Monday 24 April 2023

Responding and Reacting - Online Course for Mums and Teachers


بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

📣Nurture Islaam Online Course for Mums and Teachers

📌Responding and Reacting 💬 🫲🫱

An insightful parenting course for mums and an academic professional development course for teachers.

❓ ❓ Did you know that the way YOU respond and react to your children and students play a major role in gaining academic success and good manners? 

Join us to learn how you could be an effective responding and reacting parent or teacher which will ultimately pave the way for your children's and students' positive responses and reactions. 

Topics Covered

📌How to Overcome Communication Challenges Faced by Parents/Teachers

📌How to Identify the Barriers To Effective Responses and Reactions

📌How to Understand the Influences of Culture and Habits to Respond to Children Effectively 

📌How to Analyse your Own Strengths and Weaknesses in Responding and Reacting to Children

📌How to Apply the Best Methods of Responses and Reactions from the Guidance of the Messenger of Allaah

In shaa Allaah, after you complete this course you will be able to:

📍 Understand effective communication methods

📍 Reflect upon your assumptions. culture, traditions and habits before you respond and react

📍 Device a plan to change the negative responses of your children/students to positive responses

📍 Work on applying the best guidance of the Messenger of Allaah while responding and reacting and much more


There will be an optional academic assignment for professional teachers which will include guidance in academic writing as well. 

A Certificate of Achievement will be awarded for completing the assignment. 

📌Dates - Thursday, 25th May, 1st, 8th & 15th June 2023 In shaa Allaah

📌Time: 4.30pm to 6pm KSA/Qatar Time

📌Check the details and sign up. Spaces are limited


💰 Cost: $58 (USD) per Participant for the full course

Payment Method: PayPal or Card Payment (Payment link will be emailed upon registration)





Or Whatsapp/Telegram +974 66132058

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