Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Umrah in Ramadhaan 1432 (2011) Part II

So by now we were pretty used to staying in the hotel. The hotel was surrounded with Mountains.

View from the Hotel Room

And my husband used to go to the Haram by Dhuhar and return to the hotel after Isha to give us food and go back for Qiyaam and comes back only after Fajr, few days later he showed us the place to buy food and we took a walk and bought our food to make it easy for him. So now he used to go for Dhuhar and come back only the next day after Fajr as the crowd was too much and if he leaves the masjid you cannot get a place.
This is how they organize Iftaar on the road downstairs of the hotel
We were busy in the Hotel with reciting the Qura'aan and making Adhkaar. Maimoonah was busy colouring the TJ Ramadhaan Colouring Book and doing some work books I have taken along with us. Also she was doing her Ramadhaan Journal entries too. Masha Allaah she really got the hang of learning to read Arabic with Iqra books and was spending time with that. It was a good rest for me and I was able to finish reciting the Quraan within few days masha Allaah.



Then on the 27th night I was ready to do my Umrah. My husband was in the Haram from 10 am as it was Jumuah and we joined him for Magrib. I have been for Hajj in 2004 after 4 days of our Marraige Alhamdulillaah and after that I have been for Umrah twice. So this was my 4th visit to the Haram and it was such a wonderful feeling to see the Ka'bah again after sometime. But Subahanllaah the crowd was unbelievable. I am telling you it was worse than Hajj. It was so easy for us to do Ifaadhah during Hajj but this Umrah was so difficult. Any way started off with the Tawaaf and Maimoonah had to be carried at certain points as the crowd was too much. She knew what she had to do so it was easy. It was so sweet to hear her saying "Rabbanaa Aathina...." at the Yemeni Corner. Half way through the tawaaf Adhaan for Isha was called and we had to stop and find a place to pray, which was a greater Jihaad!! Subhanallaah I had to carry Maimoonah and look for a place and after just looking around I concluded if I roam around I will miss the place where I was to meet my husband after salaah. So I just stood with Maimoonah till Iqamah. When the Iqaamah was called just went to the side of the wall, asked Maimoonah to sit there and just started praying on the pathway :) After Salaah continued with the Tawaaf, completed and had some zam zam water, went back to the black stone and headed towards Safa for saee.

I was wondering whether I could really do this, Subahanallaah there was actually no space at the foot of safa to stand. My husband was carrying Maimoonah till I could finish my adkaar and dua at Safa, usually we make long dua at safa and marwa but I had to make it short because the crowd was pushing me and I had no place to stand. Dragged my feet and some how finished saee after about 2 hours or more, subahanllaah, I was really feeling sorry for my husband as he had to accompany us after being in the scorching heat from 10 am. May Allaah reward him for all his efforts and for taking care of us without any complaints. Aameen.

After that we trimmed our hair and finished Umrah, Alhamdulillaah. Then it was time for Qiyaam. And no place to pray. So we went outside of the masjid and settled on the road outside to pray Qiyaam. Had something to eat and prayed Qiyaam. Masha Allaah Qiyaam was wonderful. Imam Sudaisi as usual was so emotional and was crying while reciting and the crowd there cries too, subahanllaah.

While waiting for Qiyaam to begin outside the Masjid

Awaiting Qiyaam, view of the Clock Tower!

So after Qiyaam we had to walk 2km back to the hotel, Subahanllaah la hawla walaa Quwwata illaah billa. It was soooooo tiring and just exhausted. Maimoonah was really finding it difficult to walk and she was so sleepy as well. So we had to take turns and carry her.

Finally made it to the hotel, on the way got some food for suhoor and prayed fajr at the hotel and went to sleep.  So Alhamdulilllaah that was the story of my Umrah.

Next will be the visiting of the Sooqs and the days spent at the Haram till Eid Insha Allaah!


JenMun(a) said...

...such an exciting story! Yazakiallahu khair for sharing your experience with us!... I wish I can make my first Hajj soon inschaAllah..
Salamualaikum wa rahmatullah

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaah Umm Muad,

Am Glad you like it, May Allaah make it easy and enable you to perform Hajj soon. Aameen. Our Hajj journey was such a beautiful one subhanallaah, I did not have the blog at that time if I had then I would have shared that too : )

Umm Suhailah said...


