Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Who is Allaah? - Online Course for Little Kids Ages 3 - 5

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Stemming from my last blog post "How to Teach Aqeedah to Little Children" we are pleased to offer yet another online course for the little kids. 

Due to many sisters demanding a stress-free interactive course for the little ones where they will get exposed to authentic Aqeedah knowledge we decided to start with "Who is Allaah"?

This age group (3 to 5 years) is an interesting age group where kids are very receptive to learning, of course when it is engaging and interesting to them. However, I was reluctant to have online classes for this age group as I strongly believe that children this age should be cultivated by their parents with bonding and fruitful discussions.  Then we realised many parents are worried about imparting the correct aqeedah knowledge and are fearing that they may make mistakes while they try to explain concepts of Aqeedah to their kids. We understand this, therefore, we chose to offer these courses along with the mums, where mums enhance their skills of teaching the children.

Join us for the first course for this age group and enjoy the sessions with your little ones. We have only a few spaces left for the live sessions. However, you are welcome to sign up and complete at your own pace and timings. Details below. 

What will the course cover?
  • Children will learn how to answer the question "Who is Allaah?"
  • They will be learning a few Names of Allaah 
  • They will be exploring the signs of Allaah
  • This course will be an audiovisual presentation with hands-on craft activities and worksheet activities as per the age and ability of the child. 
  • Children will receive the Nurture Islaam Pre Kinder Series Book "Who is Allaah" along with other course materials. (All course materials are digital downloads). 

How to Sign Up?
This is an interactive and engaging workshop with an audiovisual presentation with access to the recording!

Those who are unable to attend live can signup and complete the course at your convenience. Passcode to access the workshop will be provided with the digital materials. 

Who can Attend: Kids Ages 3 - 5 Boys and Girls with their Mums

Where: Online

When: (Wednesdays) 1st, 8th, 15, 22nd July 2020  Inshaa Allaah. (This course is with access to the recordings, so you do not miss anything inshaa Allaah)

Time: 6.30pm to 7.00pm KSA/Qatar Time

Cost: US $ 20

Payments to be made online via Payoneer with Visa/Master Card in USD only

Registration: Email or WhatsApp +974 66132058

Spaces are limited due to popular demand. Spaces are filling up. Sign up today!


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