Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Kindergarten Curriculum Summary - Week 9

Islaamic Studies

English Language
  • Jolly Phonics - We did these letters and sounds
  • Grammar - Collective Nouns. This work book had a bit of a writing this week and she was a bit tired writing. So She left 1 or 2 pages to write later Insha Allaah. Other than that she enjoyed reading and the workbook especially the activity where it was all stated wrong and she had to write it correctly: )


  • Comprehension - This time we did a poem, masha Allaah she understood and answered correctly.

This week's topics were mostly covered last year, so we just stuck to the work book. We learnt about how animals move and where animals live. Some of the uses of Animals and Animals and their young! This ends the Animals Unit for this year!



  • MEP - we did few more chapters of the MEP reception year. Mostly learning to write circles and curves and shapes. End of reception is a bit boring we feel but we hope the Year one will be more challenging and interesting Insha Allaah. Few pages to finish the reception year and we will be done with it soon Insha Allaah!


  • Madeenah Arabic - We are studying the next chapter with Al and using sentences like " Al Kurseeyu Jadeedun, Al Qalamu Maksoorun " ect etc. She is enjoying this masha Allaah. 

  • Gate Way to Arabic - She wrote the following letters. Masha Allaah her Arabic handwriting is improving a lot and the love for writing is the latest.

Since we were doing about Animal Habitat we did this Arabic First book on Animal Habitat.


UmmSara said...

assalamu alaikum,
MashaAllah, nicely done. I agree, MEP maths gets little boring towards the end. My kids did not say they were bored/tired but it was me who was little bored and wondered maybe kids need some new resources : ) That's why I decided to use at least two different sources/workbooks with math. Right now my kids are doing all the math readiness works from their big kindergarten workbook with lot's of interest alhamdulillah.
keep up the good work and say salams to Maimoonah.
By the way, I keep forgetting asking you about the best time for short online story time with Maimoonah. Usually Tuesdays and Thursdays work for me.I could read couple of snow/winter related books to her inshaAllah.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam Umm Sara,

Yes same here too. Maimoonah has not said that it is boring, but I find it boring: )I am waiting to finish the books soon lol!

Yes sis I am also thinking of using some other maths work book to give her another kind of a taste Insha Allaah! Oh that is so sweet of you sis, Insha Allaah if you are ok this Tuesday I am fine with it. Only thing is have to fix a time and have to keep in mind the time difference as well. Please do let me know what time would be convenient to you Insha Allaah! Maimoonah says "Alaikum salaam to you" Jazzakillaah Khayr sis!

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