Friday 30 September 2011

Kindergarten Curriculum Lesson Plan - 2011/2012 - Week 4

Kindergarten Curriculum Lesson Plan - 2011/2012 - Week 4

Islaamic Studies

1.      Pillars of Islaam – Explain the 5 pillars of Islaam using the well known Hadeeth of Jibreel alaihisslaam. Use the TJ Poster and display and learn all 5 pillars.
3.       Worksheet for 5 Pillars TJ (link above)
·         Shahadah – word by word, learn Arabic and English meaning
·         Conditions of Shahahadah

·         Times of salaah
·         Number of Rakaah for all 5 salaah
·         Salaah Positions
·         Introduction to Adhkaar recited in Salaah

English Language
Jolly Phonics – Worksheets – G, O, U, L
1.       English Grammar – Prepositions
2.       Spelling
3.       Comprehension
4.       Vocabulary –  Aggressive, polite, rare
5.       Writing

Social Studies/Science
1.       Living things and Non Living Things. Explain to the child all of this was created by Allaah. Lesson plan for this:
2.       Air/
3.       Wind

Maths – MEP

Arabic – Madeenah Bk, Gateway to Arabic, Iqra

Thursday 29 September 2011

Kindergarten Curriculum Summary - Week 3

Islaamic Studies
  • Tawheed Al Asmaa Was Sifaat - This is the last part of the first Topic on our SK Islaamic Curriculum. We learnt the definition of Tawheed Al Asmaa was Sifaat and the important things to know about it like we know the Names and Attributes of Allaah only as mentioned in the Qur'aan and Sunnaah and none of the Names and Attributes of Allaah are like His creations. She completed the worksheet on Tawheed Al Asmaa was Sifaat and we revised Asmaaul Husnah as well!

We learnt that knowing Allaah's Names and Atrributes make us know Allaah more and love Him more and make us worship Him better and we need to learn His Names so that we can call upon Him using His beautiful Names.

These worksheets are available for download and please check the Week 3 curriculum Lesson plan post to get the links Insha Allaah. Maimoonah loves these worksheets and all of the questions she reads independently and answers them. She is really interested on multiple choice questions and loves to find out what are the wrong things I have written so that she can spot them : ) and this gives her a good comprehension of the topic itself. Apart from the worksheets I also write certain activities like draw and match on her book. Masha Allaah so far she enjoys Islaamic Studies. I feel she likes this mostly because it is of an advanced standard for her as she has now passed the age of answering questions like, "Who created you, who created the angels and etc etc which makes it boring for her. But finding out which Tawheed is it and what examples are wrong and write is fun for her. If I ask her "Allaah gives life and death", which Tawheed is this she will tell "It is Ruboobiyyah". So this is fun for her thus she is interested and loves to continue to do the activities.

We also reviewed the whole 3 weeks work on Tawheed and its categories. You got to keep it going or as usual kids forget, so best is you have to make it relevant in your daily life very frequently and as you know that should be our approach in teaching kids Islaamic Studies. So I am very satisfied with this Curriculum so far Alhamdulillaah.

English Language
  • Jolly Phonics - We did these letters and sounds
  • Grammar - We learnt about Opposites this week and masha Allaah it went well. We did not have the Little Grammar Book on this and had only the work book so I used this little book instead for understanding and reading.

  • Spelling and Vocabulary - This Week for spelling she wanted to learn how to spell my name and how to spell Qatar. So we learnt both and along with that asked her to write the words we did last week on the board. Also I asked her to write small sentences using the words she knew to spell. So she wrote "I am Maimoonah and the surname", "I live in Qatar", etc etc. For vocabulary we used this Dictionary and I taught her to look up a word and its meaning in a Dictionary. I am glad I chose this one as it is very colourful and the letters are pretty big and interests the child.


 We learnt the meanings of the words Disaster, evidence and innovations. I am purposely including words that are commonly used to understand Islaam as I feel this would benefit her Insha Allaah. So when I give examples for these I make sure I include the shariah examples like what is the evidence for saying Allaah is above the heavens and Bid'ah is an innovation made something new by people and it will never be accepted as Ibaadah by Allaah. We also review the previously learnt vocabulary words.

