Saturday, 21 July 2012

Ramadhaan Activities - 2012 - Day 1 & 2

Alhamdulillaah already 2 days gone and Maimoonah has fasted 2 as well by the Grace and Mercy of Allaah.

We have put up a small bulletin board.

It also has the good deed tree and the Ramadhaan Tracker.

We read these two books and discussed about Ramadhaan.



She also watched A Day of Fasting TJ powerpoint.

Then we did the first Activity from our Ramadhaan Activity Pack - Command to fast. She memorized the Aayah in Arabic and English and did very well in understanding it when the Imaam recited in the night during Qiyaam.

Then explained to her the reason for fasting and the meaning of Taqwaa. She did the activities on that page. We brought out our Grammar books to review Verbs, Pronouns and Prepositions.


Activity 2 - We then learnt about the things that will nullify the fast. She did the activity on the pack.


She has started her Journal as well.

She did a little bit of finger painting and glass painting after her Ramadhaan Activities.


Alhamdulillaah she is ok so far with fasting even though may be once or twice she says she feels hungry : ) but continues and started praying with me regularly too. Loves to help with preparing for iftaar.

May Allaah make it easy for her throughout, Aameen.


Umm Umamah said...

Assalamo alaikum Ukhti,

It's so wonderful to be blessed with another month of Ramadan. May Allah enable us to benefit from it... Ameen. Mashallah your dedication to your homeschooling and sharing it all on the blog is praise worthy. May Allah reward you for sharing your ideas and make it a sadaqa e jariah for you. Ameen We are fully getting in Ramadan mode at Umamah Learning Academy ALhumdolillah. Infact we are trying to invite other sto join in our Ramadan Read-a-thon Challenge. If you are interested, do check out our post...
Barakallaho feeki

Umm Maimoonah said...

Wa Alaikum salaam Ukhtee Umm Umamah,

So nice to hear from you after a long time. Aameen to your dua. Jazzakillaah Khayr for your kind words indeed all praise is due to Allaah alone. Inshaa Allaah will check your post out soon. To be frank we are short of Islaamic Books as we keep reading all the Islaamic Books we have any way nothing loss we still can join. Will let you know soon Inshaa Allaah.

Umm Umamah said...

Assalamo alaikum,
It's good to be back :) I know what you mean about the books :) I am just using it as a personal challenge in our home for my kids and myself, so thought it would be nice if they thought others have joined them too :)

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam
Nice idea sis, I wish I can just like that participate with you. If I had known before Ramadhaan, I would have participated fully. We are reading books but I am pressed for time to blog about it ukhtee. May Allaah reward you for it. Take Care

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