Sunday 29 March 2020

FREE Workshop for Mums - Making the Most of Online Learning

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This space has been quiet for a long time, due to many reasons Alhamdulillaah. We have had so many things happening and I had very little time to update this space. With Ramadhaan coming up and with the current COVID -19 situation, we hope and pray Allaah facilitates us to continue blogging, sharing our learning experiences Inshaa Allaah.

Just want to post something quickly over here. I am having a FREE workshop for Mums on "Making the Most of Online Learning". This workshop is Free for now and we are basically full. However, we have made some alternative to accommodate more who could benefit. Here are the details.

Online Learning and Online resources are dominating the world today.

Mums are unexpectedly all of a sudden forced to take in charge of their children's education from home using this online tool.

My Whatsapp shut down many times unable to handle the number of messages I have been receiving from sisters desperate to know where to start and what to do and how to make sure their kids are comprehending and completing their school work assigned to them online by their school teachers.

And we see thousands or more of Online resources advertised or even given free during this period for children. worksheets, Audiobooks, games, online courses, and even many many Blog posts and social media posts with beneficial advice, tips and more.

But wait, I am thinking of my dear sister who has just been forced another additional responsibility which has, in fact, changed her whole lifestyle. She took the decision of sending her children to a school which was the best choice for her. Then she cared for her younger children and managed the home while she utilized the time she had while the schooling children were away from home to complete her household responsibilities. She has no experience in looking for online resources nor sending the kids for online learning except to help with homework.

She is overwhelmed with what is offered to her with regard to online learning and resources and she is stressed to so see that she is unable to make use of all these resources. She is bombarded with links after links encouraging her to look into different web pages and apps. Where does this stop?

For how long are you hoping to blog hop and keep downloading worksheets that you hear and see?

How much do you think your kids could do?

Online is vast. Online is overwhelming. Online is dangerous. Online is time-consuming and online can be expensive too. But online is beneficial if you pause and get the right guidance.

I invite you to join me for

Making the Most of Online Learning while Staying Home

a FREE LIVE One Day Workshop for Mums. Spaces are full for the live session. BUT due to the need, we have arranged an alternative. Registrations close on Friday. Please WhatsApp + 97466132058

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