Thursday, 22 September 2011

Kindergarten Curriculum Summary - Week 2

 Islaamic Studies

  • Allaah's Knowledge - We learnt about Allaah's knowledge and how He knows everything and we must be aware of this and do our actions. She liked this discussion. We spoke about Allaah knows what is in our hearts even though we do not say it and He knows what Maimoonah thinks. That He knows that a black ant is crawling on a black rock during a dark night. Then we did this worksheet
  • Allaah's Aboveness -  We have already covered this in our Pre School Curriculum last year so this was a revision for her. We watched the TJ Where is Allaah powerpoint again and I gave her this worksheet to do. We also went through the meaning of Aayathul Kurs as it talks about Allaah's Aboveness.
  • Tauheed Al Uloohiyyah - We learnt the definition of Ibaadah, why we love Allaah and how we love Allaah. Also how do we keep away from all what Allaah hates. We learnt the definition of Tawheed al Uloohiyyaah and examples for it. Then she did these activities on the worksheet I made.
There is a colouring activity, circling the correct answer and a drawing activity with a discussion
We used the TJ Ibadah Poster.
Asmaaul Husnah
We did not do any new names instead we reviewed the Asmaaul Husanah we have learnt so far.

English Language
  • Jolly Phonics - We learnt the sounds and she wrote the letters and coloured along with doing the actions.

  • Grammar - We started Grammar this week and learnt about Verbs. I explained to her what a verb is and then she read the Little Grammar book. While she read each sentence I asked her to tell me the verb and she did well. She understood fully what a verb is as I noticed when there were more than one verb in a sentence she told me all the verbs. Then she did the Little Grammar work book and completed.

  • Spelling and Vocabulary - We are learning to spell and Insha Allaah hope to spell at least 3 new words each week. I asked her which words she would like to learn to spell and she said she wants to learn how to write Abi's name and lion and fall. So I wrote them on the board and she learnt them. We practice spelling on the whiteboard as I feel she enjoys this more than writing on paper or book. And its easy to do whenever she wants. Other than this I asked her to also write words that she already knew which contains the sounds we have studied with Jolly phonics and all this she wrote without my help 100% masha Allaah! We also leant about vowels and I asked her to circle all the vowels in her name. We are learning at least 3 new Vocabulary words with meaning. I hope to use the DK dictionery we have from next week for this Insha Allaah!
The words that are on the extreme left are her spelling words above I have explained to her what are vowels and you can also see our two weeks vocabulary words
  • Comprehension - I would love to use some nice Islamic Stories written according to her standards Insha Allaah for comprehension. But I just cannot find anywhere and I just do not have the time right now. I am just apealing to sisters who have the time if you are able to please help by just writing a small story for each week for comprehension based on the Qur'aan, sunnah and from the salaf insha Allaah. I know there are many out there its just that we need to get it for the smaller level. So for now Umm Tafari gave this link and I just put all into one page and gave her to read and answer the questions. Masha Allaah she did well and she was bored to write so I held her hand and wrote the answers. But her comprehension is good and Islamic Stories are the best for her I feel! Also another dear sister sent me this link These are also just one page stories. Something like this but Islamic would be ideal Insha Allaah!

Continued with MEP. We used the beads and learnt addition and subtraction. We also learnt Triangles and quadrilaterals. 



Social Studies/ Science
  • Colours - This topic was a blast and she enjoyed it very much. We learnt the primary colours and the secondary colours and how to mix colours. We did the smart start workbook. We used poster colours and did the colour mixing activities. She was thrilled to see changing colours in front of her eyes.

We made play dough and used the food colouring and made it orange and yellow. This is the first time I made and I think it did not come out well as I see its sticky. Is this the way or is it because the water is too much. I followed intructions on the net and made it. Any way as I made Maimoonah could do many things but later it became very sticky :)

 Then we used a glass of water and straws and noticed the Bending Light.

Then she used her finger paints and mixed the colours and did this beautiful art work masha Allaah. Abi was fascinated and just loved it so much and is keeping it with him to scan the picture and use it for his e-eid greetings for this Eidul Adhaha Insha Allaah!

This was totally done with her fingers
  • Big and Small - We did the Smart Start Science activities on this topic.
  • Shapes - We did the the workbook on this topic. Since we have already covered this topic it was a revision but the workbook had a nice activity where it asks to match the out come of cutting some shapes into two. This was a very interesting thing for Maimoonah and she wanted to do it herself and see. So she used the shapes and drew each shape cut them into two and tested the answer all very much independently. 


