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How to Teach Ages 3 - 7 - Online Workshop for Mums

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

We had a Mums Workshop on the topic "What to Teach Children Ages 3 - 5" at the beginning of the year and Alhamdulillaah the response was overwhelming and the feedbacks have been encouraging as it has benefitted many homeschooling and non-homeschooling families. Mums and even teachers are still signing up for this workshop and benefitting Alhamdulillaah.

With that workshop, mums became familiar in detail the content to teach. 

The next question is "How to Teach"? I have been asked again and again,
"How exactly should we explain to our children"
"How do we make them understand concepts",
"Are they able to take in what I say?",
" I have never taught, I am not a teacher, I have no clue if I really could teach, Can I homeschool without knowing the basics of teaching?"
"How can I keep them engaged without making it a boring affair while I teach?"
and that most important bottom-line question
 "How do I Teach?".  

I have been a teacher in mainstream education for over 20 years now, Alhamdulillaah. I bring with me the experience of teaching in a mainstream school in a classroom environment since the age of 16. I underwent professional teacher training and implementation methods. However with all that, when I started homeschooling, would you really believe if I say, I was cracking my brain as to how would I teach my child at home!!!

And would you believe if  I say that the strategies and methods and techniques that I used in my homeschool for teaching were totally different from what I successfully taught and implemented in a mainstream classroom environment?

The classroom environment is different indeed. I would say teaching in a classroom environment is less challenging than teaching in a homeschool environment. 

The classroom is something set, and the atmosphere is predictable and generally, the system is rigid that children have no choice but to pay attention to the teacher. You are full time on that ONE job of teaching in a classroom and you have all the time to do ONLY that. So what's the problem!!? 

Now, think of your home. You have work to do 24/7 at home Alhamdulillaah. Teaching or homeschooling your children is just a fraction of the work you do for that day. You do not have the luxury the teacher has in a school to create out of the norm lesson plans. You do not have that pin-drop silence the teacher experiences when she enters the classroom. You do not get that much-needed break time to refresh yourself where the teacher enjoys in the staff room. You do not get a substitute teacher to take over your teaching when you are sick like the teacher in the school where she is able to get her sick leave and relax. These are very few challenges to highlight!

So what is the solution? How do you teach in your homeschool? The solution:

  • Be an intelligent homeschooler. 
  • Use teaching techniques that would require less time and preparation
  • Identify the best teaching mechanics
  • Work on quality rather than quantity
  • Embrace ethical teaching skills
  • Know the very exact teaching methods that would help your homeschool
  • Know how to teach with simplicity
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Understand what teaching methods bring age-appropriate success
  • Know the implementation of those teaching strategies

Well, now I know what is running in your mind! How do I know all of this? Where do I get the information? 
There are plenty of courses and workshops on teacher training and professional development. However, I am yet to find a teacher training course that exactly tell you how to teach in your homeschool, for that matter I am yet to find a course that would tell you how to teach with real-time demonstrations. Even some of the university courses just give you the frameworks and outlines for you to formulate your own teaching methods. You may get notes upon notes, however, I personally feel the real-time "How to Teach", is either kept a secret or expected to be understood on your own, which is really frustrating for someone who is looking for information to start work!!! 

So this is what my next online workshop for mums/mums to be and even for teachers would deal with Inshaa Allaah. 

What would this workshop cover?

This workshop will be on sharing my knowledge, training, and experience on teaching for the last 20 years, Islaamically and academically as a homeschooler, an online instructor, and mainstream school teacher. 

This workshop will provide you with the following in order to equip you to be an intelligent homeschool teacher, teacher, and facilitator to cultivate the children along with your other responsibilities. 

  • Various Teaching Mechanisms to make connections to children's lives, to provide experiences to the outcomes, to design your teaching to interest your students, and to build and sustain a learning community in and outside your home. 
  • Innovative teaching methods such as teaching through flipping classrooms, collaboration, creative teaching, and much more.
  • Easy Teaching Tips and Hacks to make your life easier as a busy homemaker cum teacher.
  • Guidelines and Teaching Methods from the Quráan and the Sunnah as taught to us by the scholars and the students of knowledge will be integrated to all of the above teaching mechanisms and methods to flourish in your teaching seeking the blessings of Allaah. 
  • Fully engaging real-time demonstrations on "How to Teach". 
  • Detailed in-depth PDF printer-friendly notes to refer back any time. 
  • Practical Assignments to try out with guidelines. 
  • Q and A Session to clear your doubts.
  • A Certificate of completion for those who complete the assignments. 

Private WhatsApp Homeschool Support Group

Did you know that we have a special online space to support each other? When you sign up for this workshop you get to join this FREE support group which is for sisters who join me for any of the Mums online workshops. 

This private WhatsApp group is special because it does not overwhelm you, it is not flooded with text and chit chats that would waste your time, rather it is a structured support group with organized activities and discussions extending throughout after the workshops, reminding you of the contents and continuing to develop your skills and professional development as a homeschooler, teacher and parent inshaa Allaah.  

Here is a feedback of the WhatsApp group and this is almost the same feedback we receive from all members by the mercy of Allaah alone!

"Alhamdulillah, this is by far the best and most beneficial homeschooling group that I have been on mashaAllah. JazakAllah khayr for taking so much time and thought into topics and creating beautiful content and activities. All your effort is so much appreciated, may Allah Subhanahu was Ta'aala grant you aafiyah, barakah in time and tawfeeq and steadfastness always. Aameen."

Live Stream at Salafi Centre Manchester

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Alhamdulillaah we are pleased to join hands with Salafi Centre Manchester once again to Live Stream this workshop at the Salafi Centre Weekly Baby Club. 

If you are in Manchester or around it, join the sisterhood with your little ones, for 4 weeks of beneficial talks, discussions and socialization.

☕🍰Tea and snacks will be provided and your little ones can play and engage in activities whilst you tune in and engage in the audiovisual presentation alongside other sisters!

Contact me to WhatsApp me at +974 66132058 and I can pass the contact details to get in touch.

How to Sign Up for "How to Teach" Online Workshop

This is an interactive and engaging workshop with an audiovisual presentation with access to the recording!

Those who are unable to attend live can signup and complete the course at your convenience. Passcode to access the workshop will be provided with the digital materials. 

Who can Attend: Mums or Mums to be, Teachers

Where: Online

When: (Tuesdays) January 14th, 21st, 28th  and  February 4th 2020  Inshaa Allaah.

Time: 4pm to 5.30pm KSA/Qatar Time

Cost: US $ 39
( Approximately as per Exchange rate - QR 142/GBP 30)
(Inclusive of digital materials and Notes)

Payments to be made online via Payoneer with Visa/Master Card in USD only

Registration: Email or WhatsApp +974 66132058

Spaces are limited due to popular demand. Spaces are filling up. Sign up today!

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