Monday, 8 October 2012

Science so far!

Since I could not find any particular science book to go along with the Cambridge Primary Curriculum I made my own Science Topics and lesson plans, but Alhamdulillaah few weeks ago I could get hold of CGP Science books and Work books  that identically follows the Cambridge Curriculum.

So now we are using this book as a guide and including my lesson plans, and the books mentioned here and and exploring additional things.

We do Science every other day in a week.

So far we have covered

  • Scientific Enquiry - asking Questions, Prediction, Observing, Collecting Data, working safely, Answer the Question
  • Living and non Living things
  • what all Animals Do
  • Differences between Plants and Animals and Humans
  • Differences and Similarities
  • Plants, Parts of a Plant
  • What Plants Need to survive
  • Life Cycle of a Plant
  • What do the Roots and Stems do?
  • Plants Make Food

We used the experiment of how dish-washing liquid help things clean, to fill in our scientific inquiry worksheet. First we asked the question, predicted the answer recorded them. Then observed by doing the experiment and answered the question.


Here are some of the activities she did for Animals and Plants and differences and similarities from CGP books.



She also wrote the differences between the Living things and the Non Living Things. Then we drew a Venn diagram and wrote the similarities and the differences between human and animal. She came up with all these on her own.

As usual studying about plants once again was pretty interesting. We together found many aayahs from the Qur'aan where Allaah says about the growth of plants and she chose to write the Aayah from Soorah An'aam and Soorah Abasa. When I wrote down the English meaning of the aayaahs of Abasa she was reciting the Arabic to me. She also named and coloured the parts of the plants.

We learnt what roots and stems do. and we did this experiment to see and record how roots take in water. We used a carrot and put it into a glass and marked the water level. Each day for five days she measured the water levels and recorded. At the end of the fifth day we also noticed water has decreased and Alhamdulillaah the carrot had leaves on top, she was so surprised.

We learnt the life cycle of a plant.

Also this lesson coincided with a play group she got to attend and they had to paint their own pots and plant basil seeds. Allhamdulillaah. She managed to plant and we recorded the growth on the book. Abi taught her how plants use their senses and how to be kind to the plants. She has taken the whole responsibility of taking care of her plant. And here  are the stages of her plant and this is what she recorded.

 This books is one her favourite books by one of her favourite authors, non other than our dear sister Umm An Nu'man and one of her pals gave this book to her sometime ago.

She just loves this book and when she planted the seed, from that very day she started making dua so much up until now asking Allaah to make her plant grow. She was so happy to see it growing and she knew for sure it was only Allaah who was making it grow. This books is such a wonderful book that teaches children about plants and that indeed with all what the plants need to grow, it will only grow by the will of Allaah. As of today basils are like this Maashaa Allaah.


A dear sister from Sri Lanka sent Maimoonah this little microscope as a gift and we used it to see the cells of the leaves. She was thrilled. We used the Usborne First Science Encyclopedia and learnt about cells and how leaves make food. 

This is a great encyclopedia and it has some internet links for each page where you will find interactive video clips, games, presentation and pictures that go along with it. It is indeed a nice way to learn and we enjoy science this way. Now that she is grown she understands many things and watches some clips that make sense to her. Of course some pages have music and we mute and look at the pictures. 

We also watched this and understood the food chain and discussed about the wonderful perfect creation of Allaah and she in fact was saying an aayah that I cannot remember now which means something like "So o man, why are you careless about your Lord?". Indeed children are with Fitra, and I was amazed how she could quickly connect things. 

So we watched this and learnt how leaves make food and what happens to this process during fall and winter. 

Science is Maashaa Allaah interesting so far.Now we are learning about Human Body another fascinating creation of Allaah. Inshaa Allaah will update when we finish.


Fruitful Fusion said...

Assalaamu Alaykum,

Oh I'm getting thoroughly stuck in to homeschooling now and think of you often ma sha Allah! Malaysia was lovely and I hope you get to go and enjoy it too in sha Allah! I've been meaning to say, jazakillahu khayr for your kind words about my parents leaving! I really appreciate it! Baarak Allahu feeki!

Homeschool Diary said...

Kids are just natural scientists aren't they? they just love finding out about anything and everything. I love the painted pot mashAllah. I think we will do some here. Although, it's cold. don't really know what pot plants would be good for this time of the year. I might just pick up a ready grown one for the kids to look after inshAllah.

Umm Maimoonah said...

Wa Alaikum salaam wa rahmathullaah Sisters.

@fruitful fusion, Jazzakillaah Khayr for taking the time here, much appreciated. I would love to see a post on your homeschooling Inshaa Allaah. Inshaa Allaah we hope we get to go to Malaysia for a holiday soon even though right now not sure when : ) Wa iyyaaki, it will be nice to see you and your parents in this land Inshaa Allaah!

@ Amatullaah, yes kids are such wonderful inspiration for us as well Alhamdulillaah! I am sure your kids would enjoy the potting too inshaa Allaah!. Jazzakillaah Khayr!

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