Friday 9 October 2020

How to Teach Online - A Comprehensive Teacher Training Course

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

With a sudden shift away from the classroom to online learning around the globe, we are witnessing the demand for online educators. 

Online teaching is not as easy as it may sound. Indeed online teaching needs structure, passion, commitment, creativity, smartness, patience and much more.

Muslim sisters around the world are exploring wise and insightful ways and means to adapt to the current situations and pursue on a halal method of earning to aid their families financially without compromising the religion of Islaam. Alhamdulillaah.

We know that teaching is something recommended by the scholars of Islaam for women especially because it is something that is beneficial for the society as well as beneficial for the Muslim women to safeguard her modesty when done in an Islamically legislated environment. 

By the Mercy of Allaah we have decided to benefit the Ummaah by giving away to the sisters in Islaam that Allaah bestowed upon us which is our experience and knowledge so that they could pursue this path with added value and confidence in order to excel in teaching online and benefit themselves and the society. In other words, we are giving away our trade secrets of a successful online teaching small business, by the mercy of Allaah alone! 

Therefore we invite you to take this opportunity and benefit from it and make this investment to reap benefits Inshaa Allaah. 

We are pleased to announce one of its kind teacher training course for the female Muslim online teachers, instructors, workshop/course providers, and online educators. Details below. 

Nurture Islaam Online Course for Teachers

How to Teach Online

A Comprehensive Hand on Teacher Training Online Course

How does it work

  • The full course period is 8 weeks. And this is a fully structured course.
  • You will be required to allocate at least 3 hours a week (other than the live class hours) at your own pace to complete this course. 
  • We will have 4 online live classes with access to the recordings. The recording could be accessed during the course period. 
  • Remote classroom with assignments, discussions and feedback. This online classroom will be accessible 24/7 for two months. Each week the classroom will include training related assignments, information, support, discussions and classwork. 
  • There will be a practical assignment. Each participant will produce an online lesson with guidance and feedback will be provided. 
  • A certificate of participation will be awarded to all participants.
  • A certificate of completion will be awarded to all participants who complete the training assignments and tasks.
  • A further certificate of recommendation will be awarded to participants who complete the training assignments to our expected standards and satisfaction Inshaa Allaah. 

What will the Course Cover?

The course is designed with different modules covering,

  • Introduction to Online Teaching
  • Best practices of online teaching for a Muslim Teacher
  • Innovative online teaching techniques
  • Recommended online teaching platforms and tools and how they work
  • Adapting Zoom as a teaching platform to meet your goals (will include how to use Zoom and how to take advantage of the Zoom features for online teaching)
  • Creative ways to engage and motivate students
  • Understanding online student behaviour
  • Working towards student-teacher rapport
  • Creating and designing your very own online lesson
  • Reflection and evaluation

Who can join this course?

  • Online teachers
  • Online tutors
  • Online educators
  • Mums who are curious to know about online teaching
  • Sisters who are intending to start teaching online
  • Online workshop/course providers and instructors
  • Principals and Admins of online schools and academies
  • Online school owners
  • Any sister who is interested to give it a try with passion
  • This course is suitable for teachers who teach any subject for any grade level. All content is adaptable for any level of online teaching inshaa Allaah. 

    What will you get?

    • 4 Live classes with access to recordings.
    • Digital in-depth notes.
    • Feedback for all completed assignments.
    • Two months of training.
    • Demonstrations of how an online class session is created
    • Live Demonstrations of Umm Maimoonah's  Online Class Sessions.
    • Checklist to create your own online lessons
    • Guidance to produce your online lesson.
    • Feedback on your created online lesson. 
    • A Certificate of Participation/Completion/Recommendation.

    Who is the Instructor?

    The Instructor is Umm Maimoonah as usual. And what qualifications and experience I possess in order to facilitate this course? Alhamdulillaah you can see below. 

    • 25 years of experience in education.
    • Successfully completed over one thousand online teaching sessions.
    • Successfully delivered and designed over 200 online courses for children and adults. 
    • Four years of online teaching experience
    • Managing over 1000 online students/participants annually.
    • Managing two hundred online students simultaneously which includes teaching, creating content, delivering and correcting with individual feedback. 
    • Cambridge UK certified Mentor and Coach for Teachers
    • Open University UK Certificate Course - Teaching Online and Best Practices
    • Online Teacher and Instructor Everyday Ibaadah Academy
    • Digital Content Developer for Children

    When is the Course?

    The Live classes are scheduled for Saturdays 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th November 2020, time would be 5pm to 7pm KSA/Qatar Time. Inshaa Allaah and extra classes will be held if needed as per the feedback we receive for assignments and training. If the timings are not suitable you can sign up and access the recordings of the live classes. 

    Online 24/7 accessible classroom will be opened from the 5th of November till the 30th of December 2020. 30th December will be the last day of the training course. Remote training will be provided at this online classroom via video instructions, demonstrations and assignments and discussion. 

    What is the Cost?

    The full course cost is USD 99 per participant for the full 8 weeks. 

    (exclusive of Payoneer service charges) 

    The payment is paid in full before the 5th of November 2020 via Payoneer using Master/Visa Card. (You do not have to have a Payoneer account, payment link will be sent and you can use the Master/Visa Card and complete payment. 

    How to Sign up?

    Email - or Whatsapp -  +974 66132058

    Registrations close on the 5th of November 2020. Limited participants based on first come first serve. 

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