Thursday 30 August 2012

Seeking Refuge from the Evil Eye for Children

Seeking Refuge from the Evil Eye for Children
Compiled & Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya

From Ibn Abbas who said the Messenger of Allaah -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam- used to seek refuge for al-Hassan and al-Hussein, he would say:

‫أعوذ بكلمات الله التامة من كل شيطان وهامة ، ومن كل عين لامة
‘I seek refuge for you two with Allaah’s perfect words from every Shaytaan (devil) and poisonous creature and every evil eye.’

He -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam- said that this is how Ibrahim used to seek refuge for Ishaaq and Ismaeel.’
[Collected by Bukhari & Tirmidhi with the extra wording, authenticated by Albaani]

An Explanation:

Abul Ulaa AbdurRahmaan al-Mubarakfooree -Rahimullaah- said:

‘Allaah’s words’: ‘It has been said that they are the Qur’aan and it has also been said they are Allaah’s names.’

‘Perfect’:  ‘Al-Jazari said: ‘Indeed Allaah’s speech has been described as being Perfect, because it is not permissible for any of His speech to have deficiency or fault like there is in the speech of people.’

‘It has been said that the meaning of ‘Perfect’ here is that it benefits the one seeking refuge with these ‘Perfect words’, and protect him from illnesses and this would be sufficient for him.’

‘Poisonous creature’:   ‘Every type of creature that kills with poison. And it is possible that it could mean any crawling animal even if it does not kill, like insects.’

‘Evil eye’:  ‘From every evil type of affliction from the eye.’

[Taken from: ‘Tuhfahtul Ahawadhi’ an explanation of Sunan at-Tirmidhi]

 How to Seek Refuge from the Evil Eye for Children

By the  Muhaddith, Shaykh, Allamaa’  Muhammad Nasir uddeen al-Albaani -Rahimullaah-
Translated by Abbas Abu Yahya

Shaykh al-Albaani was asked over the phone:

Phone rings.

Shaykh:  yes!

Caller: Aslaamu alaykum.

Shaykh: Wa alaykum as-Salaam.

Caller:   O Shaykh regarding ‘I seek refuge for you two with Allaah’s perfect words from every Shaytaan (devil) and poisonous creature and every evil eye.’ Is this said three consecutive times or just once?

Shaykh:   No, it is mentioned once, however if it appears to the one saying this Dua’ that he needs to repeat it without specifying three times, then there is no problem with that.

Caller:      and should he place his hand on the head of the one sought refuge for?

Shaykh:       Yes, yes!

Caller:         Even in congregation, if it is a group of children together, how can he place his hand upon all of them?

Shaykh:       He should place his two hands on two of the children, then repeat this on the rest of the children.

Caller:         Right hand and left hand, with both hands?

Shaykh:  Yes, yes.

Caller:    Regarding the hadeeth that the Messenger -sallAllaahu alayhi wa sallam-

would not sleep until he recited Soorah Mulk, al – Isra, Zumar, and Sajdah, is this when he lies down on his bed at night, or before he lies down?

Shaykh:  What is important is that he recites before he falls asleep, whether it is whilst he is sitting or lying then it is up to him’

[Taken from: ‘Silsilah Huda wa Noor’ tape No. 323 at 3:42mins]

Monday 27 August 2012

Time Table 2012/2013

This will be our Time Table for 2012/2013 Inshaa Allaah. It will be very flexible and the work will be done not in this particular order but according to what Maimoonah wants to do. Also when I say Time Table it is only an organizational Tool for us and there will be days that we do not follow it at all. But we will try our best to get everything done each day so that it could be a productive day inshaa Allaah!

English - NF - Nelson English Non Fiction Skills Book
English - F - Nelson English Fiction Skills Book
Reading and Writing includes Spelling as well!

Thursday 23 August 2012

School Year 2012/2013 - Books & Resources

This is a post about all the Resources we would be using for the next school year Inshaa Allaah for each subject. As you know we would be following the Cambridge Curriculum for main subjects. You can read about our Primary Curriculum here Inshaa Allaah.

Islaamic Studies
As I mentioned here before I will not be using any particular text book for Islaamic Studies. Main book we would do will be Usooluth Thalaathah. And the rest of the topics will be same as mentioned in the above post.

