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Raising Confident and Responsible Learners - Mums Course


 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

This Course can be taken as a Self Paced Course Now

Educational experts and curriculum developers say, "Learning needs to engage and challenge the learner’s thinking so that they are made to think hard. Every learner brings knowledge, understanding and learning habits to the learning process. These need to be recognised and positively challenged for learning to occur." (Cambridge UK)

Therefore, it comes back to the first school - the mother to raise confident and responsible children in order to make them learn and love that learning and to apply their learning. And that's exactly our mothers from our rich lsamic history did and produced shining stars to illuminate this Ummah. 

We are familiar and we know that we need to raise confident and responsible learners, but how many of us truly understand how to make learning challenging? How to trigger the curiosity and how to make them innovative in thinking and doing? 

Join me for a 4 weeks course where we dive deep into exploring the in depth details of learner qualities and how you can make them acquire those qualities in order for them to be confident and responsible learners in shaa Allaah. 

You will explore;  
  • 📌How to facilitate your child to work with information and ideas?
  • 📌How to make your children look at things differently?
  • 📌How to nurture them to be responsive and respectful?
  • 📌How can you make your child understand himself as a learner?
  • 📌How to make learning an object of attention and reflection?
  • How should you pose your questions to trigger creativity?
  • 📌How to incorporate qualities of confidence and responsibility into the curriculum your children use?
  • 📌The impacts of well being and stress on confident and responsible learning
  • and much more..

Who can join this course?

  • Mums of all ages
  • Mums to be
  • Sisters who are not married but wish to learn
  • Female Teachers

Who is the Instructor?

The Instructor is Umm Maimoonah as usual. And what qualifications and experience I possess in order to facilitate this workshop? Alhamdulillaah you can see below. 

  • 30 years of experience in education.
  • Post Graduate in Education Leadership and Management (Completion in December In shaa Allaah)
  • Successfully completed over two thousand online teaching sessions.
  • Successfully delivered and designed over 500 online courses for children and adults. 
  • Six years of online teaching experience
  • Managing over 1000 online students/participants annually.
  • Managing three hundred online students simultaneously which includes teaching, creating content, delivering and correcting with individual feedback. 
  • The University of Cambridge UK certification - Cambridge Primary combined - English (0058), Science (0097), Mathematics (0096)
  • The University of Cambridge UK certified Mentor and Coach for Teachers
  • University of Cambridge Certification for Active Learning 
  • Open University UK Certificate Course - Teaching Online and Best Practices
  • The University of New South Wales certification for Learning to Teach Online 
  • Online Teacher and Instructor Everyday Ibaadah Academy
  • Digital Content Developer for Children and Teens

When is the Course? 

Dates: Thursdays 1st to 22nd December 2022

Time: 5pm - 6.30pm KSA/Qatar Time 

Live Sessions are complete. Can be taken as self paced. 

What is the Cost?

The full course cost is USD 55 per participant for the full 4 weeks. 

How to Sign up?

Sign up by clicking 
here 👇


Email - or Whatsapp/Telegram -  +974 66132058 

Fall Online Courses - Pillars of Islaam & Cave Companions

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillaah, we are pleased to announce Nurture Islaam Online Courses starting this fall in shaa Allaah. Details below.

Pillars of Islaam - 3 Months Course - Ages 6 - 11

The full course is designed with young children in mind, which means all concepts are taught in a child friendly manner with interactive activities. Loads of hands on activities are included to keep the little ones away from the screen. The digital workbooks are printable books with variety of stress free activities to enhance critical thinking skills. Projects are designed to ensure application of knowledge into their daily lives. Alhamdulillaah, we are yet to see such a comprehensive activity based course and content. A course not be missed. Check the details below and sign up. The course comes with access to recordings so your learners will not be missing anything in case the missed the live classes, In shaa Allaah. 

