Monday 24 August 2020

Where is Allaah & Who Created You - Online Course for Little Kids

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillah with the success of the previous online course, Who is Allaah, we are pleased to announce the course for this age group, 

What will this 6 weeks course cover?

  • The explanation of the important Aqeedah concept that Allaah is above His creation. 
  • The correct understanding of the Throne of Allaah
  • The principle of accepting and submitting to the Aqeedah related issue of the Istawa.
  • Exploring themselves as a creation of Allaah
  • Understanding who created them?
  • Knowing the purpose of their creation
  • Knowing how to fulfill that purpose
  • Understanding how we know this purpose
  • Exploring All about themselves with a different touch and feel
All of the above is simplified from the books of the scholars and checked by students of knowledge. And will be presented via engaging and interactive audiovisual presentations. 


Children will receive the Nurture Islaam Pre Kinder Series Activity Books "Where is Allaah" And Who Created You, along with other course materials. (All course materials are digital downloads). 

How to Sign Up?

This is an interactive and engaging workshop with an audiovisual presentation with access to the recording!

Those who are unable to attend live can signup and complete the course at your convenience. Passcode to access the workshop will be provided with the digital materials. 

And those kids who have very less attention span can complete the course via recordings pacing it out throughout the week. Support will be provided. 

Who can Attend: Kids Ages 3 - 5 Boys and Girls with their Mums

Where: Online

When: (Wednesdays) 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, 30th, September and 7th October 2020, Inshaa Allaah. (This course is with access to the recordings, so you do not miss anything inshaa Allaah)

Time: 6.30pm to 7.30 pm KSA/Qatar Time

Cost: US $ 35 per child for all 6 classes. 

Payments to be made online via Payoneer with Visa/Master Card in USD only

Registration: Email or WhatsApp +974 66132058 or sign up online at the website here

Spaces are limited due to popular demand. Spaces are filling up. Sign up today!

And here are some Testimonials or Feedback from Mums who joined the previous course for this age!


JazakAllah khayr ukhti for all of your efforts on running the 'Who is Allah?' course.  Nusaybah thoroughly enjoyed the course, the activities and also seeing many children all over the world learning about Allaah.

Well done on producing such a visually captivating course, which was very easy to follow and learn from.  Allaah subahaana wa ta'la has given you a gift.
I pray that Allaah subahaana wa ta'la gives you the ability to produce more courses like this in the future and that He puts a lot of barakaah in your business and life. Ameen.

Umm Nusaybah Nasreen

Jazaaki Allaahu khairan for "The who is Allaah" course. Alhamdulillaah my daughter really enjoyed the lessons and she learnt a lot.  The teaching style was very good as it's very engaging, fun and very well structured. Mariam has memorized most of what she learnt Alhamdulillaah.
We really appreciate all your hard work in aiding us with seeking knowledge of our Lord.
We look forward to your future courses inshaaAllaah.

May Allaah bless your efforts and your work

Umu Diallo

 JazakAllahu kharan for the course. Alhamdulillah it was a nice introduction for my pre k child to attend an online class with other students, participating in lessons and activities.
My child enjoyed it alhamdulillah and what she got out of the class is, Allah is my Lord, Allah is the Creator, when asked who is Allah.

Umm Zakkiyah

Barak Allahu feeki for the course, my daughter was fully engaged and loved the lessons alhamdulillah. It a was very simple, structured and straightforward course. I loved your teaching method and must say you were lovely and helpful too. I and her father were very pleased with the outcomes of each lesson, as we would we sit down to revise and reflect on what she had learnt. I personally feel my daughter alhamdulillah got the opportunity to understand the theory we taught her into practice with your course and got a deeper understanding of Tawheed on her level. 

I would absolutely recommend this course with no doubt and look forward to your future courses in sha Allah.

May Allah and bless you for your effort and grant you success with sincerity, Ameen.

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