Friday 20 May 2016

Baby Diary - Beautiful way of Bonding!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillaah it has been over a month now since little Ramlah arrived and she has been keeping us busy, Maashaa Allaah. 

Maimoonah started a cute Baby Diary, where she records all about her little sister Ramlah from day one. Since her birth itself was an adventure and a pleasant surprise for Maimoonah as she was able to witness it, she was eager to have a journal ready for Ramlah to read when she is grown up Inshaa Allaah with all her different phases of growth and memories recorded. Journalling in general is delightful.           I have always encouraged free writing and I do not interfere in her journalling and writings. Making mistakes is fine, in the sense that kids must be confident, in order to boost this confidence it is best not to edit or correct their journalling. It should always remain as an enjoyable activity which is stress free. Even a toddler will for sure love just a small folded book with pictures to paste and colour, inshaa Allaah.
At times I see Maimoonah reading her old journals with a smile on her face, which in fact brings back all of us lot of memories. She loves that we read her journals and feels happy in sharing her writings.

I usually read her journals while she is asleep and the whole house is quiet. Reading her entries with a cup of coffee makes me understand her feelings, her thoughts and her interests as well. This in turns gives me an opportunity to change certain ways within me in order to benefit her more. Plus it helps me evaluate her strengths and weaknesses in grammar, language and writing skills. No doubt this is far better than exams and worksheets to improve a child's skills. Inshaa Allaah will share more facts and ideas about journalling and how to get started in a separate post later. 

As for this baby diary, I noticed that she is writing with passion and love. She decorated the cover pages using some crafty ideas including origami, Popsicle sticks and stickers. I like the point that she remembered to put knowledge into action by beginning the diary with "Basmalah" knowing the reasons of starting something with it. (In the name of Allaah, in order to receive blessings and benefits - Learnt in Usooluth Thalaathah - The Three Fundamental Principles). 

Her introduction and the first chapter reflects that this baby diary is another means of beautiful bonding among the siblings. Maashaa Allaah! Maimoonah adores Ramlah. May Allaah bless both of them and increase their love for each other for His sake and protect them both. Aameen.


Inshaa Allaah Maimoonah will continue this diary and we hope Ramlah will appreciate her big sister's efforts in keeping a sweet diary full of her adventures for her to read when she is older. 
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