Saturday, 31 December 2011

New Finds!!!

During our break I have found some nice blogs and websites with beneficial resources. Insha Allaah I will share few of them here for all of you to benefit as well! Again a word of caution, please avoid using resources that go against Islaam.

This is a wonderful blog and you get some work done by a dear sister Madeehah with the checking of our brother Abu Talha Dawud Burbank raheemahullaah. Insha Allaah the sister will continue to put out more resources by getting to check her work by another student of ilm bi idhnillaah! 
This is such a wonderful blog by our brother Aboo Abdir Rahmaan Nasser ibn Najam Alvi from Birmingham. May Allaah preserve the brother. To know more about him please click here and read the comments Insha Allaah!. This is such a great place to get some authentic resources to teach our kids Aqeedah also to teach ourselves. I am so happy I found this site and I ask Allaah to reward this brother immensely and aid him to put out more resources for us. Aameen.

This site has many worksheets, resources and teaching ideas for Literacy, Maths, ICT, Science, Geography and many more for different age groups all for free. Makes things easier masha Allaah, you do not have to spend time cracking your brains what to do or find ideas and worksheets.

This site has some wonderful classroom print outs to make things nice and easy for busy Ummis.

This is another site full of worksheets done by an Indonesian sister who is generously sharing everything for free masha Allaah. May Allaah reward the sister.

This is a beautiful blog of sis Umm Khadeejah who is a homeschooler and I really love all her activities. She has shared her homeschooling journey with her 5 and 3 year old daughters. Masha Allaah you will get plenty of ideas there.
This another blog that I really love masha Allaah by our dear sister Umm Imaan. She has some cute ideas to add spice to your learning journey.
I really really love this sister's Home Schooling approach with both her girls. I love the fact that her imparting learning is serious and in depth covering concepts using living books. I love her kids masha Allaah. Also check out her site and she has listed many many websites and links for absolutely free resources that could be found on the web.

Another great blog by a sister. I really appreciate her determination to feed her family healthy food and her hard work. Also she shares everything too masha Allaah!

So these are my new finds so far. Insha Allaah may be during our next break if I do come across anything beneficial will share!


Eva said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

great finds mashaAllah, jazakAllahu khairun for sharing

UmmSara said...

jazakillahu khair for sharing!

Umm Suhailah said...


As Salaamu Alaiki

Wow this was nice! Mashaa'Allaah. I will have to check these sites/blogs out Inshaa'Allaah.

I don't think I been to some of the sisters blogs you mention except home school moments. :)

Thank for keeping me busy and glued to the screen lol

Umm Khidr said...

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem

As'salaamu Alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh.
Maashaa Allah! I had all, except Tea and Think, and Umm Imaan's site. I will surely have to take a look at her blog, as we use living books as well.

I have managed to tweek Charlotte Mason method to fit into our Islamic Homeschooling,Alhamdulilah!
It is always nice to see how other use this method, as well.

Jazaaki Allahu Khayr!

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaahi wa barakaathuhu Ya Akhawaat and Barakallaah feekum it was a pleasure sharing with all of you!

Umm Khidr, what are the age groups of your children? and if you do not mind can you share the CM method that you have incorporated insha Allaah! I am looking out for books and curriculum for next year insha Allaah and if you have a series of books that you use please do share.

Also sisters who have children for year 1 and 2 or Grades 1 and two if you do not mind please share you Book lists Insha Allaah. I am in the process of selecting some good books for next year, any suggestions and recommendations are more than welcome!

Umm Khidr said...

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem
Wa Alayki As'salaam wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakaatuh

Umm Maimoonah my children are ages 14, 12, 11, 5, and 3 maashaa Allah. The oldest being the only girl, poor her smiles!

I use a lot of Living books, plenty of nature study, as well as copy work, and notebooking. We have notebooks just for nature study, as well. Alhamdulilah! I find it works really good with Islamic Studies and Quran memorization, maashaa Allah. Where she uses biblical quotes, I make sure we replace with ayats from Qur'an, as well as authentic ahadiths.

Inshaa Allah ta'ala you can use lots of Dk readers and Usborne Books for nature, history, geography, and science. Inshaa Allah ta'ala you can also, look into Tale's of Peter Rabbit, and since she is a girl, she may like the Little House Series. There is a Little House Cookbook to go along with the series. I would love to share my reading list with you.

Inshaa Allah ta'ala take a look at the Simply Charlotte Mason Blog, but just be careful as they do reference Christianity here and there, may Allah ta'ala guide them, Aameen. However it's a good start to understand her method then, you can tweek it to fit into Islamic homeschooling.

Umm Suhailah said...


As salaamu alaiki

Sis Umm Maimoonah do u mind if i used ur important notice on my blog. I used it word for word on the right hand side of my blog. it was written so nicely that i put it on my blog.... i hope this is ok


Umm Maimoonah said...

