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iGCSE Islamic Studies Course - Cambridge Assessment and International Education

   بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillaah, I find it a blessing that Muslim children can take Islaamic Studies as an IGCSE subject to spend their learning time to learn their religion. 

Having gone through the syllabus and the past papers, and my teaching experience, I like the fact that the exam is focused on applying the concepts, which is something we desire for our children in learning their dheen. 

Therefore I would highly recommend aiming for Islamic Studies as a subject for IGCSE. Having prepared my own daughter for the Cambridge UK IGCSE Islamiyat which is the Islaamic Studies and also teaching the content for a few years I am pleased to help prepare your children for this exam in shaa Allaah. 

We are opening up registrations for a 2 year program for girls 13 years above. Students should have a good command of English and should be able to write essay type answers to some extent. 

The content is very in depth and covers a good amount of information. Therefore students should be ready to explore the topics in detail and complete assignments. This is a fully structured program and we are limiting the number of participants for this course. Therefore we ask you to register ONLY if you are serious and willing to commit to the full 2 year program In shaa Allaah.  Please see the details below.

What is IGCSE Islamiyat?

Is this a certified course?
The course is NOT certified. However the course is designed for you to get a certification from Cambridge Examination board if you sit for the exams and pass the exam. 

Where can I sit for the exams?
Cambridge offers Islamiyat exams in the following zones only. 

Zones, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
Enter your location on the following link and check if your location falls under any of the above zones mentioned. If your location is not from any of the zones provided here then you need to travel to a zone that offers this opportunity.

Who can register for this course?
Girls ages 13 and above.

Is this course only for homeschooling students?
No. It is for any student from around the world.

Can anyone over 20 register?
Yes, if you want to learn and you are a learning for the purpose of gaining knowledge you can register even if you are 50. However, the course is catered to students who are ages 13 - 18.

Can revert new Muslim sisters join?
Yes, you can, It would help you understand the history of Islaam and the Islamic law from the basic. 

Can boys join?

Can I take this course as a self paced course?
Yes you can. 

Can boys take this course as a self paced course?

I do not live in the UK, Can I still join?
Yes you can. This is a course for international students.

I do not live in the UK. Can I sit for the exams?
This depends on your location. You can check here if your location offers this opportunity. Check your Zone Link  (If you are from any one of this zones and you can find a centre that offers this subject, then you can sit for the exam. Zones, 2, 3, 4 and 5.)

When are the exams held?
Cambridge Exams are held in May/June and October/November each year. 

I do not want to sit for the exams. Can I still join?
Yes you can. 

Can teachers register to learn how to teach and conduct classes?
No. This is not a teacher training program.

Can I register for one year only?
Yes you can, but we prefer a 2 year commitment.

Can I register for one month or few months?

How many classes per year?
40 classes per year.

How many hours per class?
2 hours.

Will you provide study materials and textbooks?
Yes we will provide all digital textbooks and study materials.

Are the textbooks and study materials from Cambridge UK?
No. As there are questionable Islamic issues in the textbooks endorsed by Cambridge, we have created our own Nurture Islaam materials from the books of the scholars and got them reviewed by students of knowledge. However, the content topics are in line with Cambridge syllabus. 

Will I have to buy anything extra such as past papers and exam prep materials?
No. We will provide the past papers and all additional materials needed.

Will you fill in the Cambridge Examination forms for the exam?
No. We will not undertake any such services. It is your responsibility to find your exam centre and arrange with them directly.

Will you find a exam centre for me?

Will you provide guidance to apply and sit for the Cambridge exams?
Yes. We can provide guidance. 

Will you mark assignments?
Yes. And feedback will be provided for each assignment every week. 

What will be the case if I do not submit assignments?
No feedback will be given.

Can I submit assignments after the deadline?
You can but we will not guarantee marking and sending feedback.

Will there be mock exams?
Yes we will have mock exams at least once a year.

What are the topics covered?
First Year
40 Live Online Lessons Via Zoom covering the following topics
📌The History and Importance of the Quraan
📌Major Themes of the Quraan - Covers Tafseer of Selected Soorahs and Aayahs
📌History and Importance of Hadeeth
📌Major Teachings in the Hadeeth which includes 21 Hadeeth study from Imaam Nawawi's 40 Hadeeth
📌The Life of The Messenger of Allaah - Seerah Life to Death 

Second Year
40 Live Online Lessons Via Zoom covering the following topics
📌The First Muslim Community (Includes Biography of the Sahaabah)
📌The Four Rightly Guided Khalifahs and their Rule
📌The Pillars of Eemaan
📌The Pillars of Islaam

How will the live classes be conducted?
In Zoom.

Will there be recordings?

For how long can I access the recordings?
2 Years.

What are the course days and times?
Course Days: Sundays. 
Course Time: 4.30pm to 6.30pm KSA/Qatar Time.

When will the course start?
Sunday, 12th of  November 2023 In shaa Allaah.

Will there be breaks for Ramadhaan and Eid?
Yes there will be breaks, however we will ensure 40 sessions are covered per year In shaa Allaah.

Should students be on camera?

What is the cost?
$499 (USD) for a year (40 classes 2 hours a session) per student.

Can the fee be paid in installment?
Yes. We can provide three installments, however first preference will be given to those who opt to pay the full year payment and once we reach the full capacity we will consider those who opted for installments. 

Will there be a sibling discount?
Yes. There will be a 10% sibling discount for the full payment ONLY. 

Does the course fee include exam fee?

Will there be a portal for materials and links?
Yes. We will use the Google Classroom.

Will there be a support group?
Yes there will be a study group for the students, in Telegram.

How do I pay?
Payment is done via Paypal or Card Payment. Upon approval of your registration the payment link will be emailed. 

How can I register?
We hope we have provided all details. 

❓ Inquiries     


💬Or Whatsapp/Telegram +974 66132058

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