Friday 22 November 2019

Nurture Islaam Pre Kinder Pack - A Unique Curriculum Pack

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

If you have been a reader/follower of my blog for the past 10 years, you will remember our very first Preschool Pack that I did with my first daughter Maimoonah and then shared with many of you. Many homeschooling families did that "Islaam is my Life Preschool Curriculum" along with Maimoonah and we really enjoyed every bit of it. 

I remember the amount of time, energy and the frustration I went through at that time looking for resources to supplement this curriculum that is aligned with the Islaamic morals and values. And after 10 years many of those resources that were online are no more and of course, over the 10 years, things have changed so much.

Fast forward. 10 years now, by the mercy of Allaah we are pleased to introduce the "one of its kind", Nurture Islaam Pre Kinder Curriculum Pack (Digital) which is suitable for ages 3 - 5. 

Alhamdulillaah, Nurture Islaam Pre Kinder Digital Curriculum Pack is really one of my dreams come true. I always wanted to build a solid full curriculum for early years to use with my own children.

Ten years ago when I looked for such a curriculum I just could not find it anywhere even though I was ready to pay the price for it.

This Curriculum Pack comes with the knowledge and experience I gained as a teacher, administrator of a school and a homeschooler.

Nurture Islaam Pre Kinder Curriculum Pack is a “Digital Download”. It is NOT a printed pack.

Nurture Islaam Pre Kinder Curriculum Pack is a “Theme Based” curriculum.

The full curriculum is designed based on the EYFS, Common Core Preschool and Kindergarten Standards and it is fully Islaam integrated. 

This curriculum can be used for a period of Two Years starting from Ages 3 - 5 or depending on the ability and level of the child. Additionally, the theme-based resources can be used even after 5 years till around 9 years for Islaamic and Social knowledge.

Completing this curriculum will make your little one ready to start on Year 1 or Grade 1 academically at the age of 5 or 6 Inshaa Allaah.

This Curriculum Covers the Following Subjects:
  • Circle Time
  • Islaamic Studies
  • English Language/Letter of the Week
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies/Environmental Studies
  • Practical Skills
  • Physical Training
  • Basic Arabic
  • Basic Qur’aan/Hifdhl Guide
  • Arts and Crafts

What Would you get?

Circle Time Materials
22 Weekly Curriculum – Detailed Lesson Plans with instructions
22 Nurture Islaam Series Pre‐K Activity Books (eBooks). Titles of 22 books are as follows:

  • Who is Allaah?
  • Where is Allaah?
  • Who Created You?
  • Allaah Created People
  • Allaah Created Animals and Birds
  • Allaah Created Nature
  • Allaah wakes me up each day
  • Allaah gives me food to eat
  • Allaah gave us a special Book
  • Allaah gave me parents
  • Allaah gave me a sweet home
  • Allaah gave me a family
  • Allaah gave me a healthy Body
  • Allaah gave me 5 senses
  • Allaah gave me clothes
  • Allaah gave me Transport
  • Allaah created neighbourhoods
  • Allaah Created people to help us
  • Allaah created seasons
  • Allaah teaches me to read and write
  • Allaah protects me 
  • Allaah gave me days of celebrations

Resources List

List of Arts and Crafts/Stationery Materials
Progress Charts
Supplication Pack
Workbox System
  • Daily Routine - Cards
  • Morning Routine Cards
  • Bedtime Routine Cards
  • Workbox Labels
  • Workbox Cards

Everyday Ibaadah Common Core Curriculum Workbooks

  • My Pre K Maths
  • My Pre K Colours and Shapes
  • My Kindergarten Phonics
  • My Kindergarten Maths
  • My Kindergarten Language Art

Arabic Seeds
Discount Coupon for Membership and Resources

Private Telegram FREE Support Group
To share and assist in implementing this program for 2 years Inshaa Allaah. Along with comes much more inshaa Allaah. 

Free Membership - Nurture Islaam Parenting and Teachers Club
When you purchase the pack you will also get a free membership to our parenting club which gives you further support to enhance your skills. 


For the full specification and details of this Pre Kinder Pack. email: or WhatsApp +974 66132058.

The Full pack costs USD369 per child. The Second child onwards will cost USD 221

How to Purchase?
  • Email: or WhatsApp/Telegram +97466132058.
  • Full specification will be sent and you can see the samples.
  • Email us at with your Full Name and Child's Full Name to receive the invoice and payment link. 
  • The download link will be sent to you once you complete your purchase and you will be added to the Telegram Support Group. 

Read the many reviews of this pack at the following links on the comments of these posts.

Here are few 

"May Allah bless Umm Maimoonah and accept this tremendous deed from her. After just 2 weeks of using this pack my pre kindergartener is excited about learning! So are her younger sisters that are two years and one year old. They beg me every day "Can we do school?" , "Can we learn about the colours of Islam?" They love school time and they'll do it at any part of the day or night!. This curriculum is worth faaar more than what you spend. Umm Maimoonah makes learning about Islam included in secular school topics and it really embodies Islam being an entire way of life that we practice 24/7. Sometimes you wonder how pre schoolers can learn through play without Music, or pictures with eyes or made up pretend stories. Well, this is it! It's a fun and inviting curriculum with excellent and authentic resources for our young Muslim children where you will never have to substitute anything because of a non-Muslim concept! If you lack organization? Umm Maimoonah has you covered as well, she includes organizing tools for the parents as well as detailed lesson plans and instructions. Literally, all you have to do is download, prep, and teach. My mind is at ease after investing in this. You even have access to a WhatsApp group with other mothers using the pack to share ideas, struggles and triumphs. All I know is that whenever I ask "Who created everything" and my 13 MONTH OLD yells from across the room "Allah!" because she picked up things from our lessons. I can only sit and make so much duaa for our sister. May She be rewarded for every ounce of good that our families attain and may this deed weigh heavy on her scale. Ameen!"

"Assalamualaikum I m also using this curriculum for my 4 yr 10 months old son. Just after a week of using this, he was so excited about learning. And he really loves every subjects and activity. He wants to study all days round in a week. Before taking this curriculum I was trying to teach but he was not at all interested to sit learn. Alhamdulillah may Allah bless Umm Maimoonah for her tremendous work. My son started to think n apply in many things after started learning. He enjoys every moment of studying this. As a mother, I too enjoy by teaching my son a lot."

"I am also using this curriculum for my 3.5 years old and he is loving it, the best part is its all in one place, everything you need and more. many variations of things are there for whichever way you want to use the materials. it is such a comprehensive curriculum with lots of thoughts and efforts put in it. I really hope and wish that many people take advantage of this curriculum and may Allah put lots of barakah in all the efforts Umm Maimoonah is putting."

"I have started Umm Maimoonah's PreK Nurture Islam pre-kinder pack. Alhamdulillah. It is everything I could have asked for. Designed with amazing discipline and sophistication, this pack offers everything from Circle time, to lesson plans, worksheets, activities, resource list,... and support. Umm Maimoonah is lovely, supportive and understanding when it comes to helping with the curriculum. The level of creativity and comprehensiveness is worth going for it. It provides us, as parents, flexibility to choose what to introduce to the kids, depending on their mood and interests.

I am glad that I invested in such a wonderful pack for my son. May Allah reward you with best in this world and hereafter."

"Alhamdulillah this pack is such a blessing. I and my daughter love it. She has learned so much that my other kids never learnt at this age. SubhaanAllah Umm Maimoonah has covered all or most of the aspects of pre-K education. She is learning Hadith, Adab, Quran, writing, tracing, general knowledge, knowledge of Allah, math, reading and art."

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