Saturday 29 July 2023

FREE Workshops for Mums - Nurture Islaam in Your Household

  بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Many of us understand that we want our growing children to live Islaam rather than just embracing it as an academic subject in school. Many of us struggle to nurture Islaam in our household, where our children are willing to discuss and dive deep into understanding their religion so they can be upright and firm when facing and tackling issues raised about their religion in school with their peers and in public.  

The struggles include, regardless of the age of our children:
 📍Where to start?
 📍What resources to use?
 📍How to keep children engaged?
 📍How to make Islaam a common household discussion?
 📍How to not make children feel bored with Islaam?
 📍How to make Islaam something they love?
 📍How to make Islaam relevant to their lives?

These are the very questions I receive from many sisters. Nurture Islaam resources and courses are designed with high standards keeping in mind YOUR struggles. We have been producing resources for five years now, and by the permission of Allaah, our resources have become a great companion in many households to nurture Islaam. 

We are pleased to invite you for a couple of FREE workshops to get you started with nurturing Islaam in your household without stress or overwhelm. We are also ready to show you how our resources could be made use of in your household to get maximum benefit. 

Remember, this workshop is for those ready to make a change, willing to take risks, prepared to work hard and ready to pursue without giving up! If you are the type to gain info and disappear, please do not join because I want you to take action before leaving this workshop. 

To make it easier, we have two workshops for different age groups. The first one will exclusively deal with nurturing preschoolers ages 3 - 5, as the first five years of a child are crucial and golden years. And the next workshop is for all ages above five, teens, and young adults. 

The workshops are live and interactive. The recording access will be available for 24 hours ONLY. We encourage everyone to attend live and take advantage of the live interaction. Since we have a limit after reaching our full capacity, you may have to benefit from the recording. However, we will try our best to accommodate all participants for live workshops In shaa Allaah. 

Please see the details and register accordingly. 

Nurturing Preschoolers - Free Workshop for Mums

Young children learn and absorb fast. Some parents may feel they are young for learning certain concepts, however that maybe not the case. Join us to explore how you could start nurturing your preschoolers which will help you to see another side of a curious, energetic child who would love to learn Islaam and link everything he or she learns to our Lord. This age is NOT entirely about just learning letters, phonics, reading and writing. Discover how you as a mother could be that facilitator who is able to be their first school.

What will this workshop cover?
🌱Why Nurture Preschoolers?
 📍Where to start?
🎯5 Effective Strategies to Nurture Preschoolers
🌻A Walk through of our Nurture Islaam Prekinder Pack  - This is our signature pack that has helped mums to become teachers of their children and to give them a solid foundation to continue learning. We will show you what resources are in there and how to use it to nurture your preschoolers and get expected results. 

📣Nurturing Preschoolers - Online FREE Workshop 

     🌱For Mums of ages 3 - 5 and mums to be

Saturday,  12th August 2023

🕔7pm to 9pm KSA Time

Register by clicking below:

❓ Inquiries     


💬Or Whatsapp/Telegram +974 66132058

Nurture Islaam in Your Household - Free Workshop for Mums

📣Nurture Islaam in Your Household

Online FREE Workshop 

     🌱For Mums and mums to be

Saturday,  19th August 2023

🕔7pm to 9pm KSA Time

What will this workshop cover?
🌱How to Nurture Islaam in your Household
 📍Where to start?
🎯How to implement at achieve positive results
🌻A Walk through of Nurture Islaam Resources and How to Use them to Nurture Islaam in your household

Register by clicking below:

❓ Inquiries     


💬Or Whatsapp/Telegram +974 66132058

Friday 14 July 2023

Summer Sale 2023 - Nurture Islaam Products

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Summer sale is here! Buy 3 or more and enjoy a 25% off for all Nurture Islaam Series Products for ages 6 - 18. This offer will last ONLY till the 30th of July 2023. Get your titles for the whole family as they are on Family Pack offer for the summer sale. (This means if you buy one title you can use that title for all your children).





Here are the individual Product List Details.
Product list includes the cost for per child. The offer here is for per family. 

Terms and Conditions

  • The price is in US Dollars.
  • The cost is per family. You may use it for all of your children ONLY. 
  • This offer is not for a classroom. These books cannot be used as a reference to teach or tutor. If you want to use it for the class as a teacher please contact us for the cost depending on the number of children. 
  • You may print or photocopy for your children ONLY for any amount of time
  • You are not allowed to share digital or printed books with others.
  • You are not allowed to sell.
  • You are not allowed to upload documents on the internet.
  • You are not allowed to edit, copy, or translate any content or illustrations. 
  • You are not allowed to take any screenshots and share them with others.
  • All documents can ONLY be downloaded via a computer or a Laptop.
  • The minimum order must include at least 3 titles from either of the age groups. 
  • You agree to allow four days to process your orders due to the overwhelming amount of interest, Alhamdulillaah. 

How to purchase?
Payment is made via Paypal online. The payment link will be emailed when you place your order and the download link will be emailed within 4 days of payment Inshaa Allaah. 

Enjoy our summer offers and benefit your whole family!

Sale ends on the 30th of July 2023

For any further queries, you may contact me at 
Whatspp/Telegram +974 66132058

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