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Kindergarten Curriculum Lesson Plan - 2011/2012 - Week 4

Kindergarten Curriculum Lesson Plan - 2011/2012 - Week 4

Islaamic Studies

1.      Pillars of Islaam – Explain the 5 pillars of Islaam using the well known Hadeeth of Jibreel alaihisslaam. Use the TJ Poster and display and learn all 5 pillars.
3.       Worksheet for 5 Pillars TJ (link above)
·         Shahadah – word by word, learn Arabic and English meaning
·         Conditions of Shahahadah

·         Times of salaah
·         Number of Rakaah for all 5 salaah
·         Salaah Positions
·         Introduction to Adhkaar recited in Salaah

English Language
Jolly Phonics – Worksheets – G, O, U, L
1.       English Grammar – Prepositions
2.       Spelling
3.       Comprehension
4.       Vocabulary –  Aggressive, polite, rare
5.       Writing

Social Studies/Science
1.       Living things and Non Living Things. Explain to the child all of this was created by Allaah. Lesson plan for this:
2.       Air/
3.       Wind

Maths – MEP

Arabic – Madeenah Bk, Gateway to Arabic, Iqra


Homeschool Diary said...

Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullah,
Jazakallahkhair for the resource links for living and non-living topics...we've come across a lesson on MEP which is on this topic but I've been thinking about doing it in more detail.
I question compleatly off the topic- does Maimoonah show any bordom ever? How do you deal with it- do you just continue according to plan? U is going through a phase where he seems to be switching off especially if I try and do Surahs with him and also learning new phonics word families...any advice would greatly be accepted!

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaah sis,

Wa iyyaaki.

As for your question, yes she does on and off. But if you read my previous posts during the Pre School Curriculum time Maimoonah went through a phase for more than 3 months with Qur'aan. She used to cry and have emotional breakdowns when I started correcting her while she forget some part of the soorah which she used to recite very well and since she felt defeated and making mistakes she completely stopped memorising new soorahs and whenever I asked her to she would say later and avoid. Any way I left it for some time but feared that she would completely forget all what she has memorized. Any way I used to just put the audio and leave it for some time every day.

And slowly explained to her that how much Allaah protects someone when they recite and how the Jinns and Shayaateens run away when they hear the recital of the Qur'aan, and reminded about the blessings you get when you recite. Then one day she had a dream I think a bad dream and she woke up and said Authubillaahis sameeil Aleem minash Shaytaanir Rajeem and I asked her why, then she said may be because I am not reciting I am having some bad dreams. So I said may be. Then from that day she kind of stopped crying when I correct her and one soorah at a time I started doing Muraajaa and till now we are doing like that. But the amount of progress is very much lower comparing to what she was but masha Allaah we are continuing slowly. At the moment she is memorizing Soorah Naba and it is taking time, but for me at least she is willing to memorize unlike during that phase. I made a lot of dua sis and I think as always asking My Lord brings me relief.

And recently a sister said she is having this problem with her son too. He just does not want to do any work including hifdhl and normal lessons. She said 1 month has gone and whenever she says come lets do something he says later.

But after a month he has shown interest again and is back to normal masha Allaah!.

So do not push too much. Just take it easy and make something different, meaning make it fun. If he is not liking Phonics, just find another alternative to teach the phonics but with hands on. I am sure he must be bored with it now. And see how it goes. And for Hifdhl talk to him about the reward and may be you can just put the audio and keep things fresh until the phase is over. The more you push the more he will resist.

Sometimes even now Maimoonah says I am tired and I do not want to do this, then I say ok no problem don't do it and let go. But after few minutes she will come back and say Ummi I want to do it and finish. Then I tell her ok Insha Allaah. So kids are like this and very playful. So you got to tackle them right so that they will not hate learning. Hope this helps.!

One big point is they need variety in learning and they just love that, the more you give this and it is fun they would love to do it again and again. As for Qur'aan I know we cannot do this, may be you can try some reward system Allaahu A'lam.

Anonymous said...

Assalaamu alaikum ukhti :)
Jazzakillahu khair for all the effort you have put in to share your work with us. It is really helping me and even more importantly it is motivating me to be better insha Allah!

May Allah make it easy for all the children (and parents) to learn and implement the Quraan in their lives.

Love the advice you gave, shukran.

Umm Imaan

Homeschool Diary said...

Asalamualaikum wa rahmatullah sister,

Jazakallahkhair so much for your detailed reply. And it is really good to know that it's not unusual for kids to become switched off every so often. Your advice has been very very helpful. It give me alot of peace of mind knowing there are others I can get help from when it's not going well.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaah Akhawaat,

Umm Imaan, wa iyyaaki and thanks for those kind words. Glad this motivates you masha Allaah. As for me every child is like my own child and I want all what I want for my child for your children as well Insha Allaah! Aameen!

Amatullaah, I know what you are going through as I experienced this and I used to shed tears at times because I never ever wanted my child to hate the waords of Allaah and it was a serious thing for me, I would not have got so worried if this was for any other subject, subhanallaah! So I know your feelings and worries, but as I said this is a phase and you are not alone. Glad this helped you and another thing sis please do remember to say the dua of evil eye and on and off do the Ruqya for sihr upon the kids. I do it very often and Insha Allaah I will put a post up reminding sisters about it too Insha Allaah! May Allaah make it easy!

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