Tuesday 23 September 2014

The Best Ten Days of the Year - Dhul Hijjah Lapbook!

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillaah! With the permission of sister Umm Ibraheem we managed to re do her The First Ten Days of Dhul Hijjah with some additions such as the inclusion of why the ten days are special. Also with the permission of sister Umm Safiyyah Madeehah bint Nafees we included her well written story of Umm Ismaaeel and her little boy as a mini book to go with the lapbook. All these materials were used at the recently concluded "The Merits of the First ten days of Dhul Hijjah" workshop here in Doha along with the Stories put onto Slideshows to make it interesting for the kids.

You can download the Lapbook and the Mini Books by clicking the links below.

The Cover page could be decorated by the children.

The Calendar page could be filled after the sighting of the Dhul Hijjah crescent and all activities on the Calendar could be done thereafter.

The next page includes a Saudi Arabia Map and a picture of the Ka'bah for colouring (The Kabah picture was taken from www.smartark.com with permission of sister Fehmida) and a short description about what is Dhul Hijjah.

The "Why are the first 10 days of Dhul Hijjah Special" accordion book should be assembled and pasted on the next page. 

Simply cut out the outlines and paste each piece on the other on the space provided and fold each page to make an accordion book.

Cut the pages like shown above

Paste like above

When pasted it should like this

 Paste the last page on the Lapbook on the space provided.

It should look like this when complete.

Next Page talks about the Day of Arafah and children can fill in the answers.

What should we do in these days? Children can fill in the good deeds mentioned here such as Salaah,
Fasting, The Takbeer, Tahleel and Tahmeed, Fasting on the day of Arafah, Duaa,Dhikr, Good Deeds, Charity, etc etc.

The Next page talks about Eidul Adha and the Sunan of Eid

Then the next page explains why Muslims Slaughter on the Eidul Adhah. Cut out the Mini Books the Story of Sacrifice and the Story of Umm Ismaaeel separately and bind them and paste them on this page.

The Story of Umm Ismaaeel and her Little Son includes simple questions and answers for the children to do.,

The Last page includes a review game.

We hope this would help the kids learn more about the Best Days of the Year Inshaa Allaah.

My sincere thanks to sister Umm Aayah and her good friend for helping me with the design and layout of the lapbooks, mini books and the slide show, sister Umm Ibraheem for allowing us to use her materials, Madeehah for granting permission to use her story and checking my mistakes and pointing out to me, sister Fehmidah for her graphics. 

Please note all references and sources are given at the end of the lapbook, if for some reason the links are broken someday and you need the references please contact me Inshaa Allaah. If you find any errors please let us know. Baarakallaah Feekum.

Sunday 14 September 2014

Our Daily Schedules - 2014/2015

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Our Schedules for this year is pretty much the same as last year. Each subject lasts maximum 20 minutes unless we are doing a project or scrapbooking or lapbooking. 

All of these are done according to how she chooses to do in any order. What is working well for us now by the mercy of Allaah is that we start work right after Fajr. Maimoonah is 7 now and wakes up for fajr and refuses to go back to sleep, especially these days as Fajr is late Alhamdulillaah. So we take altogether about maximum 2 to 2 and a half hours to finish all except Hifdhl, reading and Fun Activity. 

By  8am we are done with school and she is thrilled that she has the whole day to do what she wants to do.

I have broken Hifdhl throughout the day. Since all work is done in the early morning hours we have time for all the other things. Hifdhl has always been a struggle and right now we are concentrating on revision and perfecting the old soorahs. Hence I do the Muraajaa with her after Dhuhar in between till Ishaa in portions of may be half hour or less for 3 to 4 sessions. This way she does not feel stressed and like the fact that it does not lasts for a long time and no tears as well so far Alhamdulillaah.

So the rest of the day she reads, tries to be creative, writes reports on different topics and plays. 

Some days she goes back to sleep after fajr if she feels sleepy or tired and does the work later. But mostly we stick to the After Fajr Schedule and it gives me time to just sit next to her for most of the subjects and make sure everything is done as at that time of the day I do not have to do other work. My work starts after 8.30am and I feel much relaxed and I am able to take up my other rresponsibilitiesAlhamdulillaah!

Fridays are usually family days and she explores the outdoors with her Abi. Saturdays we do the Salaah Review and do sewing or cooking or science experiments. 

Schedules are always subject to change without any notice as we know that having anything rigid for a homeschool is not healthy at all. So we are always flexible and would change according to circumstances Inshaa Allaah!

Thursday 4 September 2014

Back to Home School - School Year 2014/2015

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillaah another school year has started. We will be continuing with Cambridge Primary Curriculum Inshaa Allaah and here are the Resources we hope to use for this school year!