As Salaamu Alaiki!

I love it! Mashaa'Allaah!
I'm all like "Cool" "Awwwww" "Mashaa'Allaah" "Yayyyyy" lol can you say : "So much emotions"
Good job you guys! Love the team work when it comes to helping each other with Maimoonah- you guys working together to get something beneficial done is jameelah
I'm very proud of you guys and Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum for sharing. Me and the husband was thinking about making hajj very soon- and with all the girls....................so seeing your report....i will share this with him- as I see the struggle with just one.
Now my top question: "Did you bring me back anything" *smiles*

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam Umm Suhailah,

Well Hajj with three girls at this age is gonna be extremely difficult as you will need to walk, wait, stone, go back to makkah for ifadah, look into sacrifice, subhanallaah. I am not discouraging but believe me its difficult with kids during hajj as it is not a one day affair. I think Suhailah may be possible Allaahu A'lam. Last year Saudi did not issue visa for kids to perform Hajj I remember after the swine flu matter. I heard they are allowing this year though. Any way if you do decide to do with kids I am sure still Allaah will make it easy and get loads of tips in advance from those who have travelled with kids Insha Allaah.

I do not understand your question " "Did you bring me back anything"????

I brought myself back bi idhnillaah!! Read my next post on the Sooq adventure!! lol! Then you will know what I shopped till I dropped lol!!!

Umm Suhailah said...


I do not understand your question " "Did you bring me back anything"????

Lol I was asking did you bring me something back from the sooq *giggles*

"Then you will know what I shopped till I dropped lol!!!"

Lol!!!! can't wait to read enjoying the post thus far.

Yeah I know Hajj with all three would be difficult. I will check it out....

Baraka'Allaahu'Feekum post like these really open my eyes to certain things that I did not know about while traveling Mashaa'Alllaah

Jeasmin said...

as wr wb

mashaAllah nice to read your accounts. Makes me feel less sad about not being able to go umrah during ramadan. I have this vision that it would be an amazing journey but i forgot about the difficulties.

Hey, we went to Hajj in the same year. I went in 2004 as well mashaAllah. So sweet that you went as newlyweds. That must have been an amazing exp. Would love to read about it. I had a ‘not nice’ exp due to the endless arguments between hajji's etc. My dua is that Allah blesses me with another chance to perform hajj.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Umm Suhailah, I have noticed during Hajj those who bring kids come with their extended family or family friedns so that others can take care of the kids. I think that is a good idea Insha Allaah. Any way May Allaah make it easy on you!

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaahi wa barakaathuhu Jeasmin, Masha Allaah we have been there then in 2004. Were you at the Jamaraat when the stampede happened that year where 250 something people died, subahanllaah. We were there, and guess what happened, I was making dua and the bridge shook, and while stoning I was crushed and I felt as if my soul was going away from me and I was just giving up, subhanallaah, seriously, I still remember the feeling of the soul leaving me, my husband knew I was giving up and had no alternative but to push the huge men around to rescue me. Allaah had mercy on me and gave me my soul back, that is what I really feel. What an experience subhanallaah! And after stoning while going back I saw many bodies and until we went back to the tent we did not know such a stampede had happened. Masha Allaah now the Jamaraat is so different, stay tuned for the pictures Insha Allaah!

Jeasmin said...


Yes, we there when the stampede happened, but alhamdulilah, we were away from the scene of the stampede and thought the chaos was the usual hajj chaos, until we started getting texts from family in the UK asking if we were OK as they heard about the stampede on the news. SubhanAllah, your exp sounds very scary. I haven't been back since 2004. InshaAllah, one day....My duaghter keeps asking when will Allah call us to go and visit His House!

Umm Maimoonah said...

May Allaah make it happen soon for you. Aameen! I too love to do Hajj again this time for my father raheemahullaah Insha Allaah!

Apart from the Jamaraat incident we had a wonderful Hajj masha Allaah, got the best out of the whole ritual and journey, even went to Jabal ar Rahmah, stood there on the Day of Arafah, masha Allaah

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