🔊 Nurture Islaam Online Course      
12 Weeks (3 Months) Course!     
🌻 Pillars of Islaam
🔖Based on Important Lessons for Every Muslim by Shaykh bin Baaz 
🌻🌷 Girls and Boys Ages 6 - 11 with their Mums      
12 Weeks     
12 Classes        
Every Saturday, beginning 19th November 2022 to 4th February 2023  In shaa Allaah 
Time: 5 pm to 6.30 pm KSA/Qatar Time   
Cost: USD 38 Per Child per month  
(Inclusive of all Digital Workbooks) 
(Those who have already purchased the workbook will be entitled to a discount) 
Payment can also be made in full. ($114 full course fee)   
Topics Covered   
📌 What is Islaam?
📌 Introduction to the Pillars of Islaam with Proofs
📌 The First Pillar - The Testimony
📌 The Second Pillar - Establishing the Prayer
📌 The Third Pillar - Obligatory Charity 
📌 The Fourth Pillar - Obligatory Fasting
📌 The Fifth Pillar - Pilgrimage to Makkah
📌 Pillars of Islaam in a Muslim's Life

📷 Live and Interactive, Engaging Activities, Projects, and Quizzes. 
🖥️ Online Interactive Assessments

✅ Contents checked by the daughter of brother Taalib Abdullaah and reviewed by Ustaad Mustafa George  
📝 Registrations     
(Please register ONLY after you have decided to enroll - No cancellations after you fill in the registration form)
📧 Email -    
💬 Whatsapp/ Telegram -  +974 66132058 

Cave Companions - Lessons for the Youth - Ages 12 - 18 (Girls Only)

Shaykh al-Fawzaan mentioned at the beginning of his treatise:

"There is no doubt that the youth of the ummāh are the foundation of the human building upon which this ummāh is established. So the youth of this ummāh are the younger generation that will carry the responsibility after their fathers have passed away, and the youth have within them the bodily strength, the thinking, the talents, skills and the attitudes that are new (meaning they are relevant for this era) that are not present in the elder people. The elder folk have wisdom and experience whilst the youth have strength, preparedness and readiness. So if the youth and the elders were to work together for the advancement of the ummāh much good will be achieved. However if the youth went their own separate way (away from their elders), then the devils from the humans and the jinn will come in between them and cause mischief. So the sidelining of the youth towards other less important pastimes and goals is not correct and it is harmful to the ummāh". (Source -

This upcoming course for the young girls to boost their Eeman from the excellent story of the cave companions. We will also include growth mindset, reflection and case study application activities along with thinking routines to make sure they grasp the understanding and implement what they have learnt. In shaa Allaah. Details below, please read and sign up. 

Additionally sisters are welcome to sign up and benefit for themselves too even if they do not have older teens. Baarakallaah Feekum. 

📣 Nurture Islaam Online Course  

🌻 For Girls Ages 12 - 18  

  📚Lessons for the Youth from the Story of the Cave Companions 

  📌Based on the Explanation of Tafseer of Ibn Katheer and other Authentic Sources


1 Month Course 

4 Classes  

Live and Interactive with Access to Recordings  


🔎Topics Covered  

🌺The Story 

🌻Who were the Cave Companions?

🌴What is Kahf & What is Raqeem?

🌺Wonder from the Wonders of Allaah

🪴Benefits  and Lessons to the Youth

💐 Young People Clinging to the Truth in Challenging Times

🕌 Holding on to their Islamic Identity 

🌱Overcoming Challenges as Youth 

🥀Reflective Thinking Activities 

🌸Case Study Discussion 

And much more..

✅ Contents checked by students of knowledge

🗓Dates: Sundays, November 20th to December 11th 2022 In shaa Allaah  

  🕓Time: 5 pm to 6.30 pm KSA/Qatar Time  

  💰Cost: $45 Per Child (Full Course) 

(Inclusive of all Digital Study Guide and Workbooks)  



 (Please register ONLY after you have decided to enroll - No cancellations after you fill in the registration form)




Or Whatsapp/Telegram +974 66132058

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