Sunday 11 April 2021

Your Road Map to IGCSE - Online Information Course for Mums of Kids ages 5 - 14

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم


Alhamdulillaah, we are pleased to announce the much-awaited online information course for Mums of children ages 5 - 14 which we hope will aid them to understand the regular question I get asked even from some mums who have PreK level children, "What is IGCSE and how do we get prepared for it?"

To answer all questions in a structured manner and in order to make accessible all resources in an organized manner we have planned an information course on IGCSE and how to lay the foundation for it from the primary level if you are to take that route for your children. 

With many uncertainties and challenges facing today IGCSE/GCSE parents and students are frustrated and mentally drained to complete these exams which is the minimum qualification that is asked for any higher studies or vocational studies. Therefore this information course is not only for homeschooling mums but also for any mum who is playing a supporting role in the education of their children Inshaa Allaah.  Details below.

Nurture Islaam Online Course for Mums

Your Road Map to IGCSE

A Comprehensive Information Online Course & Mentoring Sessions

You may choose to sign up for the $55 (Course Only) or for $99 (Course and Mentoring Sessions)

When is the Course? - LIVE COURSE COMPLETED - Can be accessed via recordings. 

The Live classes are scheduled for Tuesdays 1st, 8th, 15th and 22nd June 2021, the time would be 4pm to 6pm KSA/Qatar Time. 

Inshaa Allaah the Mentoring Sessions (For $99) will include 2 more live meetings and dates will be as per the convenience of the participants. 

If the timings are not suitable you can sign up and access the recordings of the live classes. 

Online 24/7 accessible classroom will be opened from the 25th of May 2021 Inshaa Allaah. 

What is the Cost?


USD 55 per participant (exclusive of Payoneer service charges) 

This option is suitable for mums who have children ages 5 - 10  so that you will benefit from laying the foundation towards IGCSE from primary levels. 


USD 99 per participant (exclusive of Payoneer service charges) 

This option is suitable for mums who have children ages 11 - 14 so that you will benefit from drawing up a personalised road map as per your situation to work through immediately. 

The Information course and Mentoring Sessions cost is USD 99 per participant for the full 6 weeks. 

Please note, if you want to take this option, the numbers are limited, so please note it will be on a first come first serve basis due to time constraints. So make sure to sign up early. 

The payment is paid in full before the 20th of May 2021 via Payoneer using Master/Visa Card. ( The payment link will be sent and you can use the Master/Visa Card and complete payment.)

Who is the Instructor?

The Instructor is Umm Maimoonah as usual. And what qualifications and experience I possess in order to facilitate this course? Alhamdulillaah you can see below. 

  • 25 years of experience in education.
  • 12 years of aliasing and working directly with British Council, Cambridge UK and Edexcel Pearson UK exam boards and sending children for IGCSE exams while working as an Administrator/Secretary/Accountant/ Finance Manager in an International School. 
  • 12 Years of Homeschooling
  • Preparing my daughter who is 13 years old now to sit for the IGCSE exams while residing in the Gulf. 
  • Laying the foundation for my children from primary levels to reach IGCSE level for the past 12 years as a home educator. 
  • Successfully completed over one thousand online teaching sessions.
  • Successfully delivered and designed over 200 online courses for children and adults. 
  • Four years of online teaching experience
  • Managing over 1000 online students/participants annually.
  • Managing two hundred online students simultaneously which includes teaching, creating content, delivering and correcting with individual feedback. 
  • Cambridge UK certified Mentor and Coach for Teachers
  • Open University UK Certificate Courses - Education
  • Online Teacher and Instructor Everyday Ibaadah Academy
  • Digital Content Developer for Children and Teens

What will the information course cover?

  • Understanding the UK International Qualifications
  • Understanding IGCSE 
  • Why IGCSE?
  • Knowing the IGCSE Exams Boards
  • Laying the Foundation for IGCSE from Primary Level
  • Guidance to make your Road Map to IGCSE (International Students)
  • Your Road Map to IGCSE in the Gulf and the Asian Countries
  • Your Road Map to IGCSE as a homeschooling or private student
  • Available Resources for Primary and Secondary to reach IGCSE
  • IGCSE Subjects Information and Selection 
  • IGCSE Programs and Resources for  Core Subject
  • IGCSE - Islaamic Studies Information and Programs
  • IGCSE - Arabic Information and Programs
  • Questions and Answers

What will you get?  -   Option 1 - Cost $55

 (Suitable for Mums of Kids Ages 5 - 10)

  • 4 Live information sessions (2 hours each) - Live classes are completed but you can now get the recordings. 
  • Digital in-depth notes
  • Checklist to work on your Road Map
  • Guidance to prepare your own roadmap to IGCSE from the primary level
  • Online classroom with all resources and links listed
  • Recommendation of resources textbooks with a review of the books used by us from primary to IGCSE
  • Recommendation of various primary/secondary and IGCSE programs available for international students
  • Guidance to integrate Islaam into the primary and secondary subjects towards your road map to IGCSE.
  • The IGCSE exam procedures for international Students (Especially for Gulf and Asian Countries)
  • IGCSE Past Papers - How to do download and how to alias with your local British Council or exam centres. 

What will you get?  -  Option 2 - Cost $99 

(Suitable for Mums who are having kids ready for IGCSE (Ages 11 - 14)

  • All of the above and
  • One mentoring and consulting group session to help you to make your own IGCSE Road Map 
  • IGCSE Road Map Plan for sitting the exams
  • One private one to one session to give you personal consultation in helping you to make your own IGCSE Road Map. 
  • Recommendation of IGCSE resources and programs in details for core subjects
  • Special IGCSE and higher studies list of resources to be referred anytime 

How to Sign up?

Email - or Whatsapp/Telegram -  +974 66132058

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