Then I asked her to go around the house and find things with shapes and sort them accordingly! 
    • Hot and Cold - We did the workbook and did some experiments.

    She touched the hot water and cold water and felt the difference.

    Then we used the food colouring on cold and hot water and observed the diffusion. She was so excited about it.

    Then we put a little sugar on to each bowl and checked in which bowl it melted fast.

    We learnt how to make ice. She did not know this before and loved it. Also I asked her to pour the water without spilling and she was so sweet when it spilt a bit she kept saying I am sorry ok Ummi I am sorry ok? Then we took it out after sometime and checked the ice cubes. And we poured hot water and noticed how the ice cubes melted. She really really enjoyed this.


    • Madeenah Arabic Reader - We learnt " Who is this"? من هدا
    • Gateway to Arabic - We started Gateway to Arabic. She was very tired and refused to write. So I left it but we went through some verbs and letters.


    That is the end of week 2!


    Jeasmin said...

    Try this receipe - works for me all the time.

    2 cups flour, 1 cup salt, 4 tbsp oil, 4 tsp cream of tartar, 2 cups water, food colouring.

    Throw everything into a pot, cook over a low heat, stirring until it becomes one big lump of playdough.

    You can add green food colouring, or peppermint essence too, Or you can add almond essence or glitter to make it fun.

    Umm Maimoonah said...

    Jazzakillaah Khayr Jeasmin. The recipe I used was almost the same except for it said to use 2 table spoon oil and cream of tartar optional. Since I did not have that I did not use. Is it an essential ingredient? Glitter looks a real fun idea masha Allaah! Will try again! And for how long can you use this play dough?

    Umm Suhailah said...


    As Salaamu Alaiki!

    I smiled soooooooooo much in this summary- first because of the sticky playdough :) very very sweet.

    We make play dough....we never have to use the stove...just water, salt, flour and food coloring..........that's it. if it's sticky add more flour, if its too dry add more water....I just go by eye :)

    You can use play dough for a while if you use salt- it's a preservative.

    Second..I love Maimoonah apologizing cute. Reminds me of Suhailah. Yara would have laughed and said: Oops I made a mess lol

    My little buddy Maimoonah sounds like she had a real hands on beneficial fun time this week.

    I really enjoyed. I also love your Islaamic studies sessions Mashaa'Allaah...there really nice :)

    MEP math??? I been meaning to ask- what is that. Everyone seems to be using don't use Glenn Doman?

    And I love your easel ink pic Mashaa'Allaah. I left Umm Adam a comment when I saw hers. I said: Was there an easel & ink giveaway that I miss? Lol as both of you have some lovely new pics :) Mashaa'Allaah

    Umm Maimoonah said...

    Alaikum salaam Umm Suhailah!

    Oh that's nice I will try again without cokking Insha Allaah. Thanks for the info.

    Here is my detail post on MEP

    Hope this would answer your question. No I did not follow Glenn Doman's method on this but I feel I should have. The thing is I need to get all the equations for flashing this, but I am not a maths pro so it takes a lot of time to do equations and know the answers! So I left it, but after talking to my cousin I realize that I should have done so I thought at least now try and do small equations and see how it goes Insha Allaah! But Umm Suhailah I am exhausted as I feel I need time for myself too : )

    He no just request the sisters at easel and ink and masha Allaah they will do it for you as they are so kind and nice. You got to be member for this Insha Allaah! I started it and Umm Adam followed it lol I really love her blog button masha Allaah!

    Umm Adam said...

    Assalaamu alaikum sister,

    Awesome week, I really enjoy the long summaries!! :)Actually my kids got a package called something like "painting school" as a gift for Eid from one of their aunties and I was planning to try it this week or next with them insha Allah, looks like fun masha Allah!
    lol, I copied the blog logo idea :) The sisters at easel and ink are just very talented masha Allah! I understand what you say about needing time for yourself too, subhan Allah. May Allah reward you with the best in dunya and akhira. Jazak Allah khair for sharing your lessonplans!, and everything elso too <3

    Umm Suhailah said...


    As Salaamu Alaiki

    Ok I will look at your MEP post Inshaa'Allaah. I will also check out Glenn Doman....*sighs*
    Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum for answering :)

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