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Umrah In Ramadhaan 1432 (2011) - Part III

After Umrah we slept almost close upon Asr that day after Fajr, subhanallaah, that was about 10 hours of sleep, And Allaah wanted us to have this rest, He is indeed Merciful, usually Maimoonah wakes up in between, this time nothing, just flat : ). So that day we did not go to the Haram as both of us were still having pains and we wanted to be fit for the next day as it was an odd night. So broke fast at the hotel and decided to visit the Souqs in Aziziya, Makkah to get some Jilbaabs and thobes.

Got into a taxi and went to Azizia. Subhanallaah it was crowded there and those of you who love shopping would love the place. Its a huge highway with Souqs on both the sides. You get all sorts of things masha Allaah. I do not know of a place like this in Qatar and I know the Qataris would love this too. You get Centrepoint huge Mall as well with Home Centre and their other brands and products.

Went from one place to another hunting for Jilbaabs. I was shocked and disappointed. Subhanallaah. You may wonder why? The Jilbaabs I wear todate are ones I bought from Azizia same place in 2004 when we went for Hajj, my husband bought me a stock as we knew we cannot get Jilbaabs in other lands like in Makkah. They were reasonable and good quality. This time, just could not find a shop exclusive only for Jilbabaabs. All what they had was Abaayahs and few Jilbaabs even that with Sleeves. If you are wondering what is my problem, then I believe that Jilbaab what the Sahaabah wore was a 1 piece garment which is very loose and without any shape : ) And if I remember correct Shaikh Fowzaan Hafidhahullaah says Jilbaab with sleeves are not defined as Jilbaabs. So we continued looking for it and finally gave up, thinking we will try in Madeenah if not go back to Doha and get it stitched Insha Allaah! My husband's size thobes wore all soled out, he has a particular brand that he wears and these kind were  all finished : (. Then we walked further up and found a huge two storied building with a huge board saying "International Family Mall" or something to that effect. My Husband was curious and we entered it, Subahanllaah the Crowd again and the amount of stuff masha Allaah. You name it its all there and it was very reasonalable and people were buying and buying and buying. Guess what I forgot to take a picture of the Souqs, so am sorry : )

My husband saw a small play stove and wanted me to check the price and I was expecting it to expensive, but was cheap, so picked that up for Maimoonah. She was like why is Abi buying me so many things, so sweet : ) Then went upstairs and subahanallaah found some beautiful good quality Arab style clothes for Maimoonah. Arab style meaning all the dresses come with trouses and we like it this way and to find so many Masha Allaah was a great thing, as here in Qatar clothes are so expensive and I usually get down clothes from my country for us. My husband picked up some clothes for me too, they were Arab style Shalwar Kameez : ) so I liked them masha Allaah!

After shopping till we dropped lol, went back to the hotel and went to sleep, it was pretty late. Night is Day in Saudi lol, all go to sleep only after Fajr!

Next day we packed my small bag and went to the Haram at Asr time to camp there till the next day lol! Went upstairs, still crowded, but since we went early managed to find a place and booked it for ourselves. I had taken sis Umm An Nu\man's Ramadhaan Activity book for Maimoonah to keep her occupied, The ladies next to me were amazed to see her doing work, masha Allaah and were taking the book and trying to teach her (elderly ladies). Maimoonah also found another girl who wanted to colour with her. They were an Egyptian Family and both of them were busy doing work.

Reading Ahmed Needs to go Potty to the Misri Girl

It was time for Iftaar, and masha Allaah people give all sorts of things for you to eat. Maimoonah was amazed to see so many sharing. She was asking me why are they giving and giving Ummi. I said this is the beauty of Islaam, Muslims share and that is the blessing.

Iftaar at the Haram

Then after salaah still waiting in the same place. She could go to her Abi for a little while and stretch herself. Then it was time for Isha and Taraaweeh. As you know they pray 20 Rakah in the Haram for Taraaweeh and then later they also pray Qiyaam. Even though the Scholars differ with regard to this issue, I take the opinion of Shaikh Albani Raheemahullaah, which is to Pray only 11 or 13 as Night Prayer. So I decided to wait till Qiyaam. When they started Taraaweeh Maimoonah fell asleep. And got up only after they finished, which was a relief for me as I knew she would be fit to wait till Qiyaam and walk back to the Hotel.

