Sunday 30 May 2010

Nature Walk!

To continue our activities on plants we went on a nature walk. Our usual evening walk turned out to be a wonderful nature walk around our village masha Allaah.

We collected many leaves, flowers, different plants, dried plants, grass and soil and many more. She carefully stored all what she collected inside the bag.

Summer is coming to its peak and you can see how dry it is in this part of the world. One time these pots had beautiful plants and now this is how they look around the village..

But masha Allaah still you can see beautiful flowers like this too.... We did not have the heart to pluck them as they looked so nice and left them like that.

This is one of the famous palm trees that you see here.

We came back home an did a collage on a construction paper with all what we collected...

This is how it looked after it dried...

Allaah Created Plants

We are starting to explore a new topic Insha Allaah. All about plants. So here is what we have done so far.

We watched few power point presentations on "The Life Cycle of a Plant". For those of you who are interested please leave a comment with your email address and will send you the files Insha Allaah.

Then we printed this "How do Plants Grow" pictures and the mini book from here.

She coloured the pictures while we were having a chat about how Allaah has created plants and how perfect He is and going through the life cycle. After making the book we read together.

Then gave her some beans and asked her to take the seeds out (she likes doing these things with great interest). Then we wet the paper serviettes and places the beans in it to see how it sprouts Insha Allaah.

Then we did a small life cycle of a plant diagram on her environmental studies book. I gave a her bowl and asked her to hold the bowl and draw around it so that she can draw a beautiful circle and she did well Masha Allaah. Then I divided the circle and numbered and asked her to paste each picture in the order of the life cycle of the plant and here is what she did.

To make it a little bit more interesting I taught her some actions that will go along with these stages of the life cycle. For example asked her to make her fingers small and say seed, point to the ground and say soil, point the finger up and say sun, then with the hands show the sprout or plant blooming and so on. She was highly thrilled with these actions and I could see the whole day she was running about with these actions and teaching her stuffed toys the life cycle of the plants.

We will be continuing more activities on Plants Insha Allaah throughout the week.

Saturday 29 May 2010

At The Pool!

Maimoonah had her first experience in a swimming pool Masha Allaah. This is the swimming pool in our "Qariyah"..

When she came out of the pool she was shivering but wanted to go back again. She enjoyed it Masha Allaah!

Wednesday 26 May 2010


Lately Maimoonah is showing a lot of interest in worksheets! She likes to write and match! So she wanted me to help her doing these worsheets. I have stocked some books which I got from a book fair sometime ago for later use. She picked up this one and wanted to do...

Masha Allaah she could do things on her own when I read out the instructions. And she wanted to finish the whole book. I had to keep telling her that she is tired and we will do little by little...But she finished half of the book masha Allaah! I can see her pencil control is improving as she is able to write on dotted lines, even though its not perfect yet...

We had sticker fun too. Gave her the stickers and a sheet of paper and I asked her to do whatever she wants to do... She was like, "What Ummi?" she was a bit shocked I guess that I have given her full freedom to do whatever she wants to do, lol. So she made this... and was so proud of it and boasted to her Abi when he came back from work...

This is just for our record masha Allaah now she has memorized all the names including the surnames of the Ummahathul Mu'mineen, and the names of the Islaamic Months masha Allaah. Just reading it out aloud once or twice a day has indeed helped to achieve this by the grace of Allaah!


Maimoonah together with her Abi And Ummi has been having her fun time at the beach masha Allaah as it is summer here and the water is so nice masha Allaah! She enjoyed playing sand with her water bucket and spades for the first time on her own. Nobody to say don't touch sand, don't throw sand.. lol what a freedom she had masha Allaah!

She took her own cool time bringing water in her bucket and pouring on the sand, mixing it and making impressions....

She had a good time floating on the water with her Abi and thought she was swimming lol!

Sunday 16 May 2010

Together We Read!

We could not do more activities due to being sick Masha Allaah but we managed to re read the book "Pat Cat and Tat Rat" for this reading program initiated by sister Umm An Nu'man.

I chose this book so that I will be able to use the beneficial and interesting activities provided by our dear sister Umm An Nu'man. I wish we had a library here and could had the same book as you have read dear sis, Qadarallaah Masha Allaah. Any way Jazzakillaah Khayr for all the meterials especially the book on Abu Hurairah radhiyallaahu anhu.

So this is what we did.

Read the book "Pat Cat and Tat Rat". Then asked her to tell the story in her own words. And she did it well Masha Allaah. She identified some words she knows in print like cat, rat, jam etc.." and typed on yahoo messenger with correct spellings masha Allaah, few she was not sure asked me and re confirmed.

Asked her to do the actions that Cat and the Rat did in the story. Example "where did the Cat sit" Then she said "Cat sat on the mat like this"... and so on. She enjoyed this masha Allaah and did the actions with lot of laughter...

Then we used sis Umm An Nu'man's cat direction cards and practiced the Arabic terms. Then I asked her Ayna Qittun? and asked her to take one card and asked what does it say she said tahta then I asked her to show the action and she went under the table. We continued this game and had fun Masha Allaah.

Then we read the book about Abu Hurairah radhiyallu anhu. Explained to her who the sahabahs are and how we should try to imitate them. I also added something to it and explained to her how he got his title "Abu Hurairah". He got this title because as a youth he one day went out to look after the sheep and he got so pre-occupied playing was playing with a little kitten that he did not see that some of the sheep were being attacked, so his mother called him "Aboo Hurairah". This is story was very loving to her, she started laughing, Masha Allaah.

So our story ended there for now Alhamdulillaah!

Thursday 13 May 2010

Allaah Created Shapes..

Maimoonah is familiar with shapes Masha Allaah but she wanted a repetition so we did some activities on shapes. She knows the English as well as the Arabic Terms for shapes such as circle, square, triangle, oval, hexagon, pentagon, octagon, diamond, star, etc.

So we took a thick board used all the shapes and drew them on the board. Coloured each one of them while saying the names in both English and Arabic.

Then she matched the shapes accordingly. Then we went around the house looking for things that are having different shapes. She identified few things like ball, phone, cushion, door etc. This was fun for her masha Allaah.

While eating during our read aloud session I asked her to show the different shapes that she could see in the pictures of the book we were reading. She was quick to spot them and the latest is that she only names the shapes in Arabic lol. Refuses to mention the English terms. Sometimes I get confused with the Arabic names and I have to pause and think before I agree lol. Good learning process for me Masha Allaah!

Then we did a worksheet on shapes which we got from here We got her a pencil with a grip and she was proud to use it to draw shapes on the dotted lines.

We had a small shapes book in Arabic. So we went through that book while watching this

Another beautiful Introduction to shapes could be found here Insha Allaah.

Then we took this out and made it together. She was very quick to break though! But this taught her how to copy something I guess...

In the evening while going for a walk we looked for things with different shapes. She said the Sun is like Daairah, the roof is like muthallaathun, and so on and said Allaah created shapes and He is Al Khaaliq. Yes Indeed He is The Creator!

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