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Why is Dhul Hijjah Special - Free Download

  بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillaah, we are in the best ten days of the year. And it is time for another FREE DOWNLOAD, Inshaa Allaah.

This time it is for our little preschoolers and kindergartners (Ages 3 - 5, but can be used by older children too). 

It's all about why Dhul Hijjah is special. They would love to put together this cute file folder Inshaa Allaah. This was the material that was used for our online workshop with the little Muslims and Muslimahs who are using the Nurture Islaam Prekinder Pack. 

Did you know that we provide a few FREE workshops for these little ones so that they get together online and meet their friends from around the world who are learning the same curriculum? Check the details of this one of its kind pack here.

Please DO NOT share the PDF document with others, instead please share the link for this post.


1. You will need 1 A3 size coloured paper and 1 A3 size white paper. If you do not have A3 size papers, then you will need 2 A4 sizes coloured papers and 2 A4 size white papers.

2. If you are using A3 size papers fold them into two and staple them in the middle to look like a book. If you are using A4 size papers staple all papers together to look like a book with the coloured paper in front and back and the white papers inside.

3.Print all pages from the document and cut all elements, then paste them on the lapbook in order. 

4. Children can colour and decorate. 

This cute lapbook includes, 

  • Merits of the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah
  • What Muslims do during the ten days of Dhul Hijjah
  • The rituals of Hajj sequencing activity
  • Colouring activity
  • The Eid greeting

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Click below to download. 

Enjoy and tag us on Instagram ( with your completed activities, and for more free downloads check this link  -  MY DOWNLOADS 

Tuesday, 6 July 2021

Special Eid al Adha Offer - Nurture Islaam Series Workbooks

 بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Are you ready for some exciting offers for this Eid?

  • All products are PDF Documents and Digital Downloads. You will receive a download link with zipped files. You will have to download the files, extract them to have your PDF documents. 
  • All come with Study Guides. Study Guides are simplified yet comprehensive explanations with references and sources. They are to be used for reading and teaching. All questions in the workbooks are based on these study guides. Therefore you will not need any additional materials to complete the study or work on the workbooks.
  • Workbooks contain different activities in the form of worksheets as per the age groups. All workbooks are included for all products.
  • Some of the products will have additional projects included. See details for each product on offer below. 
  • All products are checked and reviewed by trustworthy students of knowledge are educators as well. 
  • All study guides include sources and resources.
  • All workbooks come with answers or guidelines for answers.
How to Print and Assemble the Books?
All pages are A4 size printing settings. You need to print them and bind them. You can print double side to save paper and print the Lapbooks/Scrapbook in single pages. The Lapbboks/Scrapbook come separately in PDFs to make your printing easier. 

You could also print the cover pages on the hardboard to get a hardcover.

You can also print only the study guides and keep them on your shelves to read and print the activity sheets as and when you need them. Alhamdulillaah for digital documents you have the flexibility of reprinting yourself, unlike the hardcover printed books you purchase. 

Terms and Conditions
  • The price is in US Dollars
  • The cost is per family. You may use it for all of your children ONLY. 
  • If you want to use it for the class as a teacher please contact us for the cost depending on the number of children. 
  • You may print or photocopy for your children ONLY any amount of time
  • You are not allowed to share digital or the printed books with others.
  • You are not allowed to sell.
  • You are not allowed to upload documents on the internet.
  • You are not allowed to edit, copy, or translate any content or illustrations. 
  • You are not allowed to take any screenshots and share them with others.
  • All documents can ONLY be download via a Computer or a Laptop.
  • You agree to allow four days to process your orders due to the overwhelming amount of interest, Alhamdulillaah. 
How to Purchase?
  • The whole set of books are a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD version. All are PDF files. You need to download them, print and use them.
  • See the individual offer cost below. This cost is without the service/transfer charges. The service charges are usually around $1 - $3. 
  • Payment is made online via Visa or Master card at Payoneer. The payment link will be sent to you upon your order. 
  • The download link will be emailed within 48 hours of receiving payment. 
  • To order email to or  WhatsApp/Telegram  +974 66132058 with the following details: 
                             Mother's Full Name: 
                             Current City: 
                             Current Country: (Card Issues Country)
                             Email Address: 

Hurry and place your orders before the offer ends Inshaa Allaah. You may also contact us if you want to gift this to your friends and family. Serves as a beautiful gift when you print and bind and add some stationery to go along with it. It will be loved for sure Inshaa Allaah.  

