Wednesday 29 September 2010

Water Cycle

As part of our Pre School Curriculum we did water cycle.

We coloured and pasted the water cycle on the Environmental studies book.

Then we watched a power point presentation on water cycle. Explained to her how this cycle happens with the permission of Allaah and He is in control of all the things and only Allaah sends down rain to us.

Then we read the story of Drippy online here

Then we also did a water cycle wheel which could be downloaded here Insha Allaah!

We did a small experiment to understand water cycle. This was easy and she really understood the theory masha Allaah. Details of the experiment could be found here Insha Allaah. Here is what we did.

Poured bit of water on to a small dish, and gave her a cotton ball to hold in the hand and said imagine the dish is a river and the cotton ball is the cloud.

Then asked her to slowly place the cotton ball in the dish and asked her to observe.

Then she told me all the water has been sucked up by the cotton ball, here I explained due to heat of the sun the water from the river evaporates and goes up to the cloud. I asked her to hold the cotton ball and we saw the the water dripping! Then explained to her when the cloud cannot hold the water then the water drips and she said ah that's rain! Then she squeezed the cotton ball and was so happy and was saying see rain Ummi!

Later during the day I heard her telling her bunny "When the cloud cannot hold the water it comes down as rain bunny!"

Monday 27 September 2010

Asmaaul Husna - Names and Attributes of Allaah

So here is the detail post of how we intend learning the Names and Attributes of Allaah, Insha Allaah.

I want Maimoonah to know the 99 Names of Allaah , but I do not want her to just memorize only instead I want her to Know the meanings of them and use it in her day to day life Insha Allaah. And always ask Allaah by His Most Beautiful Names and get her Duaas answered Insha Allaah and develop the love her Lord. Indeed the more you know your Lord the more you will Love Him.

That was the main reason that I included this in the Preschool curriculum.

So we took a botany book and on the first page we pasted the Hadeeth on Whoever knows the 99 names of Allaah and preserves them will enter Jannaah" and on the next page the Aayahs from Soorah Hashr that talks about some of the names of Allaah. I want her to memorize that Aayah Insha Allaah as time goes on. She already knows the Hadeeth with the meaning masha Allaah.

I got her involved in doing this book and she was more than happy to help me.

Then we pasted the Names of Allaah on one side of the book with its meaning and on the other side I write the explanation. I can just take a print out and paste it there, but I want her to see me writing so that she would also want to write, seeing makes a big difference.

Then we paste some pictures related to that attribute. Then I just explain to her a situation in which she could use this Name, in a kind of a small story format. For example to emphasis the Attribute "The Protector" I tell her a small story where a kid gets scared of something and asks Allaah "O Allaah You Al Haafidh, The Protector, so protect me", then Allaah protects the kid and he is safe. So I can see her applying this in her daily life. This way children get to know their Lord and Insha Allaah eventually will develop the Mahabbaah towards their Rabb. Also you can do some activities such as colouring, cutting and pasting. For Example we did "Al Ilaah - The One who Deserves to be worshiped". We pasted these pictures and she was colouring while I was talking about Tawheed and worshiping Allaah alone.

One another beneficial thing about this is that I get to introduce Arabic reading too just like I do the English. She would be able to recognize the Arabic letters and words too Insha Allaah.

So far we have done about 4 names and will keep you posted as we go one Insha Allaah in our summary posts. Here are the other two Names..

The Names of Allaah Cards could be downloaded here Insha Allaah. Jazzakillaah Khayr again to our sister Umm An Nu'man for helping me through out!

Thursday 23 September 2010

Summary - Week 1 - Who is Allaah?

Alhamdulillaah! We have successfully completed the 1st week of our curriculum! And here is the summary Insha Allaah!

We read Usooluth Thalaathah and the Aqeedah book for children and practiced the Arabic "Man Rabbuki?" "Rabbee Allaah". Maimoonah loves these two books and she really likes when I read the proofs from the Quraan and she tries to catch them fast Masha Allaah. The Aqeedah book done by our Brother Moosa Richardson is really catchy, because it has some questioned to be asked at the end of each lesson and all answers are mostly yes or no. I make it kind of an activity where she stands in one place and listens to the questions carefully and answers, inbetween I ask her to jump 5 times, run from here to there and give her instructions in Arabic, this way she will not get bored Insha Allaah.

Asmaaul Husna

We learnt about the name "Allaah". I will post in detail what actually I intend doing with Asmaaul husna on another post Insha Allaah.

Masha Allaah she could read this on her own.

We practiced reading with new words and sentences about Allaah and His creations.

And she read these two books to me on her own..

We have borrowed a couple of Noddy books from my cousin and she absolutely loves them. And these are the books she wanted me to read to her this week. Hope to get her more Noddy books Insha Allaah!

