Sunday 29 January 2012

Continents and Nations - Europe & Review

Continuing with our Continents and Nations study this week we learnt about Europe, our final continent to finish the topic. 

We went through the Atlas and learnt few facts about Europe
  • That it is a smallest Continent (The Continent Book that we used says Australia is the smallest Continent but the Altas says it is Europe , Allaahu Al'am , it was Maimoonah who read and said that there is a conflict, she found many conflict info in different atlas and encyclopaedias even with the flags    : )
  • The Scandinavian Countries and why they are called so
  • The Lower Countries
  • Some information about some of the European Countries. etc etc




Using the World Fact Book she filled in the information about the countries she selected to write about and she coloured the flags.




We learnt a little bit more about Spain as it was ruled by Muslims before.

I used this link and read and told her the story of how a very young boy called Tariq bin Ziyaad captured Spain and how it was known before as Andalusia, she was really interested also was sad to know that it is not a Muslim Country now. Any way she did this small write up about Spain after listening to me. She asked me to draw the Spain Map. She coloured and pasted and wrote this.

It says:" Muslims ruled Spain for 600 years.
A brave boy called Tariq bin Ziyad captured Spain.
Muslims built Mosques in Spain.
You get olives in Spain.
Spain was called at that time Andalusia

Then she filled in the info here.

Pinned the flags for all the European countries. Many sisters have been asking me the brand name of this wooden map with flags and unfortunately I have no clue as I have no pack with me, but I googled and found the same product here. Hope this helps all of you who are interested, I got it for a much cheaper price though in the local store, not sure if the quality is the same : ), for me it looks somewhat same, Allaahu A'lam.

So that ends our Continents and Nations Study. We did a review. She completed this.

 I asked few questions like which country is where and she was pretty ok masha Allaah!.

Then we also started learning conversations in Arabic and we had something to learn about which is connected to this Topic masha Allaah! All the continents and directions in Arabic! We had a pretty nice conversation, will update more on this when I post the summary Insha Allaah! For now here is what we learnt in Arabic, Maimoonah just loved the Arabic Terms for each Continent and is able to tell all of them in Arabic including, "From where are you"?, What is your Country?, I am from..., My country is...., My Country is in Asia, etc etc...


Tuesday 24 January 2012

Kindergarten Curriculum Summary - Week 14

Islaamic Studies
We read about how things were before the Prophethood. Discussed many things using the Raheeq Al Makhtoom. We did not write down yet Insha Allaah we will do it next week. Maimoonah was doing lot of reading on Seerah this week and we were only talking. Did not do any activities as such.

We are continuing with Salaah on fiqh and learning the adhkaar still using the Learning Roots Cards.

English Language
  • Jolly Phonics - We did the following letter sounds and with this she has finished all the letter sounds. From next week we will be doing reviews and exercises Insha Allaah!

  • Grammar - We did Names of Places this week. Some of the places were new to her like the "Cinema", needed to explain to her what it is all about!!! She refused to read that page on her Little Grammar Book!!!! 



  • Comprehension - This week we did a poem from Junior English. This time she needed a little help in explaining unlike the previous weeks. 

We did few more pages on MEP


This week we did only writing Arabic Numbers as I was preparing for next weeks Arabic Resources.

Kindergarten Curriculum Lesson Plan - 2011/2012 - Week 15

Islaamic Studies
·         In the Cave of Hira – The First Revelation – Learn the Arabic and meaning of the first 5 aayah of Soorah Alaq
·         Khadeejah comforting the Prophet and taking him to Waraqah bin Naufer
·         Those who accepted Islaam first
·         The Interruption in the revelation

Fiqh - Salaah

·         Jolly Phonics – review all letter sounds
·         Grammar –  Animal Movements
·         Comprehension – Junior English
·         Writing

Social Studies
·         Continents -  Europe
European Countries
(All the links provided above can be used for the whole of the continents and nations study Insha Allah and these links will be repeated in the next few weeks till we finish the Continents and Nations study Insha Allaah)

·         MEP – Year 1 (> < = )

·         Arabic First Book of Countries
·         Madeenah Arabic – With the aid of
·         Arabic Numbers 1- 20 revision and writing
·         Gate way to Arabic
·         Vocabulary
·         Iqra learning to read

Sunday 22 January 2012

Continents - Australia

Continuing our study on Continents and Nations this week we finished Australia.

Alhamdulillaah, now Maimoonah does not get confused with the Continents : ) So we read the Atlas and all about Australia and New Zealand. We learnt a few facts about Australia along with reading about the Native people of this Continent.


  • Australia is the smallest continent
  • Australia has the many of the poisonous animals found in the world
  • Koalas are the only animal who could eat from the Australian gum trees.
  • Kangaroos can survive without water for months
  • New Zealand is known for many of the water sports.
  • Beef and diary products mostly come from Australia and New Zealand. Etc etc
Then we chose three countries, Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea (some books say that Papua New Guinea does not belong to the continent Australia and some places said it does, any way I just included this as well as I explained to her they are known as Pacific Islands, Allaah knows best)



She used the World Fact Book and filled in all the details. Also she filled the details here.

Masha Allaah by doing this she has improved her spelling so much. I did not know she could spell everything to write on her own without looking at the book. I think this kind of learning is much better than sitting and dictating to write some dictation words. I tried this once but I knew she was learning much more buy doing her regular activities and gave up having spelling lessons : )

She pinned the flag for  Australia on her Wooden map!

Then she got all interested in Kangaroos. She wanted to know more. We went onto the net and found some facts about the Kangaroos and she chose some facts and wanted to write a small note on Kangaroos. Masha Allaah again very much independently. (She saw "Kangaroo Shop" written on a web page and insisted she wants to write that too, so I said ok : )

Then we used this template and did dot painting a Kangaroo. I showed her and she played around with paints.


 Insha Allaah one more to go on Continents and we are done with it for this year.

Saturday 21 January 2012

Sewing Saturdays - Needle Book!

Alhamdulillaah, a dear sister and her kids from another part of the world sent Maimoonah a whole heap of sewing stuff. May Allaah reward them immensely for their generosity and kind gesture. Aameen. In fact the sister sent us all the materials we were looking for for various projects we wanted to do. You know who you are sister, please note that you and your kids have indeed brighten up our journey! And all this means so much for us. Love all of you for the sake of Allaah!

So now that we got the much needed felt materiel, we resumed our Sewing activity this Saturday. We chose to make a Needle Book to keep all the needles in tact. We got the instructions from here.

So Maimoonah chose the colours for this Project. Taught her how to measure and mark the size on the materiel. Then I cut and these are the two pieces of the felt material we would use for the Book.


We took a piece of ribbon kept it on top of one piece and kept the other piece of the felt materiel over it and pinned.


Then we used blanket stitch and stitched all the edges. I did two sides and Maimoonah did the remaining two sides.


Inside of the book!

Outside of the book!

Then the dear sister also sent us beautiful buttons. Maimoonah chose one of them and stitched here. Now the she already knew how to stitch buttons, she was pretty confident to do it.

Then we pinned all our needles and this is our final product!


Very easy and useful project masha Allaah!

Now watch out for more projects Insha Allaah as we are now blessed with resources!!!

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