Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Maimoonah's First Essay!

This is what it says:
"My Cat's name is Sis.
My cat is playing.
My cat plays with me.
Maimoonah is mom.
Mom gives bunny fish.
Sis plays.
Sis jumps.
Sis walks.
Bunny is sis.

Innalhamdalillaah today Maimoonah surprised us with this Essay : ) Another milestone by the Mercy of Allaah! This is all by herself except she asked me only one word to spell which was "Walks".

Now this is supposed to be all about her cat. She does not have a stuffed toy cat but she has her favourite stuffed toy "Bunny" which is most of the time her Cat. So all that is written is about her Bunny Cat Stuffed Toy!

Now the latest is she loves writing and this was a big surprise for me because we never studied these words that she has used for spellings. All these words she has picked it up by reading, Allaahu A'lam. Now that she loves writing I have told her to remind me next time we go to the store to get a her nice beautiful Journal type of a notebook and she can write everyday whatever she wants Insha Allaah!

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Kindergarten Curriculum Lesson Plan - 2011/2012 - Week 9

Islaamic Studies
·         Pillars of Ihsaan -
·         Seerah of the Prophet Muhammad sallaahu alaihi wasallam. Insha Allaah we will be using the Daruss Salaam Books Prophet Muhammad sallaahu alaihi wasallam in Makkaah and in Madeenah  and the Prophets sent by Allaah Darussalaam series Prophet Muhammad (http://store.dar-us-salam.com/product/C73b.html , http://store.dar-us-salam.com/product/C73a.html , http://store.dar-us-salam.com/product/C50o.html ) along with the Sealed Nectar  http://www.islamicbulletin.com/free_downloads/prophet/sealed_nectar.pdf
Also we will be using the Learning Roots Seerah Timeline and Trail Puzzle
·         The Arab Society , days of Ignorance  - Draw or write and display the ill manners and the sad state of the society.  
·         List the reasons why the world was in need of another Prophet
·         Some significant events that accompanied his birth
·         His Birth – The Islamic point of view on celebrating his Birthday as well as anyone’s birthday

English Language
·         Jolly Phonics - 00, OO, Y, x
·         Grammar – Collective Nouns
·         Writing and Spelling
·         Vocabulary - decree, precious

Science/Social Studies
·         Animal Habitats - We will be using the Encyclopaedia and Smart Science Books as we have covered this in pre school as well. There are plenty of lessons plans if you google Insha Allaah!
·         Animal Babies

·         MEP

·         Madeenah Arabic
·         Conversation
·         Gate way to Arabic
·         Iqra learning to read

Saturday, 26 November 2011

A Rainy Day!

Saturday !! No sewing today! Alhamdulillaah it was very gloomy today and later it started raining, subhanallaah rain after a long time here and masha Allaah still raining!

Maimoonah was thrilled and she said "Qadarallaah Masha Allaah it is raining Ummi!" Part of last week's lesson on Qadr coming into action : ), Then she said the dua while raining, and Abi has gone out today and we did not have the Laptop till evening! Also reminded her that dua asked while raining is answered, so she raised her hands and asked dua "Oh Allaah protect us, Give Jannah to Abi, Ummi and Maimoonah, Give success to Abi, and make him buy me toys, ......", Aameen!

Usually we go out to the park to play since it was raining we were inside wondering what to do. Maimoonah brought some weather related easy books she could read but she still loves them and asked me to read aloud for her.

These are cute easy interesting books from pelangi Books. We read and she was giggling on and off looking outside at the raindrops!


She did a little bit of Quraan Muraaja' and we learnt some parts of the new soorah!

Then we decided to make Jelly and Custard with Fruits! So I told Maimoonah I will give you the Jelly packet read the directions and make. She was happy and read the directions on the back of the packet and asked for 2 cups of water and made the jelly. I had to help her to transfer it to the bowl.



Then she helped me to make the custard. Emptied the fruits on to a bowl, then poured the custard and you can see her doing the last touching up with chocolate vermicils. We refrigerated it to cool and since it was evening by the time it would set we have kept it for tomorrow to taste Insha Allaah!



Yummy Insha Allaah!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Kindergarten Curriculum Summary - Week 8

Islaamic Studies

  • Belief in the Last Day - We learnt when the Last Day will begin and all the events related to the Last Day. We read the hadeeth of the description of the last day, the hadeeth of people asking the Prophets to intercede, the hadeeth of seeing Allaah. She was very interested and was listening to all the events. We also learnt hoe believing in the Day of Judgement will benefit the Muslims. We did this worksheet.

  • Belief in the Qadr - We learnt what is the will of Allaah and what is the Qadr which is good and which is Bad. I did not go in to details of this but explained very briefly. We discussed that we must believe that all what happens, happens only by the will of Allaah and whatever happens to the believer is always good. We also discussed what happens on the Night of Qadr and what can change the Qadr by the will of Allaah. I did not give a worksheet on this to do as I felt thinking too much about this topic will make shaitaan play with this small mind. So Insha Allaa I just made it clear that we accept things with patience when something happens and we never say or question as to why this happened.

Alhamdulillaah with this we have completed the Strand 1 and the Strand 2 of the SK Curriculum and Insha Allaah from next week onwards we will be starting the Seerah of our Prophet sallaahu alaihiwasallam and Fiqh!