Masha Allaah Taraaweeh was nice to listen to, as Imaam Sudaisi was yet again crying and crying and he finished the Qur'aan and made the Dua which was so long and was about 30 to 45 minutes, subahanllaah.
29th Night Tawaf Area

29th Night Tawaf Area

Some people left after Taraweeh and there was space masha Allaah to move about. And usually people fight for their places in Haram, and it is so sad to say these fights are not ordinary its really ugly and the feeling you get is like you are in a market place. May Allaah guide us all! But this particular night which was the 29th night was calm and nice feeling. People were friendly, they were making room for others, sharing lot of things and the feeling was nice masha Allaah even though it was still crowded.

Inside Saee Area 2nd Floor

I made some dua, recited the Qur'aan and time for Qiyaam. Prayed Qiyaam. Everytime I wanted to really keep a tab of how many Rakah they were praying Qiyaam and most of the time I was confused. This time really counted and they prayed 13 altogether  : ) and not 11. Khayr. Any way after Qiyaam we decided to buy food for suhoor and go back to the Hotel. Tried to get a taxi and found just one and he wanted 100 riyals, actual cost is only 10 riyals. We decided to walk as usual.: ) Maimoonah was fit to walk masha Allaah, had to carry her a little.

After 40 minutes or so reached the Hotel, had suhoor, prayed Fajr and went to sleep. Got up for Dhuhar. Alhamdulillaah this day was the day of Shak and most probably we knew they would sight the moon. So we got ready and went to the Haram. Prayed Dhuhar there and went to the Hilon and the Clock tower Mall. Masha Allaah Clock Tower was nice and somewhat like the malls in Qatar. Just went around, my husband got his thobes and we prayed Asr and waited for Iftaar at the Haram.

All Awaiting Eid Announcement 

 After Iftaar and Magrib came out of Haram, and went to the Clock tower for Dinner, while awaiting the announcemnt for Eid: ) After Dinner when we came out this is what we saw and this confirmed they have sighted the moon and tomorrow was Eid, Alhamdulillaah. (The Clock Tower Glowing with Eid Mubarak) I am unable to upload the video. Insha Allaah May be I will upload somewhere else and give the link Insha Allaah!


Next will be Eid at the Haram and getting ready to pack and leave to Madeenah Insha Allaah!


Umm Sayang said...

Assalamualaikum Umm Maimoonah.
Jazakillah for this post and the pictures as well. Just makes it so visual.
The clock tower is so like Big Ben, just with a crescent on the top! I kinda feel sad that all this tall buildings have towered and engulfed the Kaabah :(

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam Umm Sayang,

Wa iyyaaki, Yes for every salaah the clock tower is decorates itself with light. I have the vedioe but unable to upload on blogger, Insha Allaah will find a way. It is supposed to be the 2nd tallest clock tower in the world.

Well these are the only buildings you see now as all other hotels are demolished and extention and new construction of the Masjid is going on, as a result all hotels are far away. When we went for Hajj the hotels were so close by and you can just run for salah across after the Adhaan, but now Subhanallaah a long walk!! May Allaah reward the Custodian of the Haram with good in this world and the Aakhairah for all the facilities given. Aameen!

Umm Adam said...

Assalaamu alaikum sister,

Masha Allah, these posts are so exiting to read! Looking forward to the next one insha Allah. Jazak Allah khair

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam Umm Adam,

Wa iyyaaki!Enjoy

Umm Suhailah said...


As Salaamu Alaiki:

All what they had was Abaayahs and few Jilbaabs even that with Sleeves. If you are wondering what is my problem, then I believe that Jilbaab what the Sahaabah wore was a 1 piece garment which is very loose and without any shape : ) And if I remember correct Shaikh Fowzaan Hafidhahullaah says Jilbaab with sleeves are not defined as Jilbaabs.

- Let me ask a question. The Jilbaab is the piece that starts from the head
and the Abayaa is the one that has sleeves?
Here in MD they call Jilbaabs the one with sleeves. And the Abayaa is the one that goes over the head (1 piece)
Someone post that this is incorrect- Soooo all my Muslim career I said Abayaa is one piece
Not too many people know that fact you post. Mashaa'Allaah.
I too prefer a Jilbaab *smiles*

I appreciate you adding tidbits of ilm/fatwa/quotes from the Uelma in your post- I benefit a lot from that!
Your Umrah Series is very nice Mashaa'Allaah! Very informative. Love it!

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam Umm Suhailah, Yes Jilbaab is one piece of garment worn from the head and the term used in the Qu'raan means this garment. Usually Abayah is something worn like a dress.

Now what I mean is this Jilbaab is with sleeves cut, so when you wear it the shape of the hand could be seen.

So Shaikh Fowzan says this is not the Jilbaab.

Glad you like the posts and I hope this will be useful for you some day Insha Allaah!

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