Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Art and Craft / Pre Writing Skills

We have not done arts and crafts for a long time and decided to do a paper boat and then a paper flower. We used a nice simple art and craft book which I downloaded as our guide.

Showed her how to fold and then she decorated the boat with crayons and gel pens.

Then the boat looked like this!

Then we made this beautiful flower. Masha Allaah she knew how to fold the petals and folded them and glued them too. And she could cut on a straight line to some extent masha Allaah. Need to give her more practice on this Insha Allaah!

This was the final product and she named the parts of the plants she knew by pointing to the stem, leaves and the flower.

I want to slowly give her some pre writing stuff just to give her some pencil control. So taught her how to use the ruler as she was very curious with it! And she liked it very much! She matched some of the words she knows to read with her ruler this time!

Then we did some worksheets on drawing lines and figuring out tall and short! She understood tall to be big and short to be small lol!

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