Monday, 19 December 2011

Kindergarten Curriculum Summary - Week 11

Islaamic Studies

  • Seerah - We learnt the names of the Family Members of the Prophet sallaahu alaihiwasallam. We recorded some names and we made a tree using construction paper and Maimoonah used her stencils and together we made this tree to keep in mind all the names. This was a nice art activity too. Insha Allaah we will continue learning the family members this week too!


  • We did not do Fiqh this week, Insha Allaah next week we will learn more about Salaah!

English Language
  • Jolly Phonics  - She learnt 2 more letter sounds
  • Grammar - We learnt Compound Words. We have completed the first 10 books of the Little Grammar Books masha Allaah! 20 more to go!

  • Comprehension - We did a passage from Junior English this week. I have brought this book for next year, but now I feel she can complete it this year as it is same as the Little Grammar books we are using but the letters are small. So I am thinking of including this book for grammar and comprehension Insha Allaah so that I can get a higher level next year for her! I copied the questions on another paper and she wrote the answers!

  • Reading and Writing - This week she went back to her Noddy lol! Suddenly she wanted to read all the Noddy books and every day she read a book to her Abi. Taking the opportunity after she read the book I asked her to write something about Noddy saying I will give her a sticker of Noddy to paste after she completes. She got all excited and wrote this very much independently!

This is what it says
"Noddy is a boy
Noddy lives in Toy Town.
He drives in a car.
Noddy is good.
Noddy loves to eat caramel Treat."

Social Studies
  • Asian Continent and some Asian Countries. This time she wanted to learn more about each country unlike what we did for Africa. So I printed out flags of few countries that she wanted to learn about and included the capital, currency, language and head of state. I had a nice World Fact Book and we read about each country she chose. And she could read the instructions on the flag and colour them accordingly without any help! I told her to colour the letters and keep while I prayed but when I finished praying she has coloured all the flags too, for a moment I thought she has just randomly coloured. Masha Allaah no she said I read and coloured accordingly and that is what she had done! She filled in all the details about each country asking me the spellings where necessary. I think this is a good project which is very much comprehensive for lot of learning.

She wanted to paste the one Saudi riyal which was part of the gift given to her by a Mutawwah at the Haram


  • MEP - Alhamdulillaah we have completed MEP reception year.


  • This week I tought her some easy equations . Now she got the idea that 10 + 2 = 12 and 20 + 2 = 22 and so on. When I first asked her to write the answer for the equations she wrote like this even though she knew the answer verbally. 

          Then when I asked her to look at the number chart how they are written she understood and re wrote           the answers correctly!

Arabic - We did not do anything new continued with Sun letters and Moon Letters


umm Khadeeja said...

asalaamu alaikum ukti!

MashAllah nice to see Maimoonah's writing again!
JazakAllah khayr for sharing! p.s love the finger knitting idea...didn't know there was such a thing!

Umm Suhailah said...


As salaamu alaiki

Maimoonah is doing a really good job Mashaa'Allaah. She is turning out to be a beautiful Muslimah :) May Allaah protect her Ameen. Umm Maimoonah I'm proud of you whether you know it or not I love you for the sake of Allaah and u to me r like my family. May Allaah allow us to meet in this life and make us companions in Jennah Ameen

Lovedddddd sewing saturdays knitting u ladies did awesome work Mashaa'Allaah

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaa Akhawaat,

Umm Khadeejah wa iyyaaki. I am sure you can try finger knitting with Khadeejah Insha Allaah she would do much better as she will have more motor skills than Maimoonah as she is slightly older. Try it out she would love it Insha Allaah!

Umm Suhailah, Aameen to your dua, May He for whose sake you love me, love you. Yes I do know you love me :) and I too love you for the sake of Allaah :) such wonderful to have each other for support from all over Alhamdulillaah! Don't you think we have such a wonderful online homeschooling community Alhamdulillaah!

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