Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Little Grammar Books - Review

Some sisters have been asking me about the grammar books that I am using for Kindergarten this year with Maimoonah. We started Grammar only this week and I was waiting for Maimoonah to do it and see how she would find it  and then to write a review. So she actually finished the 1st book so here are some pictures of the contents of the book and a review Insha Allaah!

There are 30 Little Grammar books and 30 Corresponding Work Books. And there are three levels. Each levels has 10 Little Grammar books and 10 corresponding Work Books.

Little Grammar Books 1/ Little Grammar Workbooks 1

These books are from the level 1

The Little Grammar book has sentences with illustrations.


The sentences are easy to read and the pictures are very colourful. If it is talking about verbs then all the verbs are in bold within the sentence and on top of the page. Nowhere does it have a definition for verbs, but you will have to talk to the child and explain the grammar point in each book. Little Grammar book has a about 16 pages in each book in each level.

The work book has activities with less writing on this level. And it has stickers with pictures and words to be used for the activities. This Work Book also has 16 pages.


According to my lesson plan I have planned to teach one topic for two weeks for Maimoonah, meaning the Verbs work book to do for two weeks and thus use only the first 10 books for this year. But I think its too long. Maimoonah finished the book within 3 days with full understanding of what a verb is. So I will insha Allaah plan to teach her 1 book each week and this way we can finish all 30 books this year Insha Allaah. But if I feel she found it a bit difficult to grasp something then I will go slow Insha Allaah!.

Remember all (all three levels) the books never give you any definition for the grammar point. So you got to keep asking the child for example "Now tell me which one is the verb in this sentence that you matched?", Which one is the verb in this sentence that you read?", Tell me sentence with a verb?" etc etc.

Little Grammar Books 2 / Little Grammar Workbooks 2

These Books are from Level 2

The Little Grammar book has sentences with illustrations.


The Workbook activities are almost the same but with bit advance, meaning little bit more to write and think.



Little Grammar Books 3 / Little Grammar Workbooks 3

These Books are from Level 3

Same as the other two levels the Little Grammar books have sentences with pictures.

Little Grammar workbooks 3  are same as the work books 2. Activities are of the same standards.



So these are the 3 levels.

The publishers say the first level is for children aged 4 - 6 and the next two levels for children aged 5 -8. But I feel these books are good for children 4 - 6. I am saying this thinking of Maimoonah. She is just turned 4 and I especially chose these books now because I do not want to use these books when she is 6 as I feel she could do better books by then Insha Allaah.

Another reason I chose these books now is that they are very cheap for me. One sister said shipping charges are high, in my case I had a local agent and the books were available for a very cheap price something like each book costed me about 1 US $!

Maimoonah also enjoys these books as it has stickers. She really likes this pasting activities and since she does not have to handle glue she was pretty happy with the stickers. And these activity books do not make it boring for the kids with many activities. 

We also use The Little Grammar books as readers. Maimoonah reads all the three levels of the Grammar books and you can hear her giggling sometimes while reading and looking at pictures. Pictures are very colourful.

So basically I think these books are good to give the little ones basic introduction to Grammar as it is less stressful and filled with easy fun activities and reading Insha Allaah and Allaah knows best. Hope this would help you all to decide if this fits your child Insha Allaah!


Jeasmin said...

JZK sis. Really useful. I think it would suit my DD well inshaAllah.

Umm Maimoonah said...

wa iyyaaki Jeasmin. Glad this helped you decide.

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