Sunday, 29 July 2012

Ramadhaan Activities 2012 - Day 9 & 10

Suhoor - Colouring
We spoke about the hadeeth that say about the blessings of Suhoor and the time for suhoor. She read the Arabic words on the colouring page and coloured them.

Good Deeds

We learnt that doing good deeds in Ramadhaan brings more rewards and read the two Darul Kitab Books on Doing Good Deeds and Good Manners. This time I asked her to read and tell me all the good deeds she read about and to talk about each one of them and we discussed the deeds she usually do and the deeds that she needs to improve on Inshaa Allaah.

Then we also used the Box Manners and I asked her to sort out the deeds she has done and the deeds that she has not. So she had sorted them and I saw 3 cards on the side deeds not done. They were visiting a sick, keeping away from things that does not concern you and thinking good of others. I knew she has not understood what they are except for visiting the sick which we have not done with her for sometime now. Then we explained to her the meaning of those deeds. This way I could understand more about her deeds as well as she could recognize the deeds she does. We reminded her all deeds are done only to please Allaah alone.


Then our Good Deed tree looks like this so far.

 Alhamdulillaah today she forgot that she was fasting and she had drunk few sips of water and later she told me. And she said she knew it was Allaah who fed her and when she remembered she quickly stopped drinking. Alhamdulillaah she already knew what to do if things happen. I am happy that it happened this way bi idhnillaah as she could put into practice what she learnt.

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