We did a pre writing activity book.
We have been learning to write letters "A, L, l, H,laam and alif". Writing is progressing well masha Allaah!

Making Words
She really loved this. I was surprised, she could remember the spellings of most of the words masha Allaah. I also made her fill in the missing letters of the word. She did well in that too. We made a sentence to go along with our theme. She was insisting that she needs a capital A for Allaah, but we have only the lower case letters so I told her Insha Allaah will get her the upper case letters soon.

I insist on cleaning up after each activity.. you can see her doing that : )

Montessori Activities

Using the Tweezers

Cleaning up..

Lacing and using the needle

We wanted to paint the name "Allaah" but her Abi was supposed to introduce paint brush painting to her and due his schedules we had to postpone that so instead we made this and she really enjoyed this activity.. a small book of A for her..

She wrote the letter "A" and we wrote some of the words starting with the letter "A". and checked her encyclopedia and 1001 words book index pages to get some words starting with the letter "A" and made this.

After I finished writing she suddenly said "Ummi A is for Abdullaah" (that's her father's name), write that also and write I love him". So we wrote that on the last page of her book.

Getting ready for week 2 Insha Allaah!

Sunday 19 September 2010

Time Table - 2010/2011

Time Table

Sunday to Thursday

Qur'aan Memorization

Pre School Curriculum / Prophets Sent by Allaah

I read to her

She Reads to me

MEP - Maths

Writing - English

Writing - Arabic

Montessori Activities

Reading Quraan/ Arabic (Iqra Books)

Play at the Park

Friday & Saturday

Qur'aan Memorization

Out Door activities


Cooking with Ummi / Sewing

Thursday 16 September 2010

Islaam is my Life Free Pre School curriculum Weeks 1 - 22

Planning and organizing for this Ramadhaan made things easy for me and was indeed productive. So I decided to get a bit organized with regard to home schooling Maimoonah. She is 3 years now and picking up things fast. So I have decided to follow the Pre School Curriculum guide put out some time back by our dear sister Umm Ibraaheem at

I have just adjusted and elaborated according to the ability of my Daughter and our schedules. Jazzakillaah Khayr sister Umm Ibraahim. Sis Umm Ibraaheem has made this for 27 weeks. I am hoping to plan the curriculum for 6 weeks, then take a break and plan for the next 6 weeks Insha Allaah. I have done for the first 22 weeks and I am making it available for those who want to download it here Insha Allaah. All are welcome to make changes and use this according to your needs Insha Allaah and it will be appreciated if you could share with us your modifications and ideas and constructive criticisms and advise Insha Allaah.

The Reading Program I use is “Teach you baby to Read by Glenn Doman”.
Usooluth Thalaathah for kids 
Aqeedah by Brother Moosa Richardson could be downloaded here
Asmaaul Husna Scrapbook based upon these Insha Allaah  and the Arabic words of the names of Allaah and their meanings could be downloaded here
The Encyclopedia I use is Facts finder My Ist A –Z an Encyclopedia for the younger Reader.
We will be using MEP for mathematics and will be also learning other things not mentioned in the curriculum such as the "Prophets sent by Allaah", "Companions of the Prophets", memorizing soorahs, duas etc etc Insha Allaah. Will be posting our time table soon Insha Allaah.
Hope and pray others benefit from this too Insha Allaah!

We are hoping to start this Insha Allaah by next week and will keep you posted on our progress Insha Allaah! May Allaah accept this effort and grant us Khayr in this world and the hereafter, Aameen.

I sincerely thank sis Umm Ibraheem at Talibiddeenjr, sis Umm An Nu'man at A Muslim Child is Born, sis Shafeeka and sis Nazrath (both are my dear friends) and all those whose names I do not know but has helped me with this curriculum in some way! May Allaah reward all of you and make this a source of good in this world and the hereafter, Aameen.

Monday 13 September 2010

Eid Day!

Alhamdulillaah this was our first eid away from home and Eid in a Muslim Land! So how did it go! Maimoonah woke up early had a bath and wore her clothes.. Here she is before going to the Musallah..

We went to football statiduim close by. We realy really missed the Musallaa back at home, especially the poeple and all the hugs and greeting. We did not know anyone at this musallah, qadarallaah masha Allaah. Maimoonah would have loved to meet all the people back at home..

We prayed, listened to the Khutbah and Maimoonah greeted he Abi and Ummi saying "Taqabballaahu minni wa minkum". We had a glimpse of the football stadium inside!

We had our guests spend the day with us. Maimoonah was thrilled to have her little friend Juwi, and Aunties shafi and she.. Together we had lunch and in the evening we had a surprize. Village had got bouncers and children were having fun masha Allaah. Kids really enjoyed!

We had some sweets tooo..

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