English Language
  • Jolly Phonics - She did the following letter sounds and the worksheet.
  • Grammar - Comparison of Adjectives. She read the little Grammar book and did the activities. Now I find the books are having a little bit more writing but she in enjoying now masha Allaah. This work book contained some maths activities too : ) like heavy heavier and cheap cheaper cheapest!


  • Comprehension - This week I found a nice website with free comprehension passages ideal for Maimoonah and printed out this and she read and answered the questions too!
  • Writing and Spelling - After doing the Jolly phonics worksheet I asked her to write the words without looking on her book and did well masha Allaah. Spelling is progressing well. Also she is able to write some of the days of the week like Sunday and Monday. 

  • What do Animals Eat - We learnt what do animals eat and she did these worksheets and the work book.



  • MEP - We completed few more chapters on MEP
  • Additions 10 + - I taught Maimoonah all the additions of 10 + . Explained to her then gave her the sums on her book and she wrote the answers.

  • Madeenah Readers - We continued with "ال" and this week did not do any writing of Gateway to Arabic. but she learnt how to write "ال and she attempted writing الولد . We went through the Arabic First Books to revise vocabulary.


Thursday, 24 November 2011

Insects and Birds!

The Science Topics for this week included Insects and Birds. Since we did a little bit of in depth study on these topics, I thought I will post this seprately and link it on to the summary post later Insha Allaah!

As for Insects we opt to make this Lap Book which turned out to be a wonderful study Alhamdulillaah!

We used our Encylopedias and internet to find out facts and wrote on the Lap Book. The good this about this Lap Book was you had to find the facts on your own. Reading the encylopedia searching on the internet helped Maimoonah to see how we search for things, read and pick up points and how we record and study! We have not done this kind of Lap Books before and I think this was very much age appropriate as well as she was very interested in writing. She just loved the whole process so did I!

This is the Cover of the Lapbook which has the Body Parts of the Insect labelled. We did a little bit of creepy crawlies decoration! lol!

This is the inside of it at a glance!

We wrote down some names of the Insects for the Vocabulary. And we looked up on the Encyclopedia and learnt how the insects proect themselves and recorded on Insect Defence. We checked the internet and wrote with what the Insects see, breathe, smell (we learnt they have no nose: ),etc etc, we could not find the proper answer for how they feel, or with what they feel, any body who knows please tell us Insha Allaah! Then Maimoonah wrote all what the insects eat on "Insect Diet". We checked if the Spider was a Insect or not and wrote the reason why?!


On the other side we wrote how Insects communicate, she was amazed to know that they flash lights, dance, make noise etc etc. 

We listed out the characteristics of the Insects, like they have 6 legs, they have three body parts etc etc. We had some nice books on creepy crawlies. we read them as well and Maimoonah opted to write the life cycle of the butterfly and the Ladybug.

She also listed out who eats Insects on "Predators of Insects".

Then gave her finger paints and asked her to draw some creepy crawlies. She used her stencil and drew a butterfly and painted it, used her fingers and painted a caterpillar and also seeing this post folded up the paint and made a colourful butterfly! that was actually kept for counting bugs and recording, since we do not see enough bugs over here I asked her to use paint and do something relative lol!


The back cover has Insect Reproduction, for which I just wrote they mate and lay eggs and explained to her just like human beings male and female gets married and have babies and they come out from the egg and become an adult. She did not ask any questions lol, which saved me from lot of things! Then it also has Insect classification, we did not study those but just recorded. It also has "Use of Insects" we learnt that Insects are useful to keep this world clean and we get silk and even food colouring through Insects.

I reminded Maimoonah Allaah is Al Khaaliq and Al Mussawwir and He is so perfect that only He could create all this Insects with such amazing characteristics. And He created them for our use and He taught the insects what they should do to live and we discussed the aayah from soorah Nahl as to how Allaah says that He inspired the bees how they should make honey!

Also one sweet sister from South Africa sent Maimoonah this Butterfly which if you put into water for about 72 hours it soaks and becomes big. So Maimoonah was excited to try it out. She did the needful and still waiting to see how big it becomes. Tomorrow it will be 72 hours Insha Allaah.


 We learnt about Different Kinds of Birds and all about them with the help of the encyclopedia.

 We learnt their Body Parts!

We learnt a whole heap of facts about Birds, how they eat, where they live, how they protect their nestling, How they attract other birds and how they warn the other birds when there is danger, The same sweet sister from South Africa sent Maimoonah this wonderful informative Book on Birds of Africa. Jazzakillaah Khayr dear sister for this wonderful gift!

   It has facts about lot if Birds and also has colour pictures of all the birds as well as colouring pictures. The facts were so interesting. Maimoonah was so sad to read that the Hud Hud bird makes its nest so smelly and dirty. She was upset so I had to explain to her they make it that way as the book says probably because to protect the eggs from other animals eating, due the smell and being dirty they do not come to the nest to eat the eggs. This was so interesting and just could not finish in a week. We coloured only few pictures but read many facts and will continue do so Insha Allaah. She was laughing and giggling when she read the "Grey Lorie" Bird says "Goaway Goaway" when it wants to warn the other birds from Danger". Subhanallaah the Creation of Allaah is indeed Unique and Amazing!!!

 We learnt why birds have feathers and the largest and the smallest birds!


We recorded some of the facts we found about Birds on the Environmental Studies Book.

Also we made these Scavenger Hunt Cards and Maimoonah read these and answered the questions I asked her. Nice way to keep some facts in mind! You can get them from here

Alhamdulillaah this was a good learning experience and a little tiring too but we enjoyed this very much!
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