Thursday, 17 February 2011

All about Elephants!

As part of our topic of the Curriculum "What is the Qur'aan" We learnt the Tafseer of Soorah Feel. Maimoonah loves elephants so I chose this Soorah and we read the Tafseer and learnt the Story of Abraha trying to destroy the Ka'ba along with his Army. She was so happy that the Feel "Mahmood" refused to get up and go towards Makkah inspite of Abraha beating it and forcing it. She was saying "Sweet Mahmood Ummi". smile!

This was a very interesting story to her and she enjoyed it well masha Allaah.

Then we learnt a little bit about elephants. Read the encylopedia. This set of DK's First Referance for Young Readers and Writers Encyclopedia I got it from a door to door seller who was giving it for half the price.

Masha Allaah pictures are nice and illustrations are short. Maimoonah enjoys these books. I see her going through them on her own when she gets into some mood.

We printed out this Elephant Quiz Sheet. She coloured the two kinds of elephants "African and Asian". Learnt the body parts of the elephants and since we read about elephants I asked her questions and she answered and I wrote it down.

We made this small "Elephant Fact book" which we got from here. This is a lapbook but I thought I will keep this for future Insha Allaah as Maimoonah is too small for all the contents. So I wrote some facts on the book and she could read most of the contents on her own. There were some new words and Insha Allaah she would master those soon.

Then we watched this slide show and saw elephants in action..

Then we also got this worksheet and made her do the "dot to dot". I had tried this dot to dot before but she did not show much interest but this time she was interested and was thrilled to see the trunk as she finished.

Then she painted the picture with water colours.

She enjoyed putting together this elephant puzzle too.

Finally we made this Elephant Craft from here. I took a black and white print out first but there was a size difference. So I also took a coloured print out. We made the Coloured Print out elephant together. This is how it looks.

Then she wanted to do the black and white on her own without my help. Masha Allaah she did it well. Only thing she did not want to do was to cut as she said its difficult for her to cut the curves properly. So I cut and gave it to her. Masha Allaah this showed me how much she has got control of things now and she is indeed growing. Her confidence is growing too bi idhnillaah.

This is how her craft looks.

So that was it about elephants for now but talking of elephants is still continuing especially "Mahmood".. smile!

Look out for the summary of week 10 soon Insha Allaah.


Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah she is doing well thanks for asking. She had her surgery and we will have a pre-assessment to see about getting her trach out for good inshaAllah on the 28th, please keep her in your dua. InshaAllah you and your family are well, how is Maimoonah? It looks like her hifdh is coming along well mashaAllah!

Umm Khidr said...

As'salaamu Alayki wa Rahmatullaahi wa Barakaatuhu

Maashaa Allaah, very good lesson. Looks like she had fun learning about the elephant, Alhamdulilaah. May Allaah azza wa jal continue to increase her Aameen.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alhamdulillaah sis nice to know about daughter. May Allaah make it easy for you. Alhamdulillaah Maimoonah is doing well by the mercy and grace of Allaah. Yes she progressing well in her hifdh, masha Allaah.

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaahi wa barakaathuhu sis Umm Khidr. Aameen for all your duas. Oh yes she really had fun masha Allaah.

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