Saturday 31 May 2014

Salaah Workshop!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We organized a Salaah Workshop for girls. Alhamdulillaah 60 girls ages between 7 to 13 participated.

The girls were given notes of step by step instructions with illustration for wudoo, and salaah along with other details as to the obligations of salaah, what invalidates salaah etc etc. 


We also used some of the TJ's worksheets on Salaah times. 

We gave each child a salaah tracker to make them excited about praying on time, along with a notebook a pen and a highlighter

We had an activity sheet for them to identify the right and the wrong positions of the salaah displayed. 

We included a note for them as well as the parents with some important issues with regard to prayer taken from the book Sifatus Salaatun Nabee by shaykh Albani raheemahullaah. 

All of this was included in this pack.

It was not easy to make sure each child understood each position as the number was too much, and the time was limited. Alhamdulillaah. But we managed to demonstrate important issues with regard to Qiyam, Ruku and sujood. We explained to the kids the hadeeth of "The one who prayed Badly".

Some parents suggested an audio visual interactive session to grab the attention of the kids. While it is a good idea, I feel it is not possible to perfect the salaah of a child within a 2 hour workshop. Rather the parents must take it up from here and with the help of the notes provided they will have to continue this for years Inshaa Allaah until the child perfects her salaah. But we can still repeat these kind of workshops with small groups every now and then to make sure the kids are reminded and focused Inshaa Allaah! 

I would like to thank my good friend who works behind the scene always to get all the materials needed for all the kids, my dear sister Umm Aayah for helping with the layout of the documents and all the sisters who came along and helped me today and the kids for participating and the parents for their keen interest and encouragement. Jazzaakumullaah Khayr. 

May Allaah accept this from us make it heavy upon our scales on that Day. Aameen.

Thursday 8 May 2014

Tarbiyah Girls Club - Class 7

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

At the Tarbiyah Class 7, we continued with Al Waajibaat, "Benefits of Knowing Allaah's Names and Attributes". The girls learnt the reward of memorizing the Names of Allaah and understanding and worshipping by them. They also learnt in day to day life how using the Names and Attributes of Allaah would increase one's eemaan, and the other benefits of Knowing His Most Beautiful Names.

 As for Tahaarah we did the next hadeeth on Umdatul Ahkaam, Book of Taharah, another description of the Wudoo of the Messenger of Allaah. After learning the hadeeth and the benefits of it, 

We demonstrated the Wudoo from the beginning to the end to the girls step by step and explained to them the small details of it and to emphasised to be mindful when taking wudoo and see that all limbs of Wudoo must be washed as prescribed by these hadeeth. 

Then we went on to learn about the next Great Woman of Islaam " Sauda bint Zamaah" radhiyallaahu anha. We learnt her life before getting married to the Messenger of Allaah salaahu alaihiwasallam. Then the honor of being one of the Ummahaathul Mu;mineen and her life with Muhammad Sallallaahu alaihiwasallam. They read about her wonderful motherly qualities and her sense of humor and many interesting incidents. 

The girls were given a summary sheet of her life and a Fact sheet to fill in as usual, and to write how they see her as their role model.

Finally we ended the class with a Quilling session. We did not use the quilling tools, but used a small stick, paper strips and glue. 

The girls enjoyed and these are their products.

Monday 5 May 2014

All about Horses!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

So, like most of the kids Maimoonah is obsessed with Horses these days. Thanks to Sister Iman at Iman Homeschool, we managed to do a Lapbook about Horses. Since Maimoonah is learning to ride a horse and has been reading a lot about Horses, she was the one who explained to me all the details in this Lapbook.

A friend of mine gave these lovely books about Horses. We borrowed The Little Pony book from the QMuslimah Children Library.

She wrote the parts of the Horse.

The different breeds of Horses and what they eat.

Horse Sports!

Horse Colours!

What the Qur'aan and the Hadeeth say about Horses in Islaam! She showed this lapbook to her teacher at the horse riding lessons who is not a Muslim, and in fact when she asked her to read about what Islaam says about Horses, Maimoonah had asked her would you like to learn more about Islaam, if so please come home Ummi will teach you! Alhamdulillaah Dawah!

Taking care of the Horses and Grooming them! She in fact had a live grooming lesson at the class, after she did the Lapbook!

Horse Marking! The Horseshoe and the Kufr involved in some people's belief in it. 

Division practice!

This was a nice experience as she was able to do the lapbook while she was exposed to real horses!

Essential Lesson For Every Muslim - Pillars of Eemaan - Belief in the Books of Allaah

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Things are hectic over here, so blog posts are slow, Maashaa Allaah. Continuing with Essential Lessons for Every Muslim of Shaykh Bin Baaz Raheemahullaah,  We learnt about Eemaan in the Books of Allaah, which included the following: 

  • Linguistic meaning of Kutub
  • Shariah Meaning of it
  • How to believe in the Books of Allaah
  • Proofs for believing in all the Books of Allaah
  • The previous Books of Allaah, their Names and those who received them

  • The Noble Qur'aan
  • What is the Definition of Qur'aan
  • Linguistic and Shariah Meaning of the Qur'aan
  • How should we believe in the Qur'aan

Maimoonah used toothpicks to decorate the borders. She painted them first and after they dried she made borders.

If you have young children you can try this worksheet on My DownLoads Page, we used when Maimoonah was small to know the basics of this belief. 

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