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Summary - Week 8 - Allaah Gives me Food to eat!

Allaah gives me food to eat!

We spoke about the need of food for the sole purpose of worshipping Allaah alone and talked about how much of good deeds we would be able to do if we remain healthy and energetic masha Allaah.

As we formally started Home Schooling sis Umm An Nu’man helped me with “Alhamdulillaah for Food” theme almost a year ago. So this time we went through those activities before we started our topic of the week.

We revised the Nutrients found in food and used the Encyclopedia and studied what good nutrients do for our bodies. This time Maimoonah understood lot of things and masha Allaah she could remember them well too.
We did the mini work book on “Allaah gives me food to eat”. She read whatever she could and I helped her with new words and she enjoyed colouring, writing and doing all the activities.

Then we learnt about The Food Groups and the Food pyramid.

We cut and pasted from leaflets and magazines different kind of food according to the Food Groups on her Environmental Studies book.

Then I explained to her the “Food Pyramid”.

We learnt the colours of the pyramid. She coloured the food pyramid.

We also wrote a bit about the Food Pyramid on her Environmental Studies Book.

We also did a cutting and pasting activity on healthy food and unhealthy food.

Masha Allaah we could find loads of pictures so easily on food as every week we see these leaflets on our door step, smile! While talking about Healthy food and unhealthy food our little girl said “Ummi but I like unhealthy food too, like ice cream and French fries…”, So I said, well, you can eat them small quantity once in a way but not every day, she was happy at least she could eat them!

Then we learnt and pasted the things found in the Kitchen.

I also took her to the kitchen and showed her almost all the things in the kitchen and named them to her. She enjoyed this masha Allaah.

We are still reading the first 6 points from The Basic Principles on the subjects of Tawheed, Fiqh and Aqeedah. She is progressing well masha Allaah!

Qur’aan Memorization
She memorized Sooraah Al Dhuha, this week masha Allaah! Lately she goes to the masjid with Abi for Isha and listens to the recitation of the Imaam. And she is thrilled when she hears the Imaam recting soorah she has memorized.

Asmaaul Husna
We learnt the Names and Attributes Ar Razzaaq, Al Akram, Al Kareem, Arl – Barr

Reading , Islaamic Studies, Adab and Akhlaaq
We read the Daarul Kitaab book “Eating and Drinking”. And sis Umm Ibraahim’s wonderful compilation of the Eating Etiquettes”. Masha Allaah she learnt many new things from this book too. Great books to teach the etiquettes.

At the moment she is trying to read this book masha Allaah!

We made the Fil Mathbakh” tot book from A Muslim Child is Born, with the help of an Egyptian neighbor and our dictionary to learn Arabic. Masha Allaah this was well enjoyed.

This is the inside of the tot book in detail

She also attempts to write Arabic letters. We practiced these letters this week.

We learnt the next set of words from the Madeenah Arabic book vocabulary. Insha Allaah we will be soon starting on an Arabic Alphabet book.

We also revised the “Book of Food” from Arabicfirst.

Language, Writing, Making Words

Masha Allaah Maimoonah’s writing has improved a lot. Now she writes letters and words on her own. She can listen to the sound of the letter and write. She enjoys writing uppercase letters so far. I guess when she gets more control she would switch on her own to lower case Insha Allaah. We practiced letters F and I. And she was happy to write the missing letters on the mini work book.

That night I had a surprise. She has taken her book and attempted writing her name and she called and asked me Ummi does this look like Maimoonah? Smile.

She already knows to write “Abi” on her own as every now and then she writes this all over!
Then she asked me to tell her something so that she could write. I sounded the letters of what she did on the mini work book that morning and masha Allaah she actually wrote all this! It was a her first dictation words I guess!
I also sounded out the letters and she made these words.

I had this work book which was used at the school I was working before and it turned out to be a good one to keep Maimoonah occupied.

It can also be her English Alphabet book for sometime.

We continued with MEP and did Chapter 21.

We also learnt “Sharing in different way”. I used her pencils and her soft toy bunny and worked this out with her. She understood something but I feel she needs more practice in this.

I also had a number book which was used at the school I was working before and masha Allaah Maimoonah is able to use that now.

She can count and match the correct numbers also write the correct numbers on her own.

This book also keeps her occupied as now I notice every now and then she comes to me and asks “Ummi what she I do now?”. Smile! I think we need to get her new learning materials! Insha Allaah may be soon! (Jazzakillaah Khayr sis Umm An Nu’man for your reviews of the products of Learning Roots and Smart Ark)

Montessori Activities
Carrying a chair
She has been transferring her chair all over the house for sometime now and finds a bit difficult to do so. So we leant how best it is to carry it and now she does it with ease masha Allaah!

That's the summary for now, Insha Allaah we will continue with week 9.

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