Saturday, 6 October 2012

Salaah Positions!

As part of this week’s topic on “Remembering Allaah through our Day”, Maimoonah learnt the positions of salaah.
We did this activity from The Muslim Child is Born.
Also I had these pictures of illustration based on Shaikh Naasiruddeen Al Albaani’s (rahimahullaah) book “Sifatus Salaatun nabi”. We printed and pasted on a board.
We spoke about salaah in general, the times of salaah and the names for each of them. Then I explained that salaah is a great way to remember Allaah and it should be done calmly and with full concentration.
We went through each position from standing to tasleem. Then I placed the prayer rug behind the sutra. Explained to her about the sutra and it's importance.

She unrolled the prayer mat..
Then looking at the board where we pasted each position, I demonstrated to her each one and asked her to name the position and show me “The way our Messenger of Allaah prayed”. Masha Allaah it was indeed a delight to watch her trying to perfect each position and how much calm and quiet she was through out this activity, subhanallaah.
So here are the different positions….



Sitting in between



Finally rolling prayer mat..

She really enjoyed this activity and next day was Jummah. Abi was well pleased with her when he saw the photographs and wanted to take her for Jummaah. She was absolutely thrilled. And masha Allaah she listened to the Khutbah and prayed with me exactly the way I taught her the each position masha Allaah. And she was also happy that the Imaam recited the soorahs she knows now masha Allaah.
We are almost done with this week’s curriculum. Will post the summary soon Insha Allaah.


Homeschool 4 Muslims said...


Masha Allaah , may Allaah accept your efforts and guide our youngsters to complete deen aamin.

I wanted to mark a small thing, the postures of Salaah are different for mena nd women and according to my knowledge the postures Maimoonah is following are for men. Women hv slightly different positions and postures in sajdah and qadaah/jalsa etc.

May Allaah guide us all and accept our efforts.


Anonymous said...

MashaAllaah, I am so proud of little Maimoonah! it is wonderful to see a little one reading salaah and I love that you also taught her about khushoo' and not just the postures. It is also great that she was taught the way that is closest to the Sunnah mashaAllaah! BaarakAllaahu feekunna!

Umm Muhammad Saalih

Umm Maimoonah said...

Alaikum salaam warhamthullaah sis Umm Ahmad,
Aameen and Jazzakillaah Khayr for your duas and encouragement.

As for the salaah being different for women from the men, then sis I was also taught the same when I was small, but masha Allaah you can find many proofs here ( when you read the whole book masha Allaah all with eveidence that the salaah is same for men as well women as the messenger of Allaah said "Pray as you have seen me praying". Insha Allaah please do go through the book and I hope you would find all evidence. Allaah knows best. Barakallaah Feeki for bringing that point out.

Assalaamu Alaikum sis Umm Muhammad, jazzakillaah khayr once again for all your duas and motivations. wa feeki barakallaah!

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