Umm Khidr, Jazzakillaah Khayr for the info. I am thinking of including the CM method of living books next year and your help in this would be greatly appreciated. I went through your blog but you have not added any contents, am I right? It will be a great help if you could give a detail description with the titles and activities you do with your 5 year old Insha Allaah! If you can even email me ukhtee I can put it on my blog as a post that would help others who want to start Insha Allaah! I will check out the series you have mentioned my real quest is to totally understand from someone experienced how this method is followed from A to Z insha Allaah!

Alaikum salaam Umm Suhailah,Yes sure you can use it, It was not copied from anywhere I just wrote it, so you are welcome to copy it if you think it is ok for you as well, no copyright laws for it :) !! Glad you liked it masha Allaah! The main reason for me to write something like this was to be not held responsible by Allaah Bi idhnillaah as I just cannot go through each content on every site and Allaah does not burden a soul greater than it can bear! Inal Hamdalillaah!

Umm Khidr said...

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Raheem
As'salaamu Alayki Umm Maimoonah

Na'am ukhti you are correct. I have yet to add anything to the blog. I am unsure if you are looking at the old blog, or new blog, lol maashaa Allah. As I told Umm Suhailah, I am thinking of using the Ummuhaat Homeschool to feature guess ummi homeschooling bloggers, weekly. The new one will be my personal homeschool blog, inshaa Allah ta'ala.

I ran into a few road blocks with blogging, maashaa Allah. We moved, and for awhile I was just too busy, maashaa Allah. Inshaa Allah I just have to get a new USB cord for the camera, and then I can get started.

I would love to share anything I have that can assist my akhwaat. Do check out some of the books I mentioned. Just remember you really have to pre read when it comes to the CM style, to make sure there are no references to Christianity. As always take what benefits us and leave the rest.

Inshaa Allah ask Umm Tafari about the Little House Series. I believe she used it before, wa Allahu alim.

Okay why are my post always so long? lol.

Umm Imaan said...

Assalaamu alaikum :)

Jazzakillahu khair for adding me to your list :)

Umm Khidr is the blog with the Charlotte Mason curricum and living books masha Allah I can spend ages reading the posts on her site :) I am a newbie at, I have 3 girls aged 5, 3 and 10 months. I can't see any of the posts on your blogs. I look forward to reading more about your HS, it sounds alot like what I would like to use insha Allah.

Fee Amaanillah
Umm Imaan

umm khadeeja said...

asalaamu alaikum sis,

JazakALlah khayr for sharing these - I went onto the Islam basics and mashAllah I really like their treatis for kids!

Please update any future finds you find inshallah :)

Asalaamu alaikum
Umm Khadeeja x

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warahmathullaahi wa barakaathuhu Ya Akhawaat,

Umm Khidr, I looked at both your blogs : ) Awaiting updates Insha Allaah, Since you have older children and have more experience would love to hear and learn from you Insha Allaah! Yes ukhtee, what keeps me away most of the time from following anything to the dot is that I believe there is no perfect method that has been developed by any except the perfect dheen of Islaam, and hate to say that one way is the right way when it comes to home-schooling methods as I feel that cannot be the case, and most ways are invented by non Muslims makes it even worse to follow to the dot. I am so scared sometimes to read them as there could be doubts put into your mind, Allaah forbid. This does not mean that they are all wrong. As you say we need to be careful of what we take and we could easily get carried away as Shaitaan will beautify it for us. We ask Allaah to protect us. This is one reason that I like to see how you all are incorporating the good from this CM method Insha Allaah!
I will check out the titles with Umm Tafari and the titles you have given on the web. Jazzakillaah khayr Ukhtee!

Wa Iyyaaki Umm Imaan.

Umm Khadeejah, yes indeed Islaam Basics is very beneficial for us masha Allaah! Insha Allaah will do. I tend to do this during our breaks : )

Imaan said...

as salaamu `alaykum dear Umm Maimoonah :)

What lovely sites - I love Islam Basics! Jazakillah khayran for 'featuring' me :) It's an honour to be among such good company to be honest and it's made me realise that I need to do a lot of polishing and editing on my blog! I am going to enjoy visiting the other sisters' blogs the next few days... ma shaa Allah, what a wealth of resources!

Umm Imaan *wave*

Umm Khidr - fellow CM-er :) nice to meet you!

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam Imaan,
Oh no you are using big words Imaan. I am just ordinary person!!! ; )
Alhamdulillaah I am favoured by Allaah to know all of you such wonderful sisters from all over the world, I for once never ever thought would meet all of you on the net. What a wonderful sisterhood we have formed for the sake of Allaah and to please Him alone! Indeed all praise is to Him alone. Awaiting to see your blog with new features Insha Allaah!

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