Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Ramadhaan Plans - 2012

Ramadhaan is just few days away. Alhamdulillaah we are blessed to encounter another Ramadhaan bi idhnillaah.

This Ramadhaan Maimoonah will be 5 years old and she is intending to fast. I am not sure if she would fast all but lets see how it goes. Since she is wanting to fast we are not discouraging her. So our plans for Ramadhaan this year will be based on the fact that Maimoonah would be fasting Inshaa Allaah. So things are very minimum. This year most of the activities will be based on our Ramadhaan Activity Pack which will be out in another one or two days Inshaa Allaah. It has 30 activities and I hope to do an activity a day till the end of Ramadhaan. Apart from this we would concentrate in few other things that I will list below.

Activities for Ramadhaan 2012 Inshaa Allaah

Daily Activities will be as follows.

Day 1   - Command to Fast
Day 2   - Things that Nullify the Fast
Day 3   - Ramadhaan Fiqh - What does not nullify the fast
Day 4   - Good Deeds Tree
Day 5   - Islaamic Months
Day 6   - Ramadhaan Words to Colour/ Suhoor
Day 7   - Hadeeth about Ramadhaan
Day 8   - Fasting of a Traveller and the Sick
Day 9   - Iftaar
Day 10 - Helping in the Kitchen
Day 11 - A day of Fasting
Day 12 - Phases of the Moon
Day 13 - Ramadhaan Maths
Day 14 - All About Dates
Day 15 - Ramadhaan Charity Shop
Day 16 - Battle of Badr
Day 17 - Ramadhaan Around the World
Day 18 - Kindness to Parents
Day 19 - Ramadhaan Verbs
Day 20 - Ramadhaan Verbs
Day 21 - Treasure Map and Treasure Hunt
Day 22 - List of Duaa
Day 23 - Sewing  a Purse
Day 24 - Umrah in Ramadhaan
Day 25 - Laylatul Qadr/ Qiyaamul Lail
Day 26 - Zakaatul Fitr
Day 27 - Describe the Pictures
Day 28 - Letter to Grandma
Day 29 - Day of Eid

The order might change according to moods and circumstances: ) Inshaa Allaah looking forward to an exciting month with Ibaadah and learning sessions with Maimoonah bi idhnillaah.

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umm aaminah said...


Masha Allah! nice to hear that your 5year old is going to fast. May Allah Subhan-awa-thala make it easy for her.

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