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Ramadhaan A Grand Season Packs - Preview

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Alhamdulillaah! We have put together an awesome Ramadhaan Pack for 2017, suitable for ages 9 to 16 and Adults too. 

The Pack includes a scrapbook and 4 journals and 2 packs of Quiz Cards.

Here is a preview of what the pack contains.

1. Ramadhaan a Grand Season - Scrapbook Templates
  • This Scrapbook Templates is based upon the beneficial book Sittings During the Blessed Month of Ramadhaan by Sheikh  Muhammed Bin Salih Al Uthaimeen raheemahullaah. 
  • The E book of the  Sittings During the Blessed Month of Ramadhaan will be available with the pack
  • There are 161 pages which includes the scrapbook as well as the scrapbook elements.
  • Here are the contents
  • Instructions and suggestions are included along with images of samples done.
  • Here are some inside pages.





2. Quiz Workbook - Ramadhaan a Grand Season
  • This is a workbook with Questions based upon the Sittings during the Blessed month of Ramadhaan by Shaykh Uthaimeen which goes along with our scrapbook as well. 
  • This was done for easy revision and to remember the important facts.
  • Answers are included at the end of the document with sources and references.
  • It contains A4 size 51 pages.


3. Quiz Card Pack - Ramadhaan a Grand Season
  • There are 86 Question Cards.
  • Answer Cards are included with sources and references.
  • They are the same questions as in the workbook but made in card format for games and family gatherings. 
  • This document contains 89 pages.

4. My Character Journal
  • This Journal has selected Manners
  • It contains A4 size 39 pages
  • Includes an Example done by us.
  • Here is a preview of one Character

5. Heart Softeners
  • Includes selected sayings and stories from the Sunnah and the Salaf with Sources and References,
  • It has "Ponder Questions" to reflect and write
  • Includes some reminders in snippet format
  • It contains A4 size 41 Pages
  • Preview below


6. A Precious Blessing - Health Journal
  • Journal is based upon Islaam and Health taken from Ibn Qayyim's Medicine of the Prophet
  • Facts are simplified and allows you to write down points of benefit
  • Includes Health Tips from a certified health coach on Ramadhaan
  • Enjoy reading a true story of a sister who changed her lifestyle and was granted her health back by Allaah.
  • Menu Plans template is included along with goals and much more.
  • It contains A4 size 44 pages.




7. Health Quiz Cards Pack
  • It has 41 Question Cards
  • Answer Cards are provided separately with sources and references
  • Questions are based on the A Precious Blessing - Health Journal to make it easier to remember the important points.
  • Cards can be used for games and other activities.
  • Preview below

 How to purchase?
  • The whole pack is an E version. All are PDF files. You need to download them, print and use.
  • The whole pack costs $50 per licence (Per user). If more than one member in the family would like to use the same pack, we give 40% off for the 2nd family member onwards.
  • If you want to use it in a classroom, then classroom license will be provided too.
  • To confirm order and receive payment details and the download link simply click on this image on my website , an email message will open up with required details on the body of the email. Please fill in the details and send.

  •  Alternatively you can send me an email to with the following details:
Subject: Order for the Ramadhaan Pack 2017 eVersion

Email Body Text:
I would like to buy the Ramadhaan Pack 2017, please send me the Invoice for the details below; 

Parent / Teachers / Organization Full Name: 
Current City: 
Current Country: 
Mobile Number: 
Number of Children (Licenses): 
Child/Children's Name: 

Hope this pack would benefit all of you this Ramadhaan Inshaa Allaah. Please share the poster or this blog post with your contacts and spread the word. 

For any further queries you may contact me at 


The World is their Classroom said...

Mashallah looks great!! Jazakillahkhair 😉

Umm Maimoonah said...

@The World of Classroom - Wa iyyaaki! Baarakallaah Feekum!

Unknown said...

As salaam alaaykum

Anything for the children under 5?

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam sister Medina, nothing for under 5 yet. Sorry about it.

Unknown said...

As salamu allaikum sister can these packs be used anytime?

Also what is meant by 2nd user in household 40% etc..?
I have 4 boys, can't I just print it once fir all 4 and then make copies of the extra sections where they need to write?
My boys are 7,5,4,1 years old.
Can the 7 and 5 yo learn from this or just 7 yo?

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam sister, sorry for the late reply, we were travelling.

These packs can be used anytime. Please email me at for all your specific queries. It is easier that way so that I do not miss your concerns.

Baarakallaah Feekum

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