Islaamic Studies
We will be continuing with Usooluth Thalaathah Scrapbooking along with Shaykh Fowzan's explanation 

Also Important or Essential Lessons for Every Muslim Scrapbooking, The Inheritors of the Prophets and Our Role Models Sahabah. All this will be based upon Scrapbooking and on and off I will be testing her with questions and answers. Also we will continue with Seerah Worksheets using When the Moon Split and the Sealed Nectar.


Additionally we will be continuing our Tarbiyah Classes with the others where we cover Al Waajibaat, Book of Tahaarah from Umdatul Ahkaam, The Great Women of Islaam and Adab al Mufrad Inshaa Allaah.

Qur'aan and Hifdhl
Reciting and memorising the Qur'aan and Reading the Noble Qur'aan and understanding the meaning of what is recited everyday. We will be reading along the Qur'aan for each other during the day in English as well.

Additionally this year we are hoping start the Juzz Amma workbook that our dear sister has put out here

Once a week we will go through the Positions of Salaah, Recitals, and the Obligations and etc. We will use our Salaah Workshop Documents for this purpose. I think this is very necessary as children who have turned 7 need reminders very often to make their salaah proper and eventually we ask Allaah to bring khushoo in the salaah for them and accept their salaah. Aameen.

Now that Maimoonah is grown and able to read Arabic I thought this is the best time to give her a Duaa or Adhkaar Book where she gets used to reciting every morning and evening. Even though most of the Adhkaar are familiar for her I think as they grow having something to look at and read by themselves makes a big difference. I found this one pretty child friendly. May Allaah reward sister Umm Khadeejah for all her hard work. Aameen

To make the Bedtime rituals stress free I thought of giving this little booklet to her hand and make this a practice before going to sleep. Even though bedtime Adhkaar are memorised as they grow sometimes I notice things are not done as they were younger, hence giving something to the hand is safer Inshaa Allaah!

We are continuing with Madeenah Book 1 and started  Gateway to Arabic Book 2.

We will be using these lovely Everyday Arabic Books for reading.

We are using Nelson Developing Non Fiction Skills and Nelson Developing Fiction Skills, Nelson English Workbook 2 and Galore Park Junior English 1. Junior English is mainly used for Comprehension as most of the Nelson Non Fiction Comprehension Passages are not islamically suitable, We will use the Ronald Ridout English Workbooks as well.

For spelling we will use the Spelling Workout Book D

To improve writing we have started the cursive writing book and she does copyrighting everyday. For Copy writing we have chosen the Qur'aan. So she has started writing from the beginning of the Qur'aan.

We are continuing with Nelson International Mathematics Pupils Book 3 and Workbook 3. We may finish it before the year, so we will go on to Book 4 as well Inshaa Allaah. MEP maths we will use Year 2.

Last year we have been using many books and doing science from here and there. Starting this year we are a bit organized and following the Key Stage 2 curriculum. We are using CGP Key Stage 2 Study book and Question Book for learning in order and getting familiar with scientific technical language.  Along with these books we will use the wonderful science books collection at the QMuslimag Children's Library and the Galore Park Junior Science Book 1. Every now and then according to interest we will do some lapbooks and projects. 

And we are hoping to make a small mini lab at home with some of the interesting science kits we got from Rainbow Resources. This is to make things not that boring and to give a hands on experience Inshaa Allaah!

We are continuing with these Map Skills Work Books and Geography Success Book 1 along with the other Geograpghy books we have for referance. Addionally I also got the country study activity pack from Rainbow Resources with the Passport, Flags and World Map activity sheet.

We will start ICT this year. I have this CGP book with me and for now we will continue with it. Looks very outdated to me and will look for some other latest ICT books later on Inshaa Allaah!

Fun Activities
Fun Activities include Arts and Crafts, Sewing, Cooking, Games and little Experiments. We do these things every now and then.

So those are the resources we are planning to use Inshaa Allaah.

With all of the above I see that Maimoonah has come to stage where she needs a bit more challenging activities, Inshaa Allaah,  I am thinking of having some out of home activities for her this year getting together with our small homeschooling group in Doha where every month we do something solid outside home. May be an Arts and Crafts Lesson, Lego and Robotics session, a filed trip etc etc,

As for being more organized this year I have started writing down lesson plans for each subject. I do this for every 6 weeks and see how we have done and then write for the next 6 weeks. This is just an example of one subject. This way I hope we can be more organized and helps bring out all resources available.

Additionally this Homeschool Planner is indeed worthwhile trying for those of you who like to be organized Inshaa Allaah. We will be using some of the pages from this too.

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