We did MEP the other two chapters. But she has still not got the concept of how many more to make 10 or 8 etc etc. Any way after speaking to sis Umm Sara I knew this book is meant for 5 and 6 year olds and as time goes by she will catch it Insha Allaah!


Another concern I am having is that I am finding it difficult to teach Maimoonah the concept of additions with equations. She can tell me a small problem solution like 3 girls were playing another girl came and joined now how many girls are there she would tell the answer, but if I ask her 3+1 is how much she would not tell instead she will guess. So this concerns me a lot as I feel she is a fast visual learner if I had done Glenn Domans method for maths just like I did with her for reading she would have done well Qadarallaah Masha Allaah. Now that she is 4 years sometimes Glenn Doman's method will not work so effectively. Any way I thought I will try something. So I gave her some beads and some equations to find the answer.

I would not say it worked well but as time goes on it will Insha Allaah. Meanwhile I also tried the Glenn Doman's method of writing small equations on the board. Instead of flashing I write as it works just as flashing for Maimoonah. This writing and flashing is fun for her and I think she is liking it. So any way I will continue all methods and see how it goes Insha Allaah! 
One thing she caught well is that she knows anything plus zero is that number!

Social Studies/Science
  • Long and Short - We did the Smart Science workbook and measured some things using the ruler. She learnt how to mesure using the ruler this time. We recorded the measurements of few items and identified which item is longer. She also showed me things that are long and short. 

She went around the house and collected some long and short items.

  • Hard/Soft and Rough/Smooth - Along with the work book activities, I gave her a bag full of things and asked her to pick and describe if that was hard or soft or rough or smooth. She really liked this even though we have done this in our Pre school.

Then I gave her certain things and she used crayons and made this small Rough and Smooth Book. This was an interesting activity for her.



She also used clay and made rough surfaces. 

  • Light and Heavy - We did the work book and I explained to her one activity that has with the see- saw to find out who is light and heavy. This was nice and she also had this book about a baby elephant wanted to go up on the see saw but finds it hard to do it even though many animals are on the otherside. So we read that book also and understood the concept.

And then with the same concept we made a small scale with cardboard, string and pencil and learnt how to weigh. 


We also read the book of Shuaib alaihissalaam as it was very much relevant to the scale. I explained how the people of Madyan cheated.


  • Wet and Dry - After completing the work book we did few activities.

 I gave her a cup of water and asked her to mark the water level, then asked her to soak the sponge and take it out and check the water level again.

Then asked her to wear the rubber gloves and put the hand in the water and she said she felt wet even though there was no water in her hands after removing the gloves.

Then we did some bubble painting to give it a little art effect lol!


We have completed Smart Start Science Book 1 now.

  • Gateway to Arabic - We learnt the different forms of letters and she wrote ا. 


  • Book of Opposites - Since we did Opposites for English Grammar we also went through the Arabic First Book on Book of Opposites.

  • Madeenah Reader - We did not do any new chapter on Madeenah book but revised the last week lessons.

Monday 26 September 2011

Sewing Saturday - Pin Cushion

So this Saturday we did another small project. Now that Maimoonah knows the running or straight stitch, I took out one of her old nappies and cut out a small piece and put dots on all the sides and asked her to stitch the running stitches along the dots. 

Masha Allaah she threaded the needle on her own and I knotted it and she did this so independently without my help. Putting dots and having the nappy material which is very soft and easy to sew was a good move. I have to get some sewing supplies so until then I am using whatever is available in the house thus I used this old nappy : )


Then we used fabric paint and she drew this flower.

 After it dried she ironed it for it to pop up. The paint was not enough I think and it did not make a big difference.
This is the first time in her life she has used the iron!

Any way then we stuffed the wool and stitched.

This is how it looks after completing.

I would not call it a great project, but she really loved the process and the final product, she actually wanted that to be a her small pillow. So I said we will make a pillow later on Insha Allaah!

She also stitched this embroidery card from the pack the sister sent her as a gift. She chose the colour of the thread and insisted on it, so I hope you can see the stitches Insha Allaah!

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