So the books and Resources we would be using are the following

1. Sharh of Usooluth Thalaathah ( I got the Matn or the Text of Usooluth Thalaathah in Arabic online)

2. What is Towheed Work Book

3. Sharh Usooluth Thalaathah Audio by brother Aboo Sufyaan Uthmaan Beecher plus

4.  Salafyink Worksheet

5. Raheeq Al Makhtoom

5. TJ Islaamic Studies

Hifdhl/ Qur'aan
We would continue with Memorization and Learning the Tafseer. This time I will have a work box for this separately and thinking of giving her a nano ipod for listening to the soorahs. When she gets on to the PC to listen I find there are many distractions as it is she gets distracted so fast, lol! I have not bought yet, just thinking of some electronic stuff for this. Any suggestions are welcome. I will have some cards with each soorah every day Inshaa Allaah! She still needs to finish Juzz Amma, and now I feel I am also a cause for her slow progress because the time is not divided properly. Including this with day to day work makes things easier Inshaa Allaah!

1. Gateway to Arabic

2. Madeenah Arabic Book 1

3. Iqra Books for learning to Read

4. Word Flow

5.Arabic Worksheets Custom Made

As usual some of the books I have mentioned below has kufr and unislamic stuff as this is the case with all English Books. So we will try to avoid those parts and find alternatives Inshaa Allaah, already Maimoonah has told me not to teach her certain chapters.

1. Nelson Thornes Developing Non Fictions Skills Book 1

2. Nelson Thornes Developing Fiction Skills Book 1


3. Nelson English Workbook 1 (I have yet to see this book inside, if I feel its too easy then we will move on to Book 2 Inshaa Allaah)

4. Modern Curriculum Press Spelling Workout (this book was given to me by a dear sister, so thought of making use of it for spelling Inshaa Allaah)

5. Write Source - A Book for Writing, Thinking and Learning (this was also given to me by the same sister. It has a step by step instruction for writing, so  think I can start this with Maimoonah which I hope will give her the guidelines for writing many things)



1. MEP Year 1

2. Nelson International Mathematics Book and Workbook 1A. 1B and 1C

3. Harcourts Maths (this one we would use for practice as another dear sister gave this book to us and its very colourful and mainly concentrates on additions and subtractions)


I could not find any Science Book to go along with the Cambridge Primary Curriculum. So I have done my own Topics and Lesson plans using the following resources.

1. Usborne First Encylopedia of Science and 2. Junior Science Book 1 will be our primary Books. (not all of the contents would be used)

3. Usborne First Encyclopedia Series (a big Thank you to the sister who sent us these as gifts all the way from Canada)

4. Science in the Kitchen and other Science reading Books  (these books were also given by the sister in Doha)

4. Rainbow Resources Science Activity Sets - I must tell all of you about Rainbow Resources especially those of you who are in the US, check out their site and there are thousands of stuff  for homeschooling subhanallaah! I just wanted all!!! The price is reasonable too especially if there is no shipping cost (within US its free if its more than some amount) With another sister in Doha we got down some nice stuff a month ago. The Science Kits I have purchased would be helpful for us with our study Inshaa Allaah.

These are some of the fun stuff and science Kits that I ordered from Rainbow Resources. Maimoonah has not seen any of them yet except for the Lego, want to make it a surprise so that I can use many of these things as Fun activities while we do the work boxes Inshaa Allaah!

These are the two workbooks we will be using.

1. Daily Geography Practice Grade 1 ( the same sister gave me this book, even though its a little easy it is good as a revision, so we will start off with this book and continue with the next one)

2. Hayes Developing Map Skills Book 1

The following books will be used along the Primary and more years to come.

3. A Child's Introduction to the World: Geography, Cultures, and People - From the Grand Canyon to the Great Wall of China

4. The Everything Kids' Geography Book: From the Grand Canyon to the Great Barrier Reef - explore the world!

5. Geography from A to Z: A Picture Glossary (Trophy Picture Books)

6. The Geography Book: Activities for Exploring, Mapping, and Enjoying Your World

Fun Activities
These are some of the activities I plan to give her while using the Work Boxes this year Inshaa Allaah. Since I want her to get a bit serious with her work and finish things fast without dragging I presume Fun activities would motivate her to finish her work fast and do more work, Allaahu a'lam. Also this way all the resources I have can get used without lying inside cupboards!!

These are some stuff I got from Rainbow Resources and some that I had with me.