Here are the details.

Description of Jannah Workbooks - Ages 6 to 10

A remarkable set of books compiled from the authentic sources all about the final abode which no eyes have ever seen, no ears have ever heard and no heart has ever imagined, the special gift for the believers. 

We can assure you that just reading these books will bring joy to you and your family and your children will grow up with the full familiarity of the final bliss which is prepared for the obedient slaves. 

The children will get fully engaged with the workbook activities and added to it they will be making their own scrapbook of Jannah which will enable them to retain the information learnt. 

Nurture Islaam Series 
Description of Jannah Workbooks 
for ages 6 - 10 
Checked and Reviewed by Students of Knowledge 
Digital Download 
4 Study Guides 
4 Workbooks 
1 Scrapbook 
 Cost - $25(USD) per Family 

The Beautiful Names of Allaah Workbooks Part 1 - 4 - Ages 6 - 10

These study guides and workbooks explore 41 Names of Allaah with the meaning of each Name, evidence and explanation to understand the meaning in real life. All explanations are taken from Shaykh Uthaimeen and Imaam Saadi (May Allaah have mercy upon them), translated by our noble brother Abu Talha Daawood Burbank raheemahullaah. 

The bundle comes with 4 Lapbooks for children to make their own revisions with guidance and learn the Names of Allaah. 

The workbooks have engaging activities which include, critical thinking and application of the knowledge gained. Works well for 6 -10-year-olds, but teenagers and adults have benefitted too. 4 and 5-year-olds have used these books as per their ability. So works well for any age Inshaa Allaah. 

Nurture Islaam Series 
The Beautiful Names of Allaah - Part 1 Workbooks Bundle 
for ages 6 - 10 
Checked and Reviewed by Students of Knowledge 
Digital Download 
5 Study Guides 
5 Workbooks 
4 Lapbooks 
Cost - $52 (USD) per Family 

Tafseer of Juzz Amma Workbooks Bundle - 10 Soorahs

Are you tired of looking for authentic simplified yet comprehensive Tafseer of the most common Soorahs that your children have memorised?

Alhamdulillaah we have put together a bundle for you. These Soorahs are based on Imaam bin Baaz's Important Lessons for Every Muslim and Tafseer Ibn Katheer. 

They are concise with engaging worksheets. This bundle is suitable for ages 11 - 18, however, you may use them for younger children to give them an understanding of the meanings of the Soorahs. The worksheets are suitable for older kids (11 - 18) who are able to write and comprehend. 

An introduction to Tafseer and some biographies of the well known Mufassireen are included too. The children will learn the following for each Soorah:
  • The Soorah in Arabic
  • The Translation in English
  • The Subject Matter and the Reason for Revelation wherever applicable
  • Meanings of the Aayahs individually with their specific Tafseer
  • Meanings of some important words in the Aayah
  • Summary of the Soorah
  • Benefits and Virtues of the Soorah

Worksheets include questions to answer along with a fact file for each Soorah. You do not need any other additional books or references to answer the worksheet questions. All questions are based upon the study guides provided for each Soorah. 

Nurture Islaam Series 
Tafseer of Juzz Amma Bundle  - 10 Soorahs
With study guides and workbooks 
for ages 11 - 18 
Checked and Reviewed by Students of Knowledge 
Digital Download 
1. Introduction to Tafseer 
2. Soorat Al Faatihah 
3. Soorat Al Kawther 
4. Soorat Al-Asr 
5. Soorat Al-Feel 
6. Soorat Al Quraysh 
7. Soorat Al Ikhlaas 
8. Soorat Al Falaq 
9. Soorat An Naas
10. Soorat Al Masad 
11. Soorat An Nasr  
Cost - $55 (USD) per Family 

Special Offers Not to be Missed!

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