wahhab taught people to discard all kinds of Bida’ah and Ghulu and called people to come back and follow the first Islam which was preached by the Prophet of Islam, Mohammad (PBUH),” said Abdul Latif Mohammad Al Sheikh, the great great grandson of Muhammad Ibn Abd Al Wahhab, who was here to attend the ceremony on a special invitation from the government.
The Peninsula

Location of the Imaam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhaab Mosque


Isadora Filipina said...

Hello, could you please tell me where this featured mosque is located and what time it is open? I would appreciate it very much, thank you.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Hello Isadora, I have included the location map on my post. For sure it will be open for all prayers, but I do not know the times allowed for visiting.

Umm Suhailah said...


As salaamu alaiki

That is great news! I cant wait to hear about ur visit! I told my husband and he said book a flight! Lol he was excited like he was gonna be there for fajr hehe Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum for sharing :)

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam Umm Suhailah!

We are waiting to visit as well. Hope and pray Allaah would enable us to be mobile soon. Oh yeah, He and his family are most welcome here Insha Allaah! You all will love this country Insha Allaah! : )

Anonymous said...

Bismillahi Rahmani Rahim. May Allah send the choicest salutations on His Nabie (SAWS). Wahibism should not be celebrated as it deprives the world of the true spirit of Islam. Turn away from this western influenced thought and come back to traditional Islam, the path of the Ahle Sunnah wal Jammah.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Anonymous, I presume you have misunderstood the call of our Mujaddid Imaam Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhaab raheemahullaah, and Ahlus sunnah wal jamaah to be two different things. For your information Alhamdulillaah it is one and the same. May Allaah bless him for all his efforts! Aameen. The so called Wahhaabism that you are talking about is indeed nothing less than a label!!! Please read the Wahhaabi Myths;jsessionid=D846EB8469C7CFAC762F89BDF37FAAA5.dc322
and Inshaa Allaah you will know the truth. May Allaah guide you and us , Aameen.

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