Straws and connectors
Round About
Boxed Loops
Brainteaser Puzzles
Toy Creator
Beads Fun
Wood Craft
Necklace Kit
Flower Light Catcher
Window Painting
Draw thumb things
Fabric Fun
Microscope Fun with a mini Microscope
Geoboard with Rubber Bands
Under Sea Play set
Car Town Play set
Knot Tying
Brian Tickling Activities
Fifteen Puzzles
Felt Scenes
Making Fruit Salad
Making Sandwiches
Invisible pen with Secret Messages
Making Glitter stickers
Play Dough
Science in the Kitchen Experiments

Book Report
Books we will be using are from the lovely books we got from Canada. Maimoonah can choose any of these books and write Book Reports during our break.( After every 6 weeks of work there will be a break of one week Inshaa Allaah)

Inshaa Allaah next look out for our Time Table!!!

Saturday 18 August 2012

Ramadhaan Activities 2012 - Days 28 - 30

So its Eid Tomorrow Inshaa Allaah, and Maimoonah is saying she wants some more Ramadhaan!!! Subhanallaah! So with this we have also completed the Ramadhaan Activity Pack for this year Alhamdulillaah!

Here are the last few activities that we did!

My Dua list!
she asked me to write clearly the Dua list so that she can make Dua!

Describing the Pictures!
This is what she wrote about the pictures!

Eid Decorations!
We made this little ornamanent and hung on our door!

Sunnaahs of Eid!
We read and discussed the Sunnahs to be done on the day of Eid and then asked her to write what she would do on the day of Eid Inshaa Allaah!

Then she also did this Card at a sisters gathering!

Then some Henna!


All ready for Eid now Inshaa Allaah! Allaah has blessed us to witness this Ramadhaan and we ask Him to accept our deeds and bless us with another Ramadhaan, Aameen!

This Ramadhaan has been very special for us as Maimoonah completed all the 30 fasts without any complaints Allaahu Baarik Lahaa and have been praying regularly 5 times a day and not missed any salaah from day 1 of Ramadhaan, and praying Taraaweh and Qiyaam as well Alhamdulillaah! Her Abi has been very pleased with her and showed her that he is indeed pleased with her too! May Allaah accept this from us and make her upright till the end, Aameen.

Jazzakumullaah Khayr for all of you who have been following our activities this Ramadhaan and leaving lovely comments and we hope you all enjoyed the Ramadhaan Activity Packs too and had a great Ramadhaan at your households Inshaa Allaah!

Have a wonderful Eid! Taqabbalallaahu Minna wa Minkum!

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Ramadhaan Activities 2012 - Days 21 - 27

We have been busy with the last 10 days thus this a late update on our Ramadhaan Activities so far.

Ramadhaan Charity Shop
She really really enjoyed this Alhamdulillaah. This Ramadhaan she has been very active in giving Charity and really loves doing it. And this activity was so much fun for her. We used the Ramadhaan Activity Pack Template and an old shoe box and made this Charity shop.

We used the Smart Ark Charity Shop Cards and filled the shop.

Then I asked her to write the price list. She wrote the items and the price. Then each one of us visited her shop and bought things and paid her. She wrote down the amount each customer paid. She added the price and told us the total we should pay her. You can see her here doing mathematics in her shop!

Ummi, Abi and Maimoonah visited her shop and bought things. And the shop was empty end of the day!

This was the collection end of the day and Inshaa Allaah she will put this in her small charity purse she made and give to a little girl who is in need Inshaa Allaah! 


Ramadhaan Around the World
She marked all the continents, oceans and the countries. Using the World fact book coloured the Muslim Countries on the map. She chose to write and Morocco and we found some interesting facts about Morocco and Ramadhaan and Eid there and recorded them. We looked at some pictures of the food and dress in Morocco during Eid and Ramadhaan.



A day of Fasting
We recorded the time and what she did.

Thanking Parents
We used the Darul Kitab Our Parents book. I told her to read on her own and then write all what her parents do for her and what she does for them.


Then she wrote this cute Thank You Note to her Abi!

Zakaatul Fitr
Explained the hadeeth and the reason that we give Zakaatul Fitr. We spoke about the items given as Zakaatul Fitr, the saa, the mudd and when it should be given. We used this link to know more about Zakaatul Fitr. Then she completed the activity.

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