Sunday 26 February 2012

Kindergarten Curriculum Summary - Week 18

Islaamic Studies
  • Seerah - We learnt about the eraly Muslims in Makkah and how they spread the Message Secretly and when the Quraish did come to know how they treated Muslims so badly. We have to still do some activities on this Insha Allaah.

  • Phonics - She did this worksheet
  • Grammar - We learnt about Possessive Nouns


  • Writing and Reading - She keeps writing as usual, I have not done anything structural this week. Sis Umm Sara could not make it for Story Time as some of you all know she is sick and masha Allaah recovering. Please do keep her and her family in your dua. May Allaah cure Umm Sara completely soon. Aameen. any way sis Umm Abdur Rahmaan wanted to join our story time with Umm Sarah, since she needs rest masha Allaah Maimoonah and Abdur Rahmaan are reading to each other once a week.

Social Studies
  • Landforms and Bodies of Water - We used the Cards and definitions from here and here for this study. I explained to her each landforms using the cards and then asked her to paste the cards on the right place.

  • We used the Bodies of Water Cards, coloured them and wrote down the definition and asked her to write examples she knows for each body of water. What she did not know we looked up on the net and viewed some video clips of the bodies of water.
  • Oceans - We used the map and studied the Oceans and she did this worksheet well.

  • MEP - We started learning skip counting or counting by twos using the Number Ladder and I gave her this worksheet to understand it better.
  • Also taught her how to match objects or make pairs and find out which group has more or less. Then she did the MEP activities.
  • We also did more on > , <
  • Qur'aan Centre - We did more activities on Soorah Falaq 

  • She also wrote on the writing practice sheet.
  • Used the Arabic First Book of Opposite and she attempted reading. Parcticed Reading using this book.

Monday 20 February 2012

Beneficial Study Guides!

Alhamdulillaah we have completed another 6 weeks of our Kindergarten Curriculum and now on break.  I will be posting the last week summary soon, Insha Allaah!

Meanwhile here are two wonderful blogs with great resources, masha Allaah! 
This blog has definitions for Islaamic Terms that are useful.

This one has some wonderful study guides for very important and famous Books of the Ulama. The study guides are checked by students of ilm and masha Allaah the brothers and sisters have put lot of efforts towards it.

Hope you will benefit from these Insha Allaah!

Sunday 12 February 2012

Kindergarten Curriculum Summary - Week 17

Islaamic Studies

  • Seerah  She completed the Part 2 of the Seerah Worksheet. We made the Seerah Trail Puzzle to make it easy for her to do the map marking on the worksheet and also to see the relevance.
  • Jolly Phonics - I went through the words from Jolly Phonics Hand Book and asked Maimoonah to read and identify the sounds and used this book to test her out. Insha Allaah will practice with more letter sounds and worksheets as we go on. She actually does not use the phonics for reading but now she has understood how words are formed through letter sounds.

  • Grammar  - Possessive Adjectives. All activities from Little Grammar Workbook


  • Comprehension - Junior English 1 Comprehension Passage.

Science/Social Studies
  • Transport, Fuel, Wheels and Fast and slow - This was also almost a revision. We did the activities on the Smart Start Science Work Book.



Then we printed this out from here and I read the Story in Arabic showing her the letters and sounds and she read in English. Then gave her a construction paper, the pictures and asked her to decorate a cover for the book and paste the pictures according to the text in each page. This was the end result.



Then we also had a sticker book in Arabic. She pasted some of the stickers and lost interest. Can use it later Insha Allaah.


We used the Arabic First book on Transport and sis Umm An Nu'man's Qaamoos to recap all the names in Arabic for the vehicles.

We also have a nice book with detailed History of Transportation. Maimoonah read randomly form here and there.

Continuing with >,< I gave her some additional worksheets for practice. Also after that I asked her to write some equations using >, < and some equations I dictated and she wrote on the book. We also did some subtraction practise.


  • Qur'aan Centre -Other than the Transport theme related Arabic work, we started Qura'aan center Activities for Soorah Falaq. Insha Allaah will continue the same next week too.

  • Writing - She wrote number five here.
  • Conversation - We did the next part of the conversation, welcoming and asking basic questions.

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