Sunday, 5 September 2010

Ramadhaan Activities VI - Post Cards

We have almost come to the end of Ramadhaan subhanallaah! As per our Ramadhaan plans we made the post cards masha Allaah!

Maimoonah wanted to make Post Cards for her Grand mothers, uncles and aunts and her cousins also her neighbour who are all miles and miles away!

Maimoonah knew that the Postman brings letters when she was back at home. But here you do not get postman!!! So I really wanted her to know how this post card would reach her relatives living so far away and my plan was to take her to the post office and explain this to her after making the post cards, but Qadarallaah Masha Allaah getting out of the house in Ramadhaan is the last thing I would want to do so I postponed it to a later time Insha Allaah. But we had fun making these post cards! Also I was so happy that she actually could read what has been written on the cards and she knew what she was doing masha Allaah! Also on her own later she made a card for herself!! : )

She was very happy to make these cards as she remembered all her memories with her relatives back at home and while making we were talking about all of them, masha Allaah! I could see how much she was missing all of them, subhanallaah! You can see her in action here.

This is how the cards look after the completion Insha Allaah!

These post card templates could be downloaded here. Masha Allaah sis Umm Abdul Basir has indeed made things very much easier for me this Ramadhaan along with all the other sisters who share their ideas and resources. May Allaah reward them. I always feel I do not thank them enough each time I do something with Maimoonah! Dear sisters you